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  1. I'll vouch for discord being the only thing a community actually needs. It's so good, that I would wager I wouldn't need a website, forum, or anything else, and everyone would still be very connected. As someone who literally grew up on a clan forum, this is a pretty big statement.
  2. I was summoned? How's it going =)
  3. Terakahn

    Starcraft 2: F2P

    Someone did the math. If the game was on steam, counting only ladder players, it would be the 4th most played game on steam. Also, I've heard that co-op has as more players than all the other game modes combined. So you can imagine how big the game actually is getting now.
  4. Terakahn

    Shedou's Intro

    And he was never seen again.
  5. Terakahn

    Starcraft 2: F2P

    Collectors editions were worth it. You got to enjoy it for how many years? I dont think it becoming free should even matter unless you don't already own it.
  6. Terakahn

    Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    Friend of mine was saying that you can't compare clock speeds on different architectures because they won't match up properly. They'll perform differently at the same speeds. If that's the case, AMD matching Intel won't really matter much. AMD released a lot of new CPUs in that timeframe, but none of them were that outstanding in the mid to high end markets. Either way, the threadripper matches i9 performance at a lower price point. So there's almost no reason to get an i9 unless you can't handle the cooling TR requires. But at that price point, that seems silly. I would be VERY interested in the TR refresh.
  7. Terakahn

    How did you find out about OD?

    I found OD by joining IA in 2003. I'm old. I found it again by @DarkHelmet
  8. Terakahn

    Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    Why the hell would they cost 1700. the 16 core threadripper is what, 1k? That's not competitively priced at ALL. I mean, if AMD next gen comes out with another newer better threadripper type CPU, Intel is kind of boned. It would be weird to see them just bow out of that market segment.
  9. Terakahn

    Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    I think what interests me the most, if the i9 vs Threadripper range. If Cannonlake has a threadripper competitor that's appropriately priced I would be all over that.
  10. Terakahn

    Shedou's Intro

    Who else was there besides me? ; ) Some say I'm quite the trendsetter.
  11. Terakahn

    3 Best Games?

    Literally everyone I know who's played it keeps raving about Divinity. Is it actually that good? God I really hope AC Origins is good. That series needs a good game. It's rare that I find someone to say they like CoD for their single player though. Interesting. Did you not like NFS Most Wanted? (The old one)
  12. Terakahn

    3 Best Games?

    What are the 3 best games you've played this year and why? I'm always curious to hear why people like the things they do. And given my breadth of genre interest, always looking for new things I don't have enough time to play =)
  13. Terakahn

    What do YOU like most about OD?

    Psh. We were teenagers. Everyone was a bitch back then. Maybe even me ; ) For what it's worth, even after all these years I believe that a good yelling can do a lot of good =p. These kids need a little tough love every now and then to get them through all the bullshit life throws at them. One of the things I find most interesting about all this is how clans seem to be a safe haven, an escape for a lot of people. As they grow as a person, and develop through their experiences, they no longer need that escape and are better equipped to deal with their external obstacles. But choose to keep going because of way it continues to influence them. It's kind of cool.
  14. Terakahn

    What do YOU like most about OD?

    Dude, Globe was the best lol. One of the most energetic people I ever met online. Getting soft in your old age? Or maybe you just felt like you had more to prove back then.
  15. Terakahn

    Intel Coffee Lake announcement

    If I was going to upgrade today, I'd get the 8700k and water cool it. Probably a 360 from EK. But honestly unless you go crazy with OC, a high end Noctua cooler would probably do the job. BUt I could be wrong, I haven't really seen temp benchmarks for it. Coffeelake is a great chip, it's just not enough of an increase over the 7700k to really feel impressive. Where as Ryzen blew everyone away with their value, and Threadripper with their sheer multicore power.