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  1. bleh. cant sleep

    happens every reset..
  2. mouse?

    under 100$ us
  3. mouse?

    looking to get a new mouse... any suggestions? i play diablo 2 only.
  4. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    waiting for this reset is like waiting to go on vacation... just wont come fast enough...
  5. New kid in town...

    welcome to OD! keep ur dsl low!
  6. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    din> ima be a din.
  7. Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    welcome gris! i personally agree with d3 sucking eggs.. it is more like WoW then diablo.. to me.
  8. Super old School OD member hoping to return

    welcome back mike!
  9. Happy Bday DBZ

    happy belated bday bro!
  10. Hello Clan(OD)

    i welcome it!
  11. Hello Clan(OD)

    glad i finally talked you into the switch! remember to keep ur dsl low! feel free to ask me stuff also!
  12. Thankyou

  13. Hi My Name Is Doab(OD)

    welcome to OD! keep ur dsl low! hope to cya soon!
  14. BigFella(OD)'s Absence.

    welcome back!
  15. Is there where all the cool kids hang?

    welcome to OD! remember to keep ur dsl low!