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  1. Froggie420(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    thx cranky for my next project toon. used on my walk barbs merc with my wife... swapped it to just see what it would do and BAM! its a color'd item, i about shit my pants! @Cranky(OD)
  2. Froggie420(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    just an ik helm. only in a2hell right now. walking it with the wife. it was originally going to b an ik barb but that spear has changed my mind.
  3. Froggie420(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    i Lo'd it to spite ray
  4. Froggie420(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    its already max ias for ww and it cant be upped. i was thinking ber (cb), or Lo (ds) but i dont know the difference and which would be better.. or if there is a better choice like an ohm (50ed) or a 40ed/15max jwl..
  5. Froggie420(OD)


    welcome! remember to keep ur dsl low!
  6. Froggie420(OD)

    What's up OD members

    welcome to our clan!
  7. Froggie420(OD)

    Happy New years.

    came home to 2inches of water in my room.. happy new year.. lets spend the 1st cleaning out water damaged stuff..
  8. Froggie420(OD)

    Greetings from an Atlantic Canadian

    welcome to OD!
  9. Froggie420(OD)

    OD's Video Game??

    im interested.
  10. Froggie420(OD)

    Howdy everybody! :)

    welcome to the clan!
  11. Froggie420(OD)


    welcome to the clan!
  12. Froggie420(OD)

    Naming a new Peice

  13. Froggie420(OD)


    welcome to the clan
  14. Froggie420(OD)


    just a little fun in game with a typo! @Trevor1(OD) and @Phishhead(OD)
  15. Froggie420(OD)

    Happy Christmas

    merry xmas.. piss off if this offends u
  16. Froggie420(OD)

    A little funny incident that happened yesterday

    if its a baal run and not a chaos or chaos n baal run.. then whatever happens in chaos doesnt effect(or affect) anything in baal... sometimes others fight for chaos xp in baal games thus creates bickering.. but unwritten rule is higher lvl gets dibbs on chaos xp in baal games.
  17. Froggie420(OD)

    Hello.. ClanMates

    welcome to the clan!
  18. Froggie420(OD)

    -- Forum Clubs! --

    neat addition! i dont do dabs much but dry herb n edibles!
  19. Froggie420(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    gj! i do walks like this with the old lady..
  20. Froggie420(OD)

    New Guy Here

    welcome nate! remember to keep ur dsl low!
  21. Froggie420(OD)


    welcome b to the nest clan on battlenet! best.. damn phone is cold..
  22. Froggie420(OD)

    Clan intro

    welcome travis! glad u decided to join up!
  23. Froggie420(OD)

    Hello Everyone~ Intro

    welcone jr! hope u enjoy ur stay with us!
  24. Froggie420(OD)

    Sorceress Build

    its just extra damage..
  25. Froggie420(OD)


    pink >