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  1. Goonstyle(OD)

    Big Thanks!

    Greetings Jeffy, we are always excited to have new members! I'm glad you are happy with your decision to join us and I hope to see you in-game D2 or on TS. Cheers
  2. Goonstyle(OD)

    hi im casboa(aka chris)

    Welcome to OD, Chris
  3. Goonstyle(OD)

    Yo new to OD

    Welcome to the clan Aaron, I look forward to seeing you for ladder reset! If you need help on Ladder/NL, don't be shy to send me message [ Goonstyle(OD) ].. Cheers!
  4. Goonstyle(OD)

    Hello Hello

    Greetings Tanner, I hope you are enjoying the experience here at Clan OD. If you need assistance or clearification on something, I will do the best to my ability or send you in the direction of someone that can. Hope to see you around! ^_^
  5. Goonstyle(OD)

    New Guy

    Greetings fam, I'm a new clan mate looking to make a home here. I'm currently playing D2 and preparing for the ladder reset! Thank you for having me, and I look forward to meeting you all in due time. Cheers!