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  1. DarkZar

    Broken sata ports

    My oldest boy turned 4
  2. DarkZar

    Broken sata ports

    So i found one for $13 on amazon, kids bday was today so excess went to that unfortunately
  3. DarkZar

    Broken sata ports

    So my motherboard sata ports are shot, will have to purchase a pci-e sata port extension. This said i wont be back until i can get this going, money is tight with 4 kids....
  4. DarkZar

    New Raid time Tuesday?

    I know I'm not a Raid Leader but due to Moons unfortunate mishap with his pc I would like to propose that we move Tuesday raid time from 7pm to 8pm until he can come back. I know i can benefit greatly from this hour increase of a start time, let me know your opinion? hope to see what others have to say for this!!!