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  1. Due to bad connection i have some problems with game. It's so laggy, and i have no fun. I really don't know how long will be period of my absence. The main reason (I think) is a location where i'm living. Since I moved to country site - population 700 ppl - (some kind of a summer resort), I noticed that connection depends from tourists. Unfortunately my village has no fiber optics - so badwich is really bad. For example - when i want to log in to my FB account i need to wait 2 - 3 min. D3 is simply unplayable for me (500/700 ms is normal for me now - month ago it was no more than 150 ms). Of course i'll be trying to play, but if You will not notice that i'm online - You know reason... Greetings Sławomir Dagga (dagus)
  2. Dagus(OD) Dagus#2343 Paragon-1083 D2jsp - sdagus Recently don't play much - got some family stuff - sorry, but it's more important ... I'll show myself on game anyway. (Seasonal or PTR). Greetings from Poland 🙂
  3. Invitation doesn't work - You're in "other Clan".
  4. You need to leave previous Clan (i.e. (OD) ). Otherwise we can't approve Your notification to ODG.
  5. I agree. But... It wasn't just "being funny". They left the game that i joying... It's made me sad lol.. Don't worry. i'm 48. I won't kill myself. Still - it's sad.
  6. It's hard for me, but i need to complain ;( Someone said "You rude". Of course about to Join a game. As we all know, when game is ready to to start - we have some proposition to join. So I took it. I'm asking... What i did wrong? I said: "can I help"... no answer... 2 minutes later: "You rude" because You're join' MY GAME.... Really?
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