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  1. Froggie420(OD)

    fishing season is coming up, lets see some catches!

    looks like a great trip!
  2. Froggie420(OD)

    Multiple Accounts

    i use sandboxie.. but i play in window mode so there is no alt +tabbing for me. i used to do 2 pc but it provided difficult and i ended up dying more and wasting time.
  3. Froggie420(OD)

    Reminder of why you joined Clan OD?

    i agree with ray. altho i help a ton too.. i often see members helping each other, but i also see a ton of beggers... each season is different but so far this season has had far more helpers then beggers. last season was awful for beggers and snatchers... to the point i almost left... but good thing i have some great friends here.. u know who u are... wgen it comes down to it.. we play with a select few members ; even tho we work as a whole. im all for helping the little guys but i can give u a fish.. but id rather teach u how to fish so u can feed urself...
  4. Froggie420(OD)

    Reminder of why you joined Clan OD?

    cant help if u cant kill..
  5. Froggie420(OD)

    Quest bugging info

    very good! been using this for years!
  6. Froggie420(OD)

    Kmeyer(OD)-new to clan

    welcome to OD!
  7. Froggie420(OD)

    reset question

    are teams going to be assigned like last season?
  8. Froggie420(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    fire/cold sorc
  9. Froggie420(OD)

    Leaving OD

    things that i found to help me deal with certain ppl in d2 as well as OD... 1. team speak.. i rarely use it.. ive found it irritating to try to talk and be run over time and time again... 2. better weather.. i go outside; fishing, hiking, fires etc. spring summer and fall (ohio) i spend very little time inside. 3. play for yourself or selected few.. the beggers r unreal... due to always recruiting; the beggers never end... and will burn u out. 4. remember its a game... sometimes we can get wrapped up in it and it causes us a ton of unwanted stress.. my 2cents. gl either way! i wish u the best!
  10. Froggie420(OD)

    Ladder Reset - getting ready

    havent missed a reset yet... count me in
  11. i will be on d2 less n less this summer. i will b out fishing... i will b posting my catches.. i hope others will too.
  12. Froggie420(OD)

    Hello I'm Nilla ^_^

  13. Froggie420(OD)

    Hello I'm Nilla ^_^

    bout time u posted..
  14. Froggie420(OD)

    how would you deal with this?

    thank you guys n girls as the more n more ppl learn the situation, the more and more say i did nothing wrong.. here is an update, so in game if im a bit off here is why: my inlaws denounced me.. say i failed their 6 year trail period. im not good enough for their daughter. they say im a bad influence on their grandchild (reasoning; they said at my wedding [2015] the goomsmen were farting on each other waiting on pictures, so that justifys him farting in public. mind u my wedding was outside in a park and we had a mud fight b4 the wedding for added color [redneck stuff]). yep. feel free to place your input.