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  1. Happy birthday Colin eh!

  2. Membership(OD)

    Allow myself to introduce...myself...

    Welcome @Lyconi(OD)
  3. Membership(OD)

    New guy alert lol

    Welcome to the clan @Recklad(OD)
  4. Membership(OD)

    New to the clan

    Welcome to the clan
  5. Membership(OD)

    OD Shirt came in!

    nice shirt!
  6. Membership(OD)

    CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    I get an error when i click link... my happiness is ruined now...
  7. Membership(OD)

    Gamer Tag Restrictions

    Lets Keep this simple subject to a reasonable answer, Some people might not like and some people do not care. Lets keep a happy community at all times, Members should display a online name that suits them best. All for OD. OD for All!
  8. Membership(OD)

    The new guy

  9. Membership(OD)

    Bring 30+ PnB Lifers

    Bring them all to me!!!
  10. Membership(OD)

    March Nominations!

    nice. I put my vote in!
  11. Membership(OD)

    bring infinity

    looking for infinity!
  12. Membership(OD)

    Hey everyone!

    Hey Welcome to OD.
  13. Heading to the Big fish tank tomorrow with the family. going to be fun!

  14. crazy Baal runs tonight....

  15. PvP Tourney came 2nd place. won 100fg

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Good job manĀ