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  1. Rooster greets girl off bus

    But it seems like the forums are starting to really pop. This was super cute @crankkt(OD). Haha I had a cat that was funny like that. He knew when I would get home, and he would come weasel his way back to me to say hi.
  2. a Bad Case of altitis

    Hi Dave, Welcome to the room. The first step is admitting you have a problem. We so often times forget how to self-diagnose problems that stir our very core. I applaud the strength you have to realize this about yourself. I just want you to know that you are in a safe place. I myself have an alt problem. Or should I say did at one time. The key is to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Though I have many alts, I work hard to keep all of them at the highest level possible, continually molding them into what I ultimately see as the final goal. I have felt the pain you have endured my friend. I just want to remind you that this is a safe zone for everyone, and you too can find help. Just like I did. Just like I am currently doing. We greet you, SupremeJester
  3. SnipeDragon & Disco thank you!

    Oh you never ruffle my feathers. I only hold on to them so you can lay your head down comfortably on my big budha belly. I gotchu old man.
  4. SnipeDragon & Disco thank you!

    You're right, but some people aren't as ancient as you and don't have all the knowledge of the forums. Thanks Snipe and Disco, you both are great! I appreciate the work you do. :)
  5. Changes are coming!

    Hell yeah brother. I'll create any waiver that you want. It'll be a good time!
  6. Changes are coming!

    That doesn't lead to good podcasting man. I mean really it will be the both of us sitting down with a bottle of vanilla crown goin to town talking about how much of a bad ass you are.
  7. Changes are coming!

    I'm still on board for the interviews! I just need to get a steady source of internet first. :) I'm excited for this!! I think a weekly podcast would be cool. @Hikato would be my first guest of choice.
  8. Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    Those are awesome! As soon as I get actual factual net at my house I will be pushing this interview forward. :) That wasn't a question directed at me so I'll answer it. Jesus was singing before melodies were created. So he and Fergie would have fit well with each other.
  9. Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    So do you have any questions for me? ;) @MelodicRose(OD) I haven't talked to you in tooooo long!!!! D:
  10. Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    This will be happening soon! Another week or so and it will be under way!
  11. March 2018 Award Winners Part 3 of 3

    If that is what was done in the past, I will go back through and look at the nominations and go from there. That way ties will be decided by nominations.
  12. Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    Soon I'll be able to join in on this, but I would suggest what I call Skittles Water. Dragon Berry Rum, sprite, and Ginger ale. You can throw in a strawberry vodka or even lime juice if you really want to twist things up. MAKE SURE THIS IS SERVED COLD!
  13. March 2018 Award Winners Part 3 of 3

    Congrats to all the winners! Thank you @Purplez(OD) for all your hard work on the awards! It's much appreciated!! :)
  14. End of Ceremony Tie Up

    Hey everyone, there will be a slight wait on the end of the ceremonies. I am currently in the middle of moving to a new state to start a new job. Right now I don't have the time or patience. I hope that you all can have patience with me for the end of the ceremony wrap up! Thanks, SupremeJester(OD)
  15. Clan Awards

    Vote for your Clan Awards!
  16. Superlative Awards March 2018

    The nomination period is over Terra. ;) But thank you for clearing things up. :)
  17. Superlative Awards March 2018

    Make sure to vote for these great awards! Good luck, and happy voting!
  18. Superlative Awards March 2018

    I think the two generals not coming to me and asking me if there was something we could change it to, or making a separate post about it is what got me defensive. On top of the things that have happened over the last few days that you were unaware of. In my humble opinion this post should be more jovial about the awards presented, and those who are in the race. Less about striking poor worded categories from the record. We can talk about changes to the ceremonies in another place.
  19. Superlative Awards March 2018

    Everything was so big and bold I assumed there was much resentment and this was also topic of discussion on Team speak. I assumed it was more fingers being pointed at me. And there was just agreements of get it outta here and no suggestions for alternatives.
  20. Superlative Awards March 2018

    Nothing at all.
  21. Superlative Awards March 2018

    If we have people that want to take over the ceremonies by all means.... If we have people that want to have input on the ceremonies, then lets make it a squad so we can have a voting on the award. If you are going to take from "Most Ominous Member" as a serious issue that foreshadows something wrong deep within od, then take your divisions, set them down and explain to them that they need to read the rules, and quit fucking trolling me on their nominations. I spend a lot of time putting all of this information together and I'm happy to do that because OD provides me with a lot of amenities. BUT I don't appreciate the awards being blasted in public. If you have an issue then PM me, I would be happy to talk to you about what we can change and would be more than willing to alter our current list of awards. This has happened and I'm excited to get a list from those members about this ceremony. Believe it or not I did do a lot of screening, sadly I messed up in a number of places before I put out the final votes. Those people have PM'd me, I know about the issues. I am saddened that the nominations got mixed up for the areas that they did. Next voting season I will be more diligent. Next voting period we could have "Most Member that resembles the Shadow" in place of ominous, which is what I think it's meant to be. This voting is supposed to be for fun. Lets keep it that way. Rant over.
  22. March Nominations!

    Welcome to the first Nominations of 2018! We have some new milestones achieved over the past little bit, so this award ceremony should be a good one! For those newer members here is how things will work: Nominations -------> Voting -----> Results -------> Awards The first week is Nominations. You must send them in to ME either PM or on the website. Do NOT post these publicly, else Terra might smite you. But that's OK because Aerineth is super nice and he will un-smite you. You can not nominate yourself, and please do not nominate more than one person. Except for the top division players, if DaBomb is numero uno in Overwatch, D2, and Star Wars the Old Republic then by all means nominate that man up to the front! Lastly you don't have to nominate someone for every position. But if you feel someone should be up for a certain award, then by all means, hit me up with that persons nomination!! (Sorry you can not create new awards, else Hikato would win for "Most Cute." BUT I will be taking suggestions for awards on the next ceremony!) Nominations will go from today the 6th, through next Tuesday the 13th. GET IN YOUR NOMINATIONS BEFORE MARCH 13TH! I will make the voting posts next Tuesday night. So please share with your friends, share with your enemies, even share with your frenemies. Clan Awards The Overdosed Award Best General Best Officer Best Member (Enlisted - MW05) Division With Most Recent Growth Best Recruiter Most Promising New Division Community Awards Most Sociable on Teamspeak The Jeeves Award (Always there when you need them.) Most Effective Problem-Solver Best Avatar on Forum or Teamspeak Big Brother Award (Always reminding us when we forget things.) Gaming Awards Participates in Most Divisions Top Division Players (Can nominate one person per Division) Best Team Player Most Improved Gamer Most Helpful Gamer Superlative Awards Puppy Dog Award (Always happy no matter what happens) Most Idle Member Quietest Member The Perfect Angel Award (Always complimenting others) Most Ominous Member Post here for questions, or things close to topic about the ceremony. But DO NOT POST YOUR NOMINATIONS HERE!
  23. Hello! (I'm New hehe) :D

    You can't trust Purplez, @Kyra(OD) They are purple. Welcome to OD! :D You will meet a lot of new friends, we have a TON of gamers here. Enjoy!!
  24. Reading old forum posts.

    I have a screen shot I'll send to you. Looking at it, the post was from LJ (Lethal Injection). Of course you knew that, but others didn't.
  25. Clan Awards

    I mean take those two squads out, and you have a congrats HotS! Which is what I can still do. I’m all powerful!!! MuaHahahaha Hahahaha