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  1. Pacino(OD)


    Yea was hell solo, alot of times id be up a lot but its hard trying to ace every round. Got lucky i guess i got out and now i need to distance my self and get higher. Cant wait for level 21 and able to get prime thats next too
  2. Pacino(OD)


    Hit gold nova 1 after about a month at SEM. Just wanted to brag here i kno its not global elite but not bad for picking up csgo again about 3 months ago and playing ranked for the last month . Looking forward to pushing as far as i can go
  3. Pacino(OD)

    ODCS:GO Competitive Team

    Id love to tryout but i just got back and am only an SeM. If you guys ever need bodies to help with practicing stuff against or on im down. Looking forward to odcs getting its name out there good luck all.
  4. Pacino(OD)

    Post your CSGO pwn

  5. Pacino(OD)

    Playerunkown's Battleground

    I watch lirik, shorty and summit stream it quite often, i just purchased it but have issues with lag when i play but ill hit u up sometime .
  6. Pacino(OD)

    History and Heroes Information Acquisition

    I was an old school member as well. Made it to 3 star as Lordsin(OD) and ran odcs with thigus for some time, as well as did the wow division with mano and thewalker. So i can answer any questions u have from the 2005 to 2008 range. Thats the years i was a general i believe
  7. Pacino(OD)

    1v1 CS:GO Ladder

    I am down, No where near my glory days but fun is fun