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  1. MooMoo(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    3-1 rich over snicker @Mr_kon(od) you're up, let's get a W!
  2. MooMoo(OD)

    Anticipated LLD 30 Bracket event kicker!

    may want to get together with @Slum(OD) as you both have a contest going on at the same time
  3. MooMoo(OD)

    A Whole Weekend of Ironman

    You may want to get together with @Wichita(OD) [formerly tannerballz(OD)] --- looks like both of these contests are going on at the same time
  4. MooMoo(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    1st. @snicker66(OD) 2nd. @Mr_kon(od) 3rd. @MooMoo(OD) 4th. n/a 5th. n/a @CotDaniel(OD) has not gotten on at all this whole time and @longlife(OD) is currently in China. If we can get two more I will bump myself down to #5.
  5. MooMoo(OD)

    A Whole Weekend of Ironman

    Sign me up for all 3. I may or may not miss the one on Saturday depending on how the day goes but I'll let you know if I can't make it MooMoo(OD) DeathsKeeper@jsp
  6. MooMoo(OD)

    Make a leveling set

    I would suggest death gloves and belt as an alternative for sigons. They offer the same IAS, which comes in extremely handy w/ RC, without requiring such high strength. Other than that, looks good 😄
  7. MooMoo(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    That attention grabber though. 1. For new char tourneys I'd say either 9 or 18 as anything after that becomes kind of tedious just to duel. If it is for existing chars, I'd say that all 3 could be fun. If built right, 9's can compete with 18's, and 18's can compete with 30 (granted the higher level would have the advantage in either). ---- mld cap is 49 btw 😮 but that is where it gets to the point where you can get the gear to kill HLD chars and there isn't much of a point in my opinion. It is still fun, just not as appealing to lots of people. 2. FG of course. don8 xtra tanner, thx 3. Yes, lots from back in the day. Might be a bit rusty, but I'm sure it would come back to me. 4. More than you know. 5. Great!
  8. MooMoo(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    After you break in, go around the house and lightly drizzle every inch possible with maple syrup / honey. It's a homemade fly trap and also a huge irritant when they finally wake up and see that it has been dried everywhere already 😄 I hope they wear flip flops if they wake up in the middle of the night (and sorry if they have a cat - Lol)
  9. What do you call a cow with no LEGS!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. CompFreak(OD)


      Sorry, couldn't resist... that was bad of me...apologies @MooMoo(OD) 😅

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      a cow with 2 legs is lean beef

    4. MooMoo(OD)




      I'm just a piece of meat 😮


      It was kinda funny though lol

  10. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    lol looks good :D gg was fun had to defend it a bunch lol
  11. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    3-0 me over dbz gds man 🙂 - dem puddles mvp
  12. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    challenge dbz
  13. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    gds im coming after you again tomorrow lol
  14. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    3-0 me over wave(OD) gds man
  15. MooMoo(OD)

    The Ladder

    i was on til about 1030 or so bro. daily during the week and later on weekends. i'll be on tonight as well ts and in game