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  1. NiceGuy(OD)

    good morning to Clan OD

    just another day like any day what does everyone got planed today? me myself im gonna roll some torches after i get more organ sets
  2. NiceGuy(OD)

    perfect magic jewels for fools

    jewels i have: ====================== 2x +9 str - 15 all res collors: 1x blue 1x green ====================== 100ar- -15% req collors: 1x white 1x red ====================== 2x 15%ias-100ar collors: 1x white ====================== 2x 15ias - 30% lite res colors: 1x blue 1x pink ====================== 2x 15ias - 30% fire res collors: 1x peach 1x white ====================== 3x 15%ias - +15al res collors: 1x green 1x white 1x red my jewels are 100 fg each
  3. NiceGuy(OD)

    Killing Uber Tristrum for fun

    if any of you guys have lots of organ sets and want me to kill uber trist for u i can do each organ set in like 2 minutes feel free to send me some fg tips if u wanna but mostly this service is free to the clan Let me know i am NiceGuy(OD) on east ladder softcore if i have the free time i will kill ur trist feel free to add my account name to your f list. later today i will be home and free to do your organ sets for you
  4. NiceGuy(OD)

    NiceGuy(OD) new to the clan

    hello to all of you im a new guy yes new recruited member to clan OD hope to have some fun in game and on the forums with all of you ok not sure what i needed to say as an introduction but well here it is :) add account named NiceGuy(OD) on diablo 2 i will add u back if i got room :)