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  1. redrum87(OD)


    Yes rum is good and for anyone that wants to get ahold of me easier find me on Facebook brian McClain And jester I'll take my rum anyway I can get it
  2. redrum87(OD)


    lol I'm always down to run with the big dogs and thanks for all the welcomed it feels good to be apart of something good and big
  3. redrum87(OD)


    Yup :)
  4. redrum87(OD)


    Lol nah bro my irl nickname is red and I like rum
  5. redrum87(OD)

    Forum gold in jsp?

    Yea I got that I need to see if my ps2 headset can work on my laptop lol
  6. redrum87(OD)

    Forum gold in jsp?

    Ah I just made an account on there and got my team speak downloaded
  7. redrum87(OD)

    Forum gold in jsp?

    Awesome so say 100fg is worth how much irl cash
  8. redrum87(OD)

    Forum gold in jsp?

    I'm confused on how all this works can some one explain it to me
  9. redrum87(OD)

    well i finally joined.

    Welcome brotha
  10. redrum87(OD)


    I love the game just takes time to get everything needed
  11. redrum87(OD)


    Hello I am Brian or redrum87(OD) short intro about myself I'll be 30 in roughly a month I have 2 kids that I have custody of. I live in Texas yea the hurricane sucks butt. Hobbies include magic the gathering d2 Xbox 1 and cars. Ive been playing d2 for over 10 years but took a break now I'm back