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  1. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    It's 5pm PST which will be 8pm Est
  2. Hello Clan(OD)

    Welcome to Overdosed :)
  3. BigFella(OD)'s Absence.

    Welcome back :)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm back

    Welcome back :)
  5. Starcraft 2: F2P

    blizzard and the f2p parts where never that great.. Normally where the f2p ends that's where the best part begins... (wow,d3)
  6. heyyyyoooooo

    Welcome to OD!!!
  7. 3 Best Games?

    Well I'm more of a Battlefield series fan but only when it comes to multiplayer mode (BF always had best multiplayer play) CoD lack in MP but the SP is awesome. NFSMW was fine but after underground 2 the serie went down hill after each game (specially pro street..)
  8. Anyone here a film nut?

    All time favorite will probably be The Matrix. the beginning of the ''bullet time'' effect was so nicely done. Plus since it got philosophical and religious stuff I was able to watch it in my philosophy class.
  9. 3 Best Games?

    Didn't had a chance to play new release so far from 2017 but looking forward for AC origins, CoD WW2 and NFS payback :). AC origins because I'm a fan of AC series. CoD WW2 because CoD always had a great single player story. NFS payback because still trying to find that good NFS that is as good as NFS underground 2 was.
  10. If they ever decide to also increase some benefits to f2p players (specially the exp rate) I will reconsider to give the game another chance.
  11. Good evening

  12. Recently Married Today

    gratz on the marriage
  13. Massive Item Giveaway

    ...this ladder mf was horrible for me lol. You got some nice finding.
  14. Hello I am Abeloth

    already banned.... that was quick
  15. If they do live at the central headquarters than how the hell EA servers are most of the times so unstable and always having trouble at launch...