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  1. for some reason I am not Allowed to edit my topic. NO VENOM,HOLY FIRE, HOLY FREEZE, OR LIGHTNING. AKA NO HOJ, DRAGON, DREAM OR VENOM BUFF. But yes, Any Character Class is Welcome as Long as it is a Bear using the standard attack Skill. Only Exception would be a Maul Druid
  2. All Character Classes Welcome. Melee Based Only (No elemental dmg based builds) 1 Piece Tap Allowed Ethereal Items Allowed Inner Sight Allowed Prebuff Bo Allowed Demon Limb Prebuff Allowed 500Fg 1st Place 250Fg 2nd Place 150fg 3rd Place 3 Day Dodge Rule You May Challenge up to 2 Places ahead of your current Rank Post Your Account/Char Name/Char Class to Sign Up Tournament Starts March 3. Ends March 31st 1--- Redbull./Redbull/Bearadin
  3. pulling Wiggles out Entering Redbull/Charger Challenging OD-Help
  4. oh the pride is hurt gds
  5. sign me up OD-Wiggles bowzon
  6. id like Ray(OD) to interview Ray(OD) as a puppet and make it a video plz
  7. how is this relevant for ironman contests? these are all level 18-30 req items?
  8. Slum(OD)

    Bit rusty

    🙂 always good times
  9. This is a Solo Self Found Hardcore Event Hosted by Slum(OD) and Lacer(OD) The Goal is to reach the Beach Map after completing Act10 The event starts 11/3/2018 The event closes 11/10/2018 You must post a S/S of your new char lvl 1 when signing up for the event. If you die. You are allowed to remake you character as long as you use the same character name You must post a S/S of your char in the Beach Map in order to win the event. The first member to reach the Beach will Receive 6 Ex The second member to reach the Beach will Receive 3 Ex The third player to reach the Beach will Receive 1 Ex If no one is able to reach the Beach. The Prizes will be distributed by the Highest level achieved
  10. id like to have a POE member interviewed. share the love with our new division I nominate Chknwg1(OD)
  11. Slum(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    i strongly disagree with the 9s can compete with 18s and 18s with 30's. unless the chars are built extremely unwell. the addition of ranged characters @ 18 and the heavy dominance of melee @ 9 makes these duels virtually impossible. in the melee category.....deadly strike 18 zealots will 1-2 shot any lvl 9 build. the only character that could compete against a level 30 is a 18 fully equipped Charge/Zealot who gets lucky landing a few critical ds shots against a poorly equipped 30. if you lose to someone below your bracket. you built the character incorrectly. with that being said.... I am glad to help any new folks to the LLD community with advice, character builds, and for a very limited time...gear.
  12. Slum(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    1. Level 18 and 30 2. I will kill you all for free 3. About 12 years of LLD experience 4. you had me at lld
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