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  1. s13 Characters and Group ups

    should be available at the beginning - Want to try a Barb this season.

    1 vs 1 can be little long. I would suggest free 4 all.
  3. s13 preview

    Guess I'm trying Barb this season :)
  4. Hey Guys New Member Here :)!!

    Welcome to OD!!! Don't forget to log on main site to reset dsl...
  5. New Recruit

    Welcome to OD!!!
  6. Microphone suggestions?

    I got myself the cheapest one on the market and it does ok work lol. Don't really need that expensive. Only need to play with settings.
  7. Wydwen(OD)

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  8. Greetings

    Welcome to Overdosed!!!!
  9. Logspoon(OD) Diablo II

    Don't we all have to breathe the air rofl
  10. Logspoon(OD) Diablo II

    That does not make me French. hahahahaha
  11. Logspoon(OD) Diablo II

    @TypeReaL(OD) wrong lol, I'm not French... :)
  12. Logspoon(OD) Diablo II

    A good juicy steak is also delicious xD Welcome to OD!!!!
  13. Newbie here

    Welcome to OD!!!!!
  14. Mxiio(OD)

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