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  1. we will see homie gl 2 u hehe this makes me happy :)
  2. I've decided that I'm going to part with one of my characters. I have a nice decked out Whirlwind Barbarian, CS Javazon, Light Sorceress or Trap Assassin but only one of these will be given away. The contest will be decided by ME - Nilla67532(OD) and the only thing you have to do is tell me why you want/need/deserve this character. Tell me that you're tired of low tier or unfinished characters or that you'll use it to help the Diablo II community. Let me know of your accomplishments and why another character should be added to your mighty collection! The winner will be chose in ONE WEEKS TIME (4/19/2019) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Best hopes to each and every one of you and I wish you luck on your journey. Please do not message me in game about the gear or what character type to give away. All my characters come with High Torch/Anni/Savage Mercenaries Lieutenant Colonel Purplez(OD) will be occasionally be spamming info in our Diablo II home channel about my event as well as others. (Channel Clan OD) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. May the Guardians of Arreat have mercy on your soul.
  3. Hi everyone! my name is Nilla67532 but you can call me Nilla for short or Randy ^_^ Nilla67532(OD) I started the second season of 2017 in OD at this time I've been in for over 170 days now. i never made an introduction so here I go. My name is Randy and I live in Florida, I'm a runner for Clan OD including chaos/baal hell games. I love to give gear away and help players when I can. PLEASE JOIN MY RUNS WHEN YOU SEE THEM!! feel free to come say hi and have a fun time. I love Clan OD!! the members are amazing and we treat each other with love and respect. Come follow me and my friends/second family @ Channel Clan OD
  4. so ive been collecting usefull gear for a while now to maybe help some lower level OD or just people who are new to our clan one of my favorite things to do is to give people gear on D2. since ive joined Od ive given over 5 FULL NICE characters and tons of other gear i now have an account that is full of arachs'shakos/dungos/travs/chancies/ptorches/gheeds/enigmas/hoz's/20lifers magefists/maras/rares/bases/runes and much much more. i will be randomly finding the people who need gear and supplying as such. If your like me, help give back to your clan, give back to OD. Nilla67532(OD) ~ Randy
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