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  1. Happy Birthday!



    1. SuNSeT


      hey happy bday ya smelly pirate hooker!

  2. MooMoo(OD)

    MooMoo's 2v2 Tourney 1/19/19

    MooMoo's 2v2 PVP EVENT Thanks to @DBZ(OD) for this plagarized template 🙂 I will be hosting a 2v2 pvp bracket style tourney. 1/19/2019 8PM Eastern time zone. Teams will be random using a generator. Bracket will be randomized. Double elimination. It costs nothing to sign up. All Characters and builds welcomed. Feel free to add to the prize pot. 250FG prize to winning team, along with an anni (reward split between winning teammates) I hope everybody has fun and enjoys my pictures too on here. I was inspired by my own necro to modify that already kickass picture of the cow 😄 Sign up below with your Account name, character name / type, and d2jsp e.g. MooMoo(OD) / OD-EskiMoo (Necro) / DeathsKeeper@jsp Help spread the word! SIGN UPS: MooMoo(OD) / OD-EskiMoo (Necro) / DeathsKeeper@jsp
  3. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    I think i'll give it another shot o.o challenge @dubui(OD)
  4. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    3-2 me.. Good duels jared
  5. MooMoo(OD)

    2v2 PVP Event 1/12/19

    OD-EskiMoo (necro)/ MooMoo(OD) / DeathsKeeper@jsp
  6. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    3-2 me over krusty. gds man lets try @dubui(OD) again
  7. MooMoo(OD)

    Diablo 2 BR?

    that sounds fun, but also sounds like it would end up being dragged out wayyy too long. I remember a halloween event with all lvl 9 necros that lasted (i believe) an hour or so just in the burial grounds after initially leveling to 9. Now amplify that by the whole area of act 1 and no confined space to limit it to. TLDR ~~ Yes good idea but it needs tweaking 🙂
  8. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    challenge @dubui(OD) again!
  9. MooMoo(OD)

    Cuddlahs err- Moist's 2nd poetry contest

    I suppose here is my shot at it :) - Please let it be noted that it is to be read through Tyrael's perspective and you are certainly encouraged to have an alcoholic beverage and attempt to narrate it as such as well. Enjoy!: It's good to see you again, Hero. Diablo arrives, ready to take your life to zero. You must face the prime evils.. all on your own. By Tyrael's might... err.. my might, I pray that you are able to shatter their bone. I've witnessed your glory, the destruction of Mephisto and loot he hath dropped. There was a 3% BK ring, and off his body it has plopped. I am impressed by your exploits, but shouts I have heard. Who wants the chop shitters, from act one came these word. Surely this Goku loving barb can do you no harm. His ability to slay this world's evils, RAISES ALARM! Listen closely as I show you this light. He duels like a fallen, go to act one and win this fight. *** intermission as adventurer now takes the way-point to act 1 *** You walk to the bridge, where others now wait. A truck driver, Canadian, and Ashole sit AFK at the gate. You enter the Blood Moor, attempt to WSG to the top. In the end it doesn't matter, they next day'd the chop. You have been slain so swift, your adventure cut short. Just half a whirlwind, but you were a good sport. Good duel you say, save and exit out of shame. Back to the act 4 and beyond, where you might win the game. The enddddddd Hope it's at least a little enjoyable.. special cameo by @DBZ(OD) @pronoob(OD) @Rich(OD) @Redvaine(OD)
  10. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    oh m y bad didnt see his challenge on you. Shameful Retract.
  11. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    challenge @dubui(OD)
  12. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    3-1 me over you. Gds man, fix that lag :(
  13. MooMoo(OD)

    January Ladder

    Happy New Year's everyone! Let's kick this off.. I challenge @SuNSeT !
  14. MooMoo(OD)

    Do you guys respec a lot?

    Andariel + Duriel each drop blue essences, Mephisto drops yellow essences (seems the most rare of the essences), Diablo drops red essences, and Baal drops green essences. And with these essences' powers combined, you get a token! (queue Captain Planet music)
  15. MooMoo(OD)

    Do you guys respec a lot?

    respec til you get it right!