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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      what the ginger said ! have a good one

  2. Teamspeak Music Bot

    i have one too. it literally took like 3 minutes to get up and running lol. I had to do it cuz dbz was away for a few days :P
  3. Internet speeds

    Pfft if only I had your problems... this is the best I can get where I am.. by far.. It's either this or DSL or satellite :/ GD ISP... 1-0 you.
  4. Weight Loss

    For me I was always super skinny... I actually gained weight when I joined the air force... But the regularly working out (lots of cardio) will work wonders... Especially with good eating habits which I neglected during my time due to a high metabolism! It's okay to occasionally treat yourself but if you eat / drink a certain way then you will put on the weight Basically just be careful about what goes in your body lol
  5. Need help with dual boxing

    I did mine forever ago but I'm pretty sure you need to rename your diablo 2 folder, then install it again with the second keyset, and then update that one as well. After that you should be able to create a shortcut to both d2's on your desktop, run your primary one normal, and then right click on the second install and run sandboxed (windows mode for the 2nd). If you need anymore help just hmu later tonight and I can get on TV w/ you or try to walk you through it
  6. Let us know when you play!!

    I usually play 4 or 430 est to about 11 est during the week and im on and off from 8 am to like midnight - 1 or 2 ish on the weekends depending on whats going on.
  7. Overdosed's Cutest Pet Award

    idk what you mean lol.. its super easy, just save them to your computer and then attach in your post :/ didn't you post this topic lol? :D
  8. Overdosed's Cutest Pet Award

    Ruby is German Sheppard, Pitbull, Malamute, and Border Collie she's very unique :)
  9. Overdosed's Cutest Pet Award

    Here's mine... I have 4 dogs... the main one is mine (Ruby) because well... it's my doggy :) I am also posting an up close of Chewy (Chewbaca the pitbull) and another of Savanah (bumblebee) and Carmello (pink dinosaur thing). Those 3 belong to my brother and his gf, whom live with me. I think all the dogs are kinda cute, especially Ruby :)
  10. Need a patient transferee

    I can also setup a mule game for you if you need me to. I usually only boot it up when people ask for transfers or if I need one myself, but I can leave it up as long as you need (although you may need to be patient with it dropping from time to time if its going to be super long) just whisper *MooMoo(OD) in game
  11. Weather Nerd Topic - Hurricane Harvey

    Very interesting post. I was in the Air Force in San Antonio for 3 years and I know a bunch of people down there (only one or two in the Houston area) so I will definitely have to reach out to them. One of my best friends is down there trying to support Houston any way that he can. I know that this hurricane is going down in the history books as you said, but from a meteorology student's standpoint, how would you say that Hurricane Harvey compares to Katrina? The pictures I saw of that hurricane just blew me away :/ On a side note, you can always upload images to imgur.com and make an album if it won't let you do it here. Then you would just share the link to the album and people can scroll through the whole thing.
  12. that milk you sold me was expired and gave me the shits I demand a refund

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TypeReaL(OD)


      wanna come to a gr 75 ;) i swear i wont teleport away and let the monsters feast on you

    3. MooMoo(OD)


      Lol. thats not nice :o 

    4. TypeReaL(OD)


      neither is expired milk :P

  13. Hey all!

    Welcome man! Let me know if you need anything and I'll see what I can do.. HC / SC / xfer / rush / pvp / whatever :)
  14. New Fantasy Football League

    i'll join if we can get the people. keep me posted (in 3x 12 person leagues already so ill try my best for this one but the others may have to come first as they are paid leagues :) )