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  1. Does anyone here collect Pops?

    Yeah well some of them are now rare and hard to find and will cost you over $100 but if still in package will be worth much more then that. It's kind of the same thing as when beanie babies were a big deal.
  2. Does anyone here collect Pops?

    I was just curious as to rather or not anyone else in OD collects Pop figures? I honestly felt I was a bit too old for these things but my sister and her boyfriend got me started on them. Some of them are worth a lot of money. My main reason for this posting is not only to see if anyone else here collects them but to also share that yes there is indeed diablo, starcraft, and warcraft pops lol.
  3. Still around just busy

    With all this going on I've also still been having to take the time to get both my wife and daughter to their doctor appointments since my wife doesn't drive. Had to go down and get a new GA license, cancel FL benefits, and go down and apply for GA benefits for my wife such as WIC and Medicaid. For those of you who have ever had to do all of this you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be.
  4. Still around just busy

    I just wanted to inform everyone that I'm still around I've just been very busy. I still log onto the site every day I just haven't been active in game or teamspeak lately. I just have a lot going on right now and I initially joined Clan OD as an escape and a side hobby to meet other gamers to game with. Most of you know I have a 1 year old and another due in February. With that being said I've been working a lot more to save money and prepare. Within the next few months before the baby is due we need to be able to get another place. We also need to be financially ready for another baby because that means more clothes, formula, and diapers. Meanwhile there are still other bills that have to be paid and I was recently informed after relocating from FL to GA my car insurance will be increasing by $75 a month. I still need to register my vehicle in the state of GA and apply for a GA tag and my brakes need replacing which all together is gonna cost me about $800 and has to be done within the next 2 months before my current insurance plan expires. I really enjoy Clan OD and happy to be a part of the community. I will still be around and when able will remain active in game and teamspeak.
  5. Show Us Your Ink!

    LOL! Right on... Not sure how I didn't notice that before. I tend to often miss things like that.
  6. Show Us Your Ink!

    Thank you. I have a 1 year old daughter named Lily and I figured it would be cool to get a lily flower tattoo with music notes for her. Just curious if the X's are meant to resemble that your "straight edge"?
  7. Show Us Your Ink!

    So not long ago myself, Sassy, and a few others somehow got on the topic of tattoos while chatting in game channel. Sassy brought up the idea of starting a thread and everyone showing off their body art. I thought this sounded like a fun idea so I've decided to start it off. Don't be shy to show it all off. I mean afterall why have body art unless you intend to show it off?

    Yeah your not the only person to say that. The only way people believe it is to see the matching tattoos lol. I guess it's the weight gain and he facial hair. That and removing the makeup and piercings. Daughter liked to pull on my hair and piercings and I didn't want one getting ripped out. Now she just pulls on my beard instead lol.
  9. ISO Sin Gear

    Helm - Shako (Um) Belt - Verdung Gloves - Trangs Boots - Gores Rings - 2 Ravens Amulet - Highlord's Weapons - Chaos, Bartuc's Switch - CTA + Spirit Monarch Charms - Anni Merc - Eth Andy's, Eth Infinity, Eth Fort
  10. ISO Sin Gear

  11. ISO Sin Gear

    Awesome I was just looking at some and glad I didn't buy.
  12. ISO Sin Gear

  13. ISO Sin Gear

    I actually already purchased trangs and highlords from jsp for 5fg. But I would sure appreciate any of the rest of it you have to save me some money.
  14. ISO Sin Gear

    Note: None of these items have to be perfect. For those of you that know your way around jsp well enough I'm willing to donate 305fg for as much of this list as you can get. Would prefer that all merc gear be eth but the rest doesn't matter.
  15. ISO Sin Gear

    So I decided to make a new char and went with a sin. Mostly because I wanted to try something different and I've never really been big on magic users as I've always been the more up close and personal type of guy. Although with that being said it's a bit contradicting because you would think I would be more interested in either creating a barb or a zon yet for some reason I don't seem too interested in either of those. I've just usually stuck with an hdin but I've been seeing how awesome sins can be so I've decided to go with a hybrid ww/trap sin. As I was looking at the gears for this character I noticed a major difference in pricing compared to that of the hdin. It's about a $70 build. I'm not gonna just sit here and continuously ask for free hand outs but with a 1 year old and another on the way it's hard to be able to find the extra funds for such gears. I know that the ladder will soon be over and many people are giving away a lot of their gears. With that being said I'm hoping some of you may have some extra sin gear that you might be willing to donate to save me some money. I have included the list below and as I get an item off the list I will be sure to update and remove it. Thanks! Helm - Shako Belt - Verdung Gloves - Trangs Boots - Gores Rings - 2 Ravens Amulet - Highlord's Weapons - Chaos, Bartuc's Switch - CTA + Spirit Monarch Charms - Anni, Resist SC's, Trap GC's Merc - Infinity, Fort, Andy's