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  1. Jiraiya(OD)

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    Had a chance to meet you in D2 division when I first joined OD and it was a pleasure to work with you. Good luck with your new challenge.
  2. Jiraiya(OD)

    JSP Clan

    If I'm not mistaking @Aleos(OD) was in charge to accept new applications but since his in IA status, probably one of the D2 leaders can accept you into it.
  3. Jiraiya(OD)

    New to OD!

    Welcome to OD!!! Ladder reset should be happening in couple weeks. Stay tune for posts about reset teams.
  4. Jiraiya(OD)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Jiraiya(OD)

    New Recruit (D2)

    Get TS3 on official teamspeak website. once downloaded install it. Run in admin mode. click connections --> connect. Under server type ts3.overdosed.net and under nickname type your OD name (don't forget the tag) click connect. P.S. Do not forget to make Push to talk and not voice activation. (For that go to Tools --> options --> Capture).
  6. Jiraiya(OD)

    New Recruit (D2)

    Welcome to OD!!! Join us on TeamSpeak.
  7. Jiraiya(OD)

    Clan OD ladder reset team?

    Indeed. Like last ladder and previous ones. I presume they will ask for everyone availability, if they going HC, SC or Classic. We even got teams who play the entire night.
  8. Jiraiya(OD)


    Purple pots, purple items, purple skills, etc etc xD
  9. Jiraiya(OD)


    Game looks pro-messing. Mix of many different current existing games.
  10. Jiraiya(OD)

    Flashback Event

    Join us on TeamSpeak.
  11. Jiraiya(OD)

    National Star Wars Day

  12. Jiraiya(OD)

    Ladder Reset - getting ready

    Will probably start with a classic toon.
  13. Jiraiya(OD)

    Just joined OD!

    Welcome to OD!!!