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  1. Odd Question - Piercings!

    Tattoo! Let me design it!!!
  2. Member Winter Award Results!

    Such a great job! Thanks for your hard work on these! Grats to everyone who won an award this go around!!
  3. USA Rugby 7's 2018

    Yes that is all true. I was starting prop for Idaho State University. It was a club, but we went to the national tournament and got into the top 8 teams in the nation for our division. I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished on the field. I have tackled men that tower over me. I've even made some of them fear me on the field. I've also been hit so hard that I just didn't get back up. After all is said and done I wouldn't give up that part of my life for anything. I learned how to be a man while on that team. I've walked a mile in her shoes, to help end domestic abuse. I've helped raise money to fill pantries, gathered turkeys, and collected cans for families. Held coat drives for unprivileged children. I learned how to interact with others, and how to treat others like I wanted to be treated. The rugby life was fruitful for others as well as myself. Rugby isn't just a game.
  4. USA Rugby 7's 2018

    So these are coming up the first weekend in March. Does anyone else follow rugby? I'll be going this year and I can't begin to express how excited I am! My boys from South Africa took it last year. I'm excited for a repeat!! Here is a link to check it out.
  5. Passing the Torch

    Good luck in your future endeavors. Congrats on the engagement, and congrats on the career. Keep up the hard work. With what you have done so far, I'm sure that you will be growing throughout your life to do great things. Check in with us eventually to let us know how you are doing. You will be missed. Cheers mate, SupremeJester(OD)
  6. Dumbell press anyone?

    TL;DR Had a great day at the gym, even though I cut it short. Feel great today. I'll stay away then. However I feel like a perv because I feel like I stare at people. I have always been that way. Even if it's just walking by a door of a volley ball practice, or something brief like that. I hated walking around our gym complex at college when there was some type of practice going on, that's just a weird quirk. Also I need to confirm with the gym rules about taking off shoes? Not in the weights area, but they have a downstairs that is almost like a dance studio. I would like to do some acting exercises that require me to be shoe-less. But I don't want to get in trouble so I will ask. What do you have for forearms? I did curls, incline bench, and some standing pull downs on a machine. I'm sure I doubled up on the same muscles, but I left feeling good, and feeling even better today when I woke up. It was hard to reach my first mile on the eliptical yesterday and I wanted to quit. The last mile on the treadmill was cut down to half a mile, I just don't want to overdo things, and I had a pretty steep incline. Sorry for the double post but I missed Opal's response. I'll keep that in mind. I don't think that I have the courage to do something like that. Just because I feel like a creeper if I look at a girl in yoga pants anyways, and I don't want to be that creeper. (My biggest insecurities are lumped into this thread.)
  7. Clan OD Member Locations

    You're from Vegas? I'll be there in March!
  8. Member Winter Award Results!

    Thank you, this time around was a little questionable with all the holidays going on. Next go around is going to be a little better prepared. :) I'm excited for the next awards coming up in March! MelodicRose will finally lose her perch as the most quiet. :D
  9. Dumbell press anyone?

    I had to have been one of those guys at the gym last night that everyone knows they have no idea what they are doing. I got on an incline bench that was isolate and started doing rows. It was pretty uncomfortable, and I felt hella funny doing it. I did a set then turned to some guys I hadn't seen in 15 years, both looked like they had been going since they were 12, and asked them if there was a better way to do that lift. They talked to me about a few options. Told me I did look pretty funny. But also told me that I was working stabilizer muscles with the way I was doing it, trying to make me feel better. I have been doing a lot of leg lifts on the machine that you can hold yourself up and do dips on it as well. But I can't do them very well. Doing them well isn't the point, just trying to do them is what I'm shooting for. I'm also a very social person, and I try not to talk to everyone...but it happens sometimes, a comment here or there . I know that a lot of people don't like it. What's the rule on talking to other people? And what's the rule on trying to get a date? Big no no?
  10. Dumbell press anyone?

    So Wednesday night was the best performance in basketball that I have had in a long time. Thursday I had a date, and didn't work out, Friday I ended up in the hospital. Yesterday I was out of town. But I'll be back in the gym today when I get home from work. My biggest concern is just slimming down the stomach. I'm not fat. At 6'2" I way 265 lb, but I would like to lose my stomach roll, or at least trim it down. I'll start doing a little more of a speed walk on an incline. We shall see how this week continues. I'm excited for the prospect of what this is doing for me. It's part of a lot of life changes that is going on for me. Also I'm looking for more lower back things, because I know that I have poor core muscles. I would not like to throw out my back, because all I do is abs. This is awesome thanks!! I did not know that about legs. That's great info. :) Thanks.
  11. Shout out to BadJon(OD)

    Score one for team play! Members that play together, stay together.
  12. Member Winter Award Results!

    Here are the winners from your votes! Congrats to all the winners! We had a lot of people win three awards this time around. Clan Awards The Overdosed Award - Sassy(OD) Best General - PoPs(OD) Best Officer - DBZ(OD) Best Member (Enlisted - MWO5) - ProNoob(OD), DarkHelmet(OD) Division with most Recent Growth - Diablo 2 Best Recruiter - Sassy(OD) Most Promising New Division - Final Fantasy XIV Community Awards Most Sociable on Teamspeak - Triny(OD) The Jeeves Award (Always there when you need them) - Aerineth(OD) Most Effective Problem-Solver - Terra(OD) Best Avatar on Forum or Teamspeak - PoPs(OD) Big Brother Award (Always reminding us when we forget things) - Aerineth(OD) Gaming Awards Participates in Most Divisions - DaBomb(OD) Top Division Players (Can nominate one person per Division) World of Warcraft - Triny(OD) Overwatch - Ghost(OD) Diablo 2 - DBZ(OD) League of Legends - SpikeSpiegel(OD) Star Wars - CompFreak(OD) Diablo 3 - Hari(OD) Destiny 2 - Xayj(OD) Final Fantasy XIV - MelodicRose(OD) Best Team Player - MelodicRose(OD) Most Improved Gamer - Altros(OD) Most Helpful Gamer - PoPs(OD) Superlative Awards Puppy Dog Award (Always happy no matter what happens) - PJPotter(OD) Most Idle Member - Aerineth(OD) Quietest Member - MelodicRose(OD) The Perfect Angel Award (Always complimenting others) - Triny(OD) Most Ominous Member - R.agnarok(OD) Top 3 Award Winners 1. PoPs(OD) (3 Awards) 2. Triny(OD) (3 Awards) 3. Aerineth(OD) (3 Awards) 4. Melodic Rose(OD) (3 Awards)
  13. The next interview is with (drum roll....) Triny(OD)!

    What's you favorite band? When did you start getting interested in your own music? Have you ever found someone who plays an instrument appealing BECAUSE he played an instrument well? Have you ever had chicken over rise, with no sauce?
  14. Member behind the mic #7 with Terra(OD)

    I had made a post here, but then all of a sudden there was more posts that I hadn't seen. Sad day. It's ok. I'll referee another thread, another day.
  15. What was your fastest Baron last year?

    21:54. It was a bogus game though. They wanted to keep fighting.