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  1. Making ganes

    as long as they are passworded u can make the rules how u see fit. example: every chaos game i make that is od chaos//od i say b4 i tp "please stay out of the star" and before r click last seal. if i were to make it pub (no pw) i wouldnt bother b/c pubs do what they want reguardless what u say. ive noticed the avg d2 player has no respect this season.
  2. Daddy's home

    welcome back
  3. mf barb

    iso ali baba wealth gf/mf boots chancies nagels mf/wc or barb amulet gg ik helm fg ft
  4. Evilspy(OD)

  5. Newbie here

    what did i just read...
  6. Nahz(OD)

    welcome to OD!
  7. Mxiio(OD)

    welcome to OD!
  8. Softcore Unique Class Set Walk

    for this walk.. what level will we start at? highest item req. determines start lvl? will we be questing? meaning will we have to get to 76[tal armor] in nm mode?
  9. Bless(OD) intro

    welcome to the clan!
  10. Switzy(OD)

    welcome to OD!
  11. First time on TeamSpeak

    i no the feeling.. its very intimidating.. but u get used to it (specailly when u have to fight to get a word in).
  12. Hey everyone!

  13. intro

    welcome to OD!
  14. Odd Question - Piercings!

    i had my cartilage pierced as well as my tongue (since 19) and im 32. the cartilage peirce was done at a part; my little sister thought it would be funny to peirce it. well let me tell u... even thought i was drunk it hurt more then my tongue it took forever too heal.. irritated me for around a year.. now that could be because it wasnt a gauged peirce. i havent had a ring in it in 5 years and i can still put a ring in it (wife doesnt like it so i dont wear it). on a side note; peircings are temporary tattoos are forever... dont just get a tattoo for no reason.. give it meaning, put some thought into it, and make sure its something ull like in 10 years. my 2cents.
  15. Deehoc(OD)

    welcome to OD!