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  1. OD Baals Pk'd but pker got a surprise LOL

    :) rekt
  2. d2 too much for you ashley? Noob :D

  3. PVP?

    If this is your way of reaching out for help @DBZ(OD), we got you
  4. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm!

    That's because it is using a custom script that only responds to OD members and basically pulls the information from Arreat Summit.. it also (clearly) has options for the shortened names such as coh or cta instead of chains of honor or call to arms It's quite handy
  5. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    same.. i told purple and she didn't believe me lol
  6. Thanks MooMoo!!

    Ehh it came out alright lol.. but as long as purp likes it then its fine
  7. Druid Bowling!!

    Here are the last two videos from druid bowling.. on 3-4-2018 and today, 3-17-2018.. Theres no sounds in the one from today, so use spotify or pandora or something :D I will update this with any I am in, and others feel free to post their perspectives as well! 3-4-2018 3-17-2018
  8. Sooo... basically people will mf certain areas based on their builds. The spots they mf are typically bosses / cs / baal. But what if you aren't strong enough to do those yet and still want a chance at finding good gear? What is area level? It is how the game determines which items can drop and the prefixes / suffixes that go along with the item, along with monster stats and even chest drop rates So why does this matter? For a useful Diablo 2 Expansion (1.10+) example, grand charms that appear with a +skillbranch mod can only appear on monsters that have been killed from The Great Marsh in act 3 in nightmare difficulty onwards. Technically, the +skillbranch mod can only appear on items of ilvl 50+, and the ilvl of an item is equal to the mlvl of the monster that dropped it, and the mlvl is equal to the area level that the monster was spawned in. Via [1]: Ilevel 50+ = plain skillers (plain mosters NM Great Marsh onwards) ilevel 61+ = skillers with 31-35 life (plain monsters most of Act 5 NM onwards) ilevel 77+ = skiller with 36-40 life (plain monsters Hell Lost City onwards; Pindle) ilevel 91+ = skiller with 41-45 life (Hell Baal ilevel 99, Hell Nithy ilevel 95 and Hell Diablo ilevel 94) You can find skillers / lifers listed above - ideally you want the max area level (85) to drop the maximum possible item level. Monster levels are equal to the area level, with uniques (monsters that are always there, such as rakanishu) being the area level +3, and champions (the elite monster in groups with random enchantments such as extra strong or extra fast) being the area level +2. So for example, if you were to go to Halls of Vault in hell (area level 84), you would see normal monsters there equal to monster level 84, along with champions equal to a monster level of 86. Additionally, you would run into Nihl which has a fixed monster level of 95. Sure this is interesting, but how does it help me? For starters, the best way to get items is to know where you can get them (or have resources available to educate you) and how it can benefit you. As you can see above, skillers can spawn 41-45 life when dropped from hell baal, nihl, and diablo. Does that mean that you have to find a 45 lifer off of them? Not necessarily. You can find a gc with a crappy mod, lets say 1% mf, but as long as it was dropped by that high monster level, it can be rerolled (3x p gems in cube with gc / sc / lc) and potentially spawn more desirable mods. If you are planning on mf'ing a specific item you can look up the item level and find out where you would need to mf in order to get it. If you want to get a soj, sure you can get it off of hell baal, but there are also a ton of other unique rings that can drop at that area level. This is why it is ideal to mf nm andy if you are soj hunting. Soj item level is 39, so you would need a monster of level 39 or higher to drop it (which is later on in nm act 1). The drop rate is based on a rarity of the item and the available items to pool from. Since I cannot possibly explain it better than this article, I will copy and paste it here :) The "Rarity" odds assume that the monster dropping the ring is capable of dropping every unique ring in the game. Hence, if a monster able to drop the Wisp Projector drops a unique ring, there is a 1/75 chance it will be the Wisp Projector. If the monster's Mlvl isn't high enough to drop some of the rings, the rarity odds change accordingly. For example, an Mlvl 40 monster could only drop the first three rings, so it would have a 15/31 chance to drop Naglering, 15/31 to drop Manald Heal, and 1/31 to drop the Stone of Jordan, vs. the 1/59 chance that a unique ring from an Mlvl 84+ monster will be an SoJ. This is why it's best to hunt for some items (such as the Stone of Jordan) on lower levels. So basically since the rarity of nagelring and manald are both 15, and soj is 1, the best chance of finding a soj in the game is off of a monster that can only drop those 3 rings, which gives you a 1/31 chance of it dropping. So what else? Well we could go on all day discussing the depths of diablo 2, but I think the above highlights the important parts so I will just leave one last thought. When deciding where to mf, look at the area levels, monster levels, and figure out what type of immunities are in each area (click specific areas in below resources). So for my hc blizz sorc, I like to mf the Mausoleum in act 1 (by blood raven), the Ancient Tunnels in act 2 (in Lost City), river of flame when I am strong enough to take out the cold immune worms, and pindle (nihl's temple portal by anya - area level 83). I will also do bosses occasionally to keep me entertained, and after feeling comfortable at my survivability, worldstone levels 2 and 3. I hope this helps at least one person, and then it would be worth the time putting it together :) Useful resources: Item level - https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Item_level Area level - https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Area_Level Enjoy! MooMoo(OD) / A-A-RON / Aaron
  9. Monthly Trivia Competition

    top 5 score: MooMoo(OD) - @Brittney(OD) - MooMoo(OD)2 - @RickAstley(OD) - @DBZ(OD) top 5 speed: MooMoo(OD)2 - MooMoo(OD) - @Brittney(OD) - @Vanity(OD) - @DBZ(OD) top 5 streak: MooMoo(OD) - @RickAstley(OD) - @Atrayas(OD) - @Brittney(OD) - @Froggie420(OD) Tagged the top 5 in each category :) post up jsp's for @Disco Mine - DeathsKeeper@jsp
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      what the ginger said ! have a good one

    2. MooMoo(OD)


      thanks both


  11. Teamspeak Music Bot

    i have one too. it literally took like 3 minutes to get up and running lol. I had to do it cuz dbz was away for a few days :P
  12. Internet speeds

    Pfft if only I had your problems... this is the best I can get where I am.. by far.. It's either this or DSL or satellite :/ GD ISP... 1-0 you.
  13. Weight Loss

    For me I was always super skinny... I actually gained weight when I joined the air force... But the regularly working out (lots of cardio) will work wonders... Especially with good eating habits which I neglected during my time due to a high metabolism! It's okay to occasionally treat yourself but if you eat / drink a certain way then you will put on the weight Basically just be careful about what goes in your body lol
  14. Need help with dual boxing

    I did mine forever ago but I'm pretty sure you need to rename your diablo 2 folder, then install it again with the second keyset, and then update that one as well. After that you should be able to create a shortcut to both d2's on your desktop, run your primary one normal, and then right click on the second install and run sandboxed (windows mode for the 2nd). If you need anymore help just hmu later tonight and I can get on TV w/ you or try to walk you through it