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  1. Do not want to be a part of this group. Bye.
  2. Abeloth(Od)

    Let's get something straight Sassy

    While I am thankful you "reminded" me about the DSL on the official website, do not go flaunting your rank at me when I simply stated to you in response that I remedied the issue. I am here to game and be a part of a good group of people, I am not here however to be power tripped on by some long standing member that seem's to have some kind of power tripping e-peen over a simple acknowledgement in compliance.
  3. Abeloth(Od)

    Hello I am Abeloth

    Forget who as I am a huge pothead but an upstanding member already hooked me with maras magefist and a wedding band (thank you to whoever it is sorry) I in return gave em a highlords wrath i had spar to give to someone else or keep. If anyone has a good insight 4 socket base to trade that would be simply amazing. Just looking to gear one character probably I am undecided whether I am going to be apart of reset or just continue gearing Abeloth on non ladder to pvp with. Sure I am definitely down to play, currently in act 2 NM almost at 3. Havent used a health pot since level 24 (46 now haha)
  4. Abeloth(Od)

    Hello I am Abeloth

    Thanks dude, glad to be a part of the crew.
  5. Abeloth(Od)

    Hello I am Abeloth

    Will do.
  6. Abeloth(Od)

    Hello I am Abeloth

    Formerly InsanePsychosis prior to joining, a returning player to diablo 2 since my early years. I first returned to beat hardcore on single player with plugy on my necro. Branched out to online on US East and came across OD-Dream and another I can't remember the name of in a game. They randomly gave me a hellfire sin torch heard this was the biggest guild on D2jsp and asked to join which brought me here. So hello excited to meet some of you and I'm sure I will enjoy my stay here.