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  1. We can grp mate. I was more so just walking through (helping new players kinda thing). But if we get 6 or so ppl we can pair off and have a race also. Make it a bit of fun
  2. If we get 6 or more ppl we can make this a competition also!
  3. its a pun on campaign mode. as most new players need to complete that first!
  4. They have updated the patch for 2.6.5 https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/22933131/patch-265-ptr-preview-3-29-2019 Few decent changes an possibly the return of the BONE STORM NECRO 😮
  5. Shoukd be the same for gr keys also?
  6. Yes. I will edit the post when im on my laptop and state this specifically
  7. BLACKTHORNE'S HIGHEST GR PUSH The crown jewel of Diablo 3 (besides Ess of Johan), everyone is using meta sets to push so i thought why not take it back to old school when Blackthornes was everyone's Sunday best. Its simple but a few rules to try keep it fair for everyone. Rules: 1) No primal gear at all 2) you can only augment any ancient with lvl 50 gems! 3) you can pair blackthorne set with other sets, this is not a blackthornes only event 4) only allowed to use 800 paragon 5) this is a solo push event (group clears will not count) 6) followers are allowed, BUT, UNITY IS NOT!! 7) must have full set bonuses from Blackthornes, not just one piece! I know some of the rules will restrict the push levels but, rules is rules! To be apart of this event all you need to do is strap on ya best dressed Blackthornes and PUSH! Post a screenshot of you completing the GR with your mouse showing you have blackthornes set equipped to be in the running! An example has been provided in this post for you. Prize will be 500FG and bragging rights for the season! Hope yall enjoy this and looking forward to seeing how far people push! Have fun yall and push hard!
  8. i just got home from 3 weeks work and now have 3-4 weeks off so i will be on alot if you wanna run groups let me know
  9. D3 main game now cindy I'm home In 3 days so I'll be playing a ton before season end. Add me Prozacck#1176. D3 main game now Cindy
  10. Well of your the only one the registers you could be in for 1st place mate!
  11. Shon add my btag I get on OW a bit
  12. Please do not abuse this and update every time you level. Update about 150-200 paragon higher then original post or update. Keep it fun.
  13. Come D3. We could really use Ray the gay
  14. That's with the PTR 200% increase drops.
  15. Play Capt America crusader. Its just got some great item buffs and its fun to watch the sheilds bounce around packs of enemies. All characters (not so much necro) haedrig gifts are all elite sets this season. I will be playing either barb or dh. Being a new change with torment increases I will be wanting to familiarize myself with them on a character that I know. Playing barbs never gets old for me I enjoy it every time I log on.
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