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  1. Ganesh(OD)

    Your (OD) Account!

    A deity
  2. Ganesh(OD)


    Welcome to OD.
  3. Ganesh(OD)

    Web \ forum feedback \ suggestions

    Feel free to add as many thoughts as you like I'll create a navbar with the ts3 DL + info. I just blew the clutch out of my focus so I've been dealing with that here lately. Hopefully I won't take longer then a week on the updates.
  4. Ganesh(OD)

    Web \ forum feedback \ suggestions

    Hello all, There will be updates coming over the next month depending on spare time to the forums + website. Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions please post them here http://forum.overdosed.net/forum/323-public-opinion/ I'm fairly new to php to bare with me all my expierence is rounded around object oriented programming so it should be a smooth transition. Name is Jay, or Ganesh. I've been programming for 8 years, I started with Java making RSPS's. I've had 4 successful profiting servers. My languages are Python Ruby AWS Java JS HTML 5 CSS and learning PHP. Any questions comments or concerns shall be addressed here. Thanks for your time.
  5. Ganesh(OD)


    Welcome to OD. If you need anything feel free to ask.
  6. Ganesh(OD)


    sure pm the dates
  7. Ganesh(OD)

    Official Overdosed Discord Server

    And what support is required for OD to establish voice com on discord?
  8. Ganesh(OD)

    Official Overdosed Discord Server

    You speak as though you represent this entire clan. If this is true then they can voice their opinions for themselves. It's not about being defensive. It's about reducing the cost on the host, and limiting the risk factor. Also this is due to servers being shut down. This is possible for even TS, except you can't switch your server region manually. I could prove my point to you, but I'd break enough rules to have myself banned.
  9. Ganesh(OD)

    Official Overdosed Discord Server

    So explain why I haven't had a problem since launch? Or any of the 100 ppl in the server I use. I'm only suggesting it to remove a useless expense.
  10. Ganesh(OD)

    Official Overdosed Discord Server

    Test the servers for yourself if you are able. Discord can handle a lot more compared to TS. For the ranks; Enlisted. Warrant. Officer. Gen+. There's no need to have 20 different ranks with only a few permissions. As for over 3/4 not being used. Count it in our most active hours. I assume I'm not around then as there's always a lot more then that not being used. Discord going robotic could either be you used it on release and haven't since or net issues. I've used discord for roughly a year, and haven't had an issue that wasn't fixed. P.S - For security, I can pull all your IP's from TS if I wanted. However, I can't do this with discord.
  11. Ganesh(OD)

    Official Overdosed Discord Server

    Over 3/4th of the channels on TS are not being used. Discord is free, and more secure... Why haven't we made a transition yet? Yes, I'm talking about a full replacement of TS. The server stability of discord far surpasses TS plus there's no IP leaks if anyone is worried about that. Personally I know no1 in OD would abuse such information. But I still run a vpn when connected to TS or any site connected with OD. Edit - My suggestion for the transition is replacing the sidebar on the website with the discord widget.. After the service ends ofc. 2nd edit - Not to mention you can grab the host IP from TS rather easily. Where discord it's a lot harder.
  12. Ganesh(OD)

    Gears 4

    Add Baked Charzard. Execution/ Escalation runs usually daily. Depends on studies.
  13. Ganesh(OD)

    Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    The hack only targeted 32 bit windows. Which is rather unpopular at this point. Also, version 5.34+ is safe. edit - avg would also detect this.
  14. Ganesh(OD)

    Good/Safe/Free Antivirus

    Kind of grave digging here but... AVG Free - basic protection( More detections then competitors) CC cleaner - registry Malwarebytez.
  15. Ganesh(OD)


    Ty man. I'm looking to build one in 3 weeks. I actually have a local computer store that has parts cheaper then most online places. I'm a bit of a geek, but I'll check it out when the time's right. ^_^