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  1. im game for weekly cla walk 7pm-10pm eastern mon-tues day im around.
  2. Froggie420(OD)

    On game

    sorry i slow down on good weather... havent been on in 2w..
  3. welcome fellow ohioian! i live inbthe north eastern section! remember to keep ur dsl low
  4. ive played lots of games over the years.. but as of the last few years... pc i play diablo 2 (ladder only, cla, hc and sc). very rarely xbox360 call of duty black ops 2-3 advanced warfare diablo 3 welp im not much of a gamer in the aspect of multiple games..
  5. happy easter! b safe on the roads!
  6. i like to get them from pawn shops. usually u can get a decent one for a good price. but new ones costs an arm n leg.
  7. on jsp go to settings. then change star settings. then adding star upgrades. sometimes ppl request star upgrades for fg. u purchase their request, then jsp pays u fgs.
  8. going out this saturday to try again. gotta find a new pole by then tho.. broke 2 eyelets last trip..
  9. its been on tv at work all day.. so sad...
  10. turns out it was 8in shy of my states record.. still a beast!
  11. i buy stars for ppl.. much better turnnover then from jsp.
  12. it is fun. but it to late for me.. gl!
  13. use it its my fishing shirt.. ppl ask all the time bout it.
  14. we didnt weigh it. guessing by size its around 20-30lbs. it broke our aluminum net handle.
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