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  1. Jeffrey Wachter

    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    My personal opinion is... Why not use both. When becoming a member of OD it was understood that you needed ts. I know we also have a Discord address. Though I find Discord clearer to chat on, you do have less control over it, whereas ts you have the control but at times (a lot of times) you have to restart it because it starts cutting out or you get the "robot" voice. Personal experience has shown me that most people, when "pugging" people in for raids, have Discord and it's easier for them to set up, while it's an inconvenience for them to have to download ts, install, and set it up just so we can instruct them while we raid. Save ts for guild business and use Discord when necessary. There's no reason not to be able to use both. Whichever is more convenient to the situation at hand. If the powers that be in the clan need a meeting or just need to talk to someone they'd be able to find them on either, then tell them which one to be on while they talk to you or meet. jmo
  2. Jeffrey Wachter

    New Raid time Tuesday?

    I agree with what Trinny said. Even when Moon comes back since we're clearing so fast there probably isn't any reason why we shouldn't be able to start at 8pm. I expect him back soon though.