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  1. Hey everyone!

  2. intro

    welcome to OD!
  3. Odd Question - Piercings!

    i had my cartilage pierced as well as my tongue (since 19) and im 32. the cartilage peirce was done at a part; my little sister thought it would be funny to peirce it. well let me tell u... even thought i was drunk it hurt more then my tongue it took forever too heal.. irritated me for around a year.. now that could be because it wasnt a gauged peirce. i havent had a ring in it in 5 years and i can still put a ring in it (wife doesnt like it so i dont wear it). on a side note; peircings are temporary tattoos are forever... dont just get a tattoo for no reason.. give it meaning, put some thought into it, and make sure its something ull like in 10 years. my 2cents.
  4. Deehoc(OD)

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  5. Leetvivi(OD)

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  6. intro || sup

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  7. Just a quick hello:}

    welcome to the family!
  8. Oh hello^^

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  9. Dilly Dilly!

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  10. Thank

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  11. Millz(OD) Whats up!

    welcome! glad to see another diablo lifer! i started in 96 on d1 and switched to d2... now im 32..
  12. FizzleNade(OD)

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  13. Koopas(OD)

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  14. "Generic member introduction"

    welcome to OD! hate to say it... ull still have to play with urself.... but i can game with us! hehe
  15. Wienis(OD)

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  16. Splitzzz

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  17. Hello

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  18. Whats up

    i knew ud come around... u miss me too much! welcome to OD! remember to keep ur dsl low
  19. New To OD

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  20. Pestilence(OD)

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  21. Print(OD)

    bout time u joined the forum! welcome to OD!
  22. Back after 10 years

    welcome back!
  23. Indoor(OD)

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  24. Hi I am very glad to be here!

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  25. Atrayas(OD) Here

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