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  1. Sigon Kick Sin Tournament 02/23/2018

    sign me up bud
  2. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @Rich(OD) Membership winnter 5-1 GD rich
  3. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @Disco challenged

    Membership(OD) // Neverforgetyou@jsp sign me up
  5. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    5-0 DBZ(OD) Good duels man!
  6. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Pulling a triple double shift on the amb... cant really help it... but because of that OUR CHALLENGE IS STILL OPEN!! if not... @DBZ(OD) , I challenge you.
  7. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Snickers Won! Good duels.
  8. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @vanity(OD) I challenge you. Time ends: 1:24est time 8th Jan
  9. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Membership(OD) OD-ReKtD PnB Necro
  10. Hey everyone!

    Hey Welcome to OD.
  11. Heading to the Big fish tank tomorrow with the family. going to be fun!

  12. crazy Baal runs tonight....

  13. King of the Den Ironman

    These guys have been added...
  14. PvP Tourney came 2nd place. won 100fg

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Good job manĀ 

  15. King of the Den Ironman

    Welcome to King of the Den Memberships Ironman The Rules to Ironman will be the same as always. See Posted Rules In Ironman Rules Description: We will join as Hardcore characters, Level to 9 Gear will be used from game only, dueling will take place inside den ONLY. Leaving Den = Disqualification This shall be a Free for all. Time/Date: Friday, January 26th 20:00 HRS EST TIME (8 o'Clock) 1st Place = Fg 2nd Place = Fg *5fg to all participates* Please Post your name and JSP to sign up blow! Membership(OD) - Neverforgetyou DBZ(OD) - TheGoku Disco (OD) - Venue Atrayas(OD) - Neebuak Kyynu(OD) - Kyynu Alarics(OD) - Alarics@jsp WINNERS: 1st: Membership(OD) 2nd: Bless(OD) Thank you to everyone that participated!!!!!!!