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  1. Jiraiya(OD)

    Latency Issues

    It seems that with the recent updates many D2 players are experiencing lag issue. In my opinion it's on blizzard side.
  2. Jiraiya(OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    SC or CL? because leveling in classic its kinda hard lol
  3. Jiraiya(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    Is this event suppose to be done?
  4. Jiraiya(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    D2 Run Squad: We don't have teamspeak and we don't require one and yes we still want to be a squad. @PoPs(OD) feel free to add/remove/modify if needed.
  5. Jiraiya(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    If you convert before act 3 hell you will be stuck in nightmare expansion.
  6. Jiraiya(OD)

    Automatic DSL resets

    I think I missed the script part xD but thanks for making it possible 🙂
  7. Jiraiya(OD)

    Winners - July 2018 Clan Awards

    Gratz to everyone!!!! Keep up the awesome work.
  8. Jiraiya(OD)

    Recruitment challenge 2018

    Gratz everyone!!!!
  9. Jiraiya(OD)

    I hotel

    If you ever gonna travel to Taiwan you gotta stay in that hotel.
  10. Jiraiya(OD)

    Farewell Everyone!

    Sad to see you leave, you've done so much for the D3 division.
  11. Jiraiya(OD)

    Classic Orb Sorc rusher Build

    The Ward shield works perfectly
  12. Jiraiya(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    If you got ok gear u can still crush with a low lvl. By the way, when I dont crush I mf in classic. So far I got an extra spectral blade and iratha glove.
  13. Jiraiya(OD)

    Need Rush?

    My crusher is missing couple gears but can able to crush 1 by 1
  14. Jiraiya(OD)

    Hola all

    Welcome to OD!!!!