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  1. Hey what's up guys, Peebs here. I'm looking for more PUBG players so we can perhaps get some fun runs together. Looking to hopefully have some teams that want to just screw around, and some that are perhaps a tad more competitive. If you have this game please I urge you to get at me on here, or Steam so we can start enjoying this gem of a game together. Just got my first back to back round Duo wins last night :) Feels good clan Let us murder only in the name of Clan Overdosed.
  2. Peebs(OD)


    Very nice! I may have to get it. I need to do a little upgrading first. I played the Beta, and was really into it, but never ended up getting it. Having people to play with though could make it pretty fun honestly
  3. Peebs(OD)

    Player Unknown Battlegrounds

    Hey everyone, I just got randomly gifted Player Unknown's Battleground. Anyone else in clan play this? It seems insanely fun.
  4. Peebs(OD)

    New to guild, returning D2 player

    Hey there welcome aboard :D
  5. Peebs(OD)

    Overwatch ScreenShots and Videos

    I am no longer the king of Silver
  6. Peebs(OD)

    What's up guys and gals?

    Hey what's up everyone. My name is Peebs, and I'm looking to play with clan members. Anyone interested in starting up some weekday Overwatch stuff. Arcade clearing, quick plays, etc.? I'd like to try and get us some recruits, and help try to grow the division. I know it's not the strongest one in the clan, but this game is my absolute passion, and I very much enjoyed my days helping in the D3 division when. I still went by Huka_Muka(OD). Either way my battletag is Peebs#11295. I also play WoW in our clan guild on Stormrage, play D3. Basically if you use blizzard launcher add me, and let's play!
  7. Peebs(OD)

    Overwatch ScreenShots and Videos

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAPYlUUqMosgyy3SsEeLGg Got my gold gun last week :D mediocore montage, but SO PUMPED to finally have my gold :D
  8. Peebs(OD)

    Anyone on Stormrage Alliance?

    Oh snap awesome! What a lucky pick I made server wise when i started up again =O I actually just hit 110 on my dps DH this morning.
  9. Peebs(OD)


    I was debating getting BF. Is the comp scene decent?
  10. Hello just curious if anyone is on Alliance side Stormrage. Lmk :D If you are feel free to add me Peebs#11295
  11. Peebs(OD)

    Overwatch ScreenShots and Videos

    When all else fails have fun :)
  12. Peebs(OD)

    Hey guys I'm Peebs

    Oh I will be haha. I was an OW die hard, but honestly I think I've hit my capacity on letting Blizzard rape me via Sym beam. D3 season isn't that far away :)
  13. Peebs(OD)

    Hey guys I'm Peebs

    Hey guys! Names is Peebs(OD), and I'm a D3 trial that plays a ton of Overwatch as well. I'm a Silver (1700-1900) Support main. I can play fill, but usually try to Zenyatta(Main), Mercy, or Ana. Tag is Peebs#11295. Active most nights after 9:30 EST. Hope to game with you guys soon! Also I make random stupid montages..so if you get a POTG when you play with me it'll likely end up in one. If you feel like checking them out you can find them here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAPYlUUqMosgyy3SsEeLGg
  14. Peebs(OD)

    Reapplying for new name's sake xD

    Haha I can't remember my old login info 🤔
  15. Peebs(OD)

    Reapplying for new name's sake xD

    Also random, but I do gaming montages. If you play Overwatch with me, and get a PotG you'll likely be in one. Montage Channel: https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U&pi=1