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  1. Race To The Top

    Yes With Tie starting off with a very strong with giving 100fg for each 90 and 95 lvl HC. I will offer 50 fg for the event. 25fg each for the person who reaches 90 and who reaches 95 first. All OD are welcome. Putting into the pot just helps people get motivated to try.
  2. Race To The Top

    Hey everyone new person here. You may have played with me before if not. Hopefully I'll be seeing you out there soon. Not really sure how this works or what the rules are. But I was thinking we could make a race (reward maybe fg we all put in 5 or 10) just something fun. we could do any level (90-95 I think is a good level) or first person to get Baal Quest (Hell). if people are playing with other OD members we can always split prizes or split the bragging rights. Let me know. P.S. Don't forget to buy some energy drinks :P Lvl Race, First to X Pot so far- HCL Lvl 90 - 125fg HCL Lvl 95 - 125fg