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  1. As a top 500 world boomkin I can tell you that using a macro makes no sense to me. Your tact also makes as much sense though, you could have handled this much better. @Pillywínks(OD) PM me if you would like some help with understanding boomkin rotation/cooldowns/talents! I have resources available I can give you to help you out too. Make sure to not invest too much into the color of your parse. It has a lot of variance that makes it not entirely a reliable source of data. Can't stress this enough. When we went to re-clear mythic Eonar we wiped because of exactly this. Communication only gets more important on this fight as the difficulty progresses. Dps requirement is a bit high here (outside of Coven) but the bolded part is huuuuuge. Mechanics are super unforgiving and now everything that hurt you badly in normal just one shots you. This is super important. 2nd pots are a huge raid dps increase especially when coupled with Lust/Hero. Side note: Because of the size of your raid it is even more paramount that people pull their weight. When you lose someone to poor mechanic management it's a larger hit to the raid with fewer people. This is where Heroic with 10 people can be harder than heroic with 20 people, 1 person loss with 20 is 5% of your raid, 1 with 10 is 10% meaning that with even flex scaling you're taking a larger hit to the raid because of that one guy that likes to take dirt naps every pull. If anyone is interested in learning how to simulate their character please feel free to PM me, I can walk you through the Simulationcraft software and how to easily import/export data from your game. <3
  2. Have most of it just looking for ; Sorc Torch -- don't need good stats just need the +3. Gheeds Random spirit monarch Paying FG B) /e This is East Softcore Ladder.
  3. Alarics(OD)


    Would love a hot IP for Dclone. I heard talks of a walk earlier in the season but haven't seen anything since. Any plans for this, anyone?
  4. Pref 18+ stats paying FG Not looking for handouts will pay for it <3
  5. Not having an easy time with this ISO. ISO any IAS/ED jewel 33+
  6. Trying to get a key so i can play with my wife and kids If you have one and would like some fg for it pls pm :)
  7. Right on i'll add one to my sig. thx
  8. FG FT unless someone has a garb one sitting around they don't need :)
  9. currently on jsp for 1.2k but i'd sell to a clanmate for cheaper if interest!
  10. Can confirm this is live! Just made a new character on a previously maxed account, gives you a nice scroll bar. Nice
  11. You're right the 20 fcr would be nice, but it's also missing 2os and frw to make it the price range you're talking about. That being said it is the best necro helm i've seen on jsp this ladder to date. The REAL problem right now seems to be that nobody is really making pvp characters at this point in the ladder, Or at least not enough people for their to be a demand for these types of items.
  12. It's the best one I've seen this ladder. I think it might be a little early in the season for this on jsp though. http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=77779711&f=169 If anyone has offers if you could post them here or @jsp that would be great :)
  13. Congrats @Triad(OD) and @Data(OD)!!!! You guys rock!!!
  14. I found a Gul rune two days ago! It's my highest rune I've found :) Other than that a couple of 20/11's and the Necro tiara that i posted. I started the season with 0fg and was able to make enough to put together a pretty sick barb. Trying to sell my EbotD Tmaul atm though :) (I'm Alarics@jsp) Loving this season so far, it's easily the most fun I've had in Diablo II
  15. I've been farming hell baal this way. Making games with my barb and killing him with my sorc. The quest drops are real.
  16. @snicker66(OD) I have finally farmed a Key set. I bring with me a bo barb lvl 86 that's pretty well geared. If my sorc doesn't get stomped i might be able to tele this too.
  17. i bet if you opened up a trade for both the offers you'd get on the anni you'd be able to buy quite a few of those jewels.
  18. Anni is the expensive part. There isn't one on ladder yet but if there was it would probably be worth 90k or so if you go off soj prices
  19. Only need like 400k fg and this is all yours! :P You probably won't see an Anni this ladder unless something DRASTICALLY changes.
  20. let me know! I also have some keys for trade too.
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