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  1. Jaquise(OD)

    Madden 18

    If anyone would like to participate in a madden 18 fantasy franchise, I will be hosting one on xbox1 drafting tomorrow. Will have 2-3 leagues so lmk if interested.
  2. Jaquise(OD)

    Special recognition

    Data(od) has been supporting us with some of the best runs I've ever participated in. He has leveled several of my characters, other OD members, and several non-guildmembers in the diablo community. Better than bots. The only reason I joined was because I followed this guys runs for about a week straight. Kudos to you Data. Show this man some love.
  3. Jaquise(OD)

    New member

    Hey everybody. Name is Jaquise. I play only Diablo 2 (classic and expansion ladder only) and Xbox (mainly Madden/2k/ESO). I offer Classic rushes/leveling/uber smiting services on D2. I will always help someone in need if I'm available. For Xbox, I play madden religiously. I run a fantasy draft dynasty league. Always have between 8-12 users after the first couple months. Let me know if you're ever interested. (Waiting on Madden 18 to start new league). Xmarksdaspot2124@JSP