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  1. Froggie420(OD)

    Hi there folks

    welcome to the clan! tea > coffee
  2. Froggie420(OD)

    Hello everyone

    welcome! hope u enjoy ur stay! im also a diablo lifer... execpt i nvr took a break.. started d1 in '96 the moved on to d2.. then did d3... then back to d2..
  3. Froggie420(OD)

    Hi Everybody!

    welcome to the clan! remember to keep ur dsl low
  4. Froggie420(OD)

    Best find so far in new Ladder?

    tal amulet, vmagi, stormshield, mal, andys
  5. Froggie420(OD)

    What is up everyone

    welcome to the clan again! hope u enjoy your stay. remember to keep ur dsl low!
  6. Froggie420(OD)

    Hows everyone been . Back in OD and D2

    welcome to my state! i live in the northeast section.
  7. Froggie420(OD)

    Need Reset FG and Drink Monster?

    does flavor matter? i hardly by energy drinks..
  8. Froggie420(OD)

    Reset Teams?

    i agree with sassy. creating and managing teams is time consuming and stressful. i give props to those that volenteer to do these. but id u dont post then noone will know ur looking for a team.. and as far as we know membership might have team 3 more devoloped and just haven't updated the post...
  9. Froggie420(OD)

    Reset Teams?

    or post on membership's post.
  10. Froggie420(OD)

    Some ladder reset tips

    good post! great info not exactly how i do it but its great if u are new to resets! ps: im a holder of my found items ;D
  11. Froggie420(OD)

    Hiyooo im baaaack :)

    welcome back!
  12. Froggie420(OD)

    Introduction Goatboy(OD)

    welcome! remember to keep ur dsl low!
  13. Froggie420(OD)


    welcome to the forums n clan! hope u enjoy it as much as i do! remember to login to site daily!
  14. Froggie420(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Respectfully i resign

    u dont need to b re-recruited to joing a different division..
  15. Froggie420(OD)

    introduction of bsmokin420

    welcome fellow ohioian!