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  1. LemonFox(OD)

    Sorry for being out!

    Hah! This is True Terra. But knowing me, I'd somehow piss off a Higher Ranking person (Likely hitting on Sassy's sexy self, don't think I didn't see your post missy!) and get booted for it. Hehehehehe, I'm a Frisky Foxy that way, and British or Russian accents on a gal really get the Fox in me growling ;p
  2. LemonFox(OD)

    Sorry for being out!

    The one time I drank, I broke my cousins jaw, popped 3 teeth out, snapped his nose, and cracked his cheek bone all because he gave my girlfriends ass a slap... I'm a very bad Drunk and so I don't drink. Ever.
  3. LemonFox(OD)

    Sorry for being out!

    I don't drink, so you're SoL there my friend. But even if I did, the pay isn't THAT good yet sadly LOL xP
  4. LemonFox(OD)

    Sorry for being out!

    Yeah... sorry for not being on D2 or Teamspeak for 2+ weeks, kinda got a new job that has been wearing me out but sooo worth it with the paycheck. *laughs* I'll try and be around a bit more on the weekends though now that my body is used to the Groundskeeping.
  5. LemonFox(OD)

    The Fluffyest of Sour Foxes

    Yeah, RiP Batman, the world has lost a great Actor, Comedian, and Nutcase!
  6. LemonFox(OD)

    The Fluffyest of Sour Foxes

    I know all about Pinky. He is my Padawan... and then my Lunch.
  7. LemonFox(OD)

    The Fluffyest of Sour Foxes

    RECRUITER: Sassy(OD) DATE: June 9th 2017 RANK: Trial SPECIES: Rishishka (www.angelfire.com/rpg2/arison/species/rishishka.html) JOB: Writer (Yes working on a book, see website!) NAME: Allester E. Darkflame AGE: Divine INFORMATION: A crazy vulpine in delicious lemony scenting. Insane. Eccentric. But fun loving and snuggly for all the ladies. As a writer though, most of my time goes in to working on stories stuck in my brain and not going much further, but I've spent several years working on one project that has gone over very well so far, as the above link in my species can show you... yes, make fun of me for still using Angelfire, but it's FREE DANG IT!! Freeeee heheheheheheh!