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  1. Membership(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    windy / druid
  2. Membership(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    3-2 vs @MooMoo(OD) Played Defensive... good win, good duels.
  3. Membership(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    "LLD" still wants to be a squad. no reason yet to get teamspeak for this.
  4. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    i heard @snicker66(OD) dodge this weekend busy... so... fack!
  5. Membership(OD)

    New Diablo II member - Dreg

  6. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    challenge @Fleet(OD)
  7. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    I challenge @Mr_kon(od) I'll be on at 830-9 east time.
  8. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    Two Duels: 3-1 Member vs Wave(OD) Won 3-0 snick vs Membership(OD) Won So thats 1-1 added to my score... so 3-1
  9. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    I challenge @snicker66(OD)
  10. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    3-1 win for Wave. Gd bud
  11. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    yo @Fleet(OD) i'll be on tomorow night around 830pm est,...
  12. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    challenge @Fleet(OD)
  13. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    I reguest to have my loss... taken off...as I was legit busy having a baby. so was unresponsive for a few days. I think that is far... and wave(OD) and I should settle it... otherwise I choose u @Krusty(OD)
  14. Congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter Colin from all of us in D2 🙂 

  15. Membership(OD)

    The Ladder

    Add me to tourney... OD-uHOhh druid windy