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  1. Dagus(OD)

    New D3 Game Guild ODG

    Invitation doesn't work - You're in "other Clan".
  2. Dagus(OD)

    New D3 Game Guild ODG

    request sent.
  3. Dagus(OD)

    New D3 Game Guild ODG

    You need to leave previous Clan (i.e. (OD) ). Otherwise we can't approve Your notification to ODG.
  4. Dagus(OD)

    Asking for lave?

    I agree. But... It wasn't just "being funny". They left the game that i joying... It's made me sad lol.. Don't worry. i'm 48. I won't kill myself. Still - it's sad.
  5. Dagus(OD)

    Asking for lave?

    It's hard for me, but i need to complain ;( Someone said "You rude". Of course about to Join a game. As we all know, when game is ready to to start - we have some proposition to join. So I took it. I'm asking... What i did wrong? I said: "can I help"... no answer... 2 minutes later: "You rude" because You're join' MY GAME.... Really?