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  1. SupremeJester

    What if

    I would be the fly on the wall. Listen to they why, how, and what storied behind what goes on.
  2. SupremeJester

    a Bad Case of altitis

    *sly grin* I did. Yes I did. Now come on in and sit down. What ails you friend?
  3. SupremeJester

    Is this division dead until BFA release?

    @horoxix(OD) I don't know you, but I'm glad you are willing to step up and take care of things. Maybe one day I will get my account back online. This thread makes me sick to my stomach. The grammar... The child like comments. @Hikato Today is gonna be the day, man...Well this weekend... I'm with you on this thread though.
  4. SupremeJester

    Rooster greets girl off bus

    But it seems like the forums are starting to really pop. This was super cute @crankkt(OD). Haha I had a cat that was funny like that. He knew when I would get home, and he would come weasel his way back to me to say hi.
  5. SupremeJester

    a Bad Case of altitis

    Hi Dave, Welcome to the room. The first step is admitting you have a problem. We so often times forget how to self-diagnose problems that stir our very core. I applaud the strength you have to realize this about yourself. I just want you to know that you are in a safe place. I myself have an alt problem. Or should I say did at one time. The key is to focus on the positive instead of the negative. Though I have many alts, I work hard to keep all of them at the highest level possible, continually molding them into what I ultimately see as the final goal. I have felt the pain you have endured my friend. I just want to remind you that this is a safe zone for everyone, and you too can find help. Just like I did. Just like I am currently doing. We greet you, SupremeJester
  6. SupremeJester

    SnipeDragon & Disco thank you!

    Oh you never ruffle my feathers. I only hold on to them so you can lay your head down comfortably on my big budha belly. I gotchu old man.
  7. SupremeJester

    SnipeDragon & Disco thank you!

    You're right, but some people aren't as ancient as you and don't have all the knowledge of the forums. Thanks Snipe and Disco, you both are great! I appreciate the work you do. :)
  8. SupremeJester

    Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    Those are awesome! As soon as I get actual factual net at my house I will be pushing this interview forward. :) That wasn't a question directed at me so I'll answer it. Jesus was singing before melodies were created. So he and Fergie would have fit well with each other.
  9. SupremeJester

    Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    So do you have any questions for me? ;) @MelodicRose(OD) I haven't talked to you in tooooo long!!!! D:
  10. SupremeJester

    Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    This will be happening soon! Another week or so and it will be under way!
  11. SupremeJester

    March 2018 Award Winners Part 3 of 3

    If that is what was done in the past, I will go back through and look at the nominations and go from there. That way ties will be decided by nominations.
  12. SupremeJester

    Drunken Rocket League - What should I drink?

    Soon I'll be able to join in on this, but I would suggest what I call Skittles Water. Dragon Berry Rum, sprite, and Ginger ale. You can throw in a strawberry vodka or even lime juice if you really want to twist things up. MAKE SURE THIS IS SERVED COLD!