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    Hard shit..anything from Ozzy to Slipknot to Five Finger Death Punch or Rob Zombie..If its got a good hard hitting beat that makes me wanna either work hard/fast or bust someones head I will probably like it...Rap/techno/hiphop is for blacks/fags/children i dont listen to any of them...(no offense)
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    Don't read unless Im stuck being still (basically when I wreck something bad enough I cant leave my chair for a while and d2 makes me cross eyed) has happend more than youd think X_X
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    Walking Dead/Game of Thrones/Vikings/Grimm/Originals/etc anything violent with hot chicks...I also like the Big Bang Theory from time to time (them dorks make me laugh and Penny gives me a hardon)

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  1. JBuff420(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    Depending on whether its the male or female Im targeting A-Apply lipstick to the collar of a shirt and place it in the top of the clothes hamper with some perfume for the woman to find B-place a +pregnancy test in the top of the trash for the man to find
  2.                    WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!!!!                       

    If ya need anything just ask bro!

    (I myself tend to check the other site more often but best way is ingame msg)

    Now go make me proud!!!




    1. JBuff420(OD)


      Those quotes on end were an accident btw just ignore those...Thats what happens when I get stoned and try to play with the editor shit O_O


    1. Sassy


      H a Ha Ha 

      Thanks buff