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  1. Oh gawd I accidentally swiped right on a friend...

  2. Well, here goes!

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      id fire them all if they worked for me I tell you

    2. Ray(OD)


      Oh absolutely 

  3. @MelodicRose(OD) has been selected as the next interviewee for Member Behind the Mic! If you have any questions that you'd like to me ask her on your behalf, please leave them here via reply. I look forward to it!
  4. Ray(OD)

    On game

    I'm down for some scbw if you are
  5. That does look pretty cool. It almost resembles some form of natural fireworks.
  6. Welcome to Clan Overdosed, Josh! Let me know if you require assistance.
  7. Just to clear things up- It's pronounced data, not "data".
  8. Thanks Comp! The meeting might not be very long so don'tcha worry about it.
  9. A recording will be provided post-meeting. If you cannot attend, then I can bring it up on your behalf 😉
  10. D2 D3 PoE GTA V Super Mario Bros Crossover Warcaft III RoC and TfT SC BW WoW MoP Halo 2 & Halo 3 Mechassault II Lone Wolf Minesweeper Need for Speed Underground Need for Speed Carbon Mortal Kombat (2011) God of War I & II DMC 3 Solitaire Spider Solitaire Checkers Exploding Kittens Cards Against Humanity What Do You Meme? Street Fighter V Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Fire Red Pokemon Ruby Tetris Ninja Gaiden Black Super Smash Bros N64 Conker Live and Reloaded MVC3 Monopoly Crazy Eights Go Fish The Lebanese Equivalent of Spades (400) 52 Card Pick Up Hide and Seek Catch The Silent Game 7UP Improv Games Non-Alcoholic Beer Pong Charades Tinder Trivia Crack Roblox Crypt Raider Farmville Basket Ball Soccer Volley Ball Badminton Soccer Baseball Dodgeball Naruto Ninja Storm 4? Soul Calibur II Hot Potato Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare Trivial Pursuit Thumb War Arm Wrestling Feet Fight And more
  11. There's an F.A.Q. under About Us! on overdosed.net.
  12. Added to the list. No problem; I like doing these kinds of things for the community.
  13. Salutations! I will be hosting another community meeting on Sunday, May 5th @ 8PM EST/7PM CST via Teamspeak. These community meetings are to: - Address community concerns, opinions, questions, and suggestions. - Establish relationships between clan members - Encourage community participation on Teamspeak 3 and the forums - Give lower ranking members an opportunity to participate in current discussions - Promote clan events We want these meetings to reflect OD, therefore we would appreciate having representatives from different divisions, squads, and the Community. For proper organization and direction, we ask that you reply to this thread with any topics you'd like to be discussed. Topics of discussion will include, but are not limited to: - Social Media - PoE's Private League Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68528-poe-private-league-extravaganza-419-428/?tab=comments#comment-841262 - D3's Season 16 Paragon Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68534-season-16-paragon-event/?tab=comments#comment-841093 - D3's Member of the Month Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68562-d3-member-of-month/ - D3's Blackthorne Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68565-blackthorne-event/ - Prozacck's D3 Walkthrough Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68582-prozacckod”s-walk-through/ - Hari's Streaming Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68557-prize-for-game-streamers/?tab=comments#comment-841580 - Hari's D3 Steaming Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68571-d3-streaming-event/ - D2's Video Game Coupon Event: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68506-video-game-coupon-redemption/ - SC2's Revival: http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68382-starcraft-nerds-pay-heed/?tab=comments#comment-83952 - 7 Days to Die - D2 Ladder Reset - OD Community - Console Usage & Training If you are planning on an upcoming event or starting a topic that you would like to gain public insight on, you are welcome to send me a message on the site or forums. To download Teamspeak, follow this link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/
  14. Happy birthday Scottie! This bong hit's to you!

  15. Happy birthday bro!

  16. Unfortunate to see such a historically rich piece of architecture to suffer this...À plus tard, Note-Dame de Paris.
  17. Damn y'all way ahead of me
  18. Things that make me question my own sanity includes wearing earphones despite not listening to anything
  19. Oh Ok well... For non ladder there isn't really any good nl options for merc polearms...Perhaps something with IAS and Crushing Blow or lots of ED?
  20. Spirit alt - Rhyme Shield Infinity - Insight Insight - No replacements necessary for it is cheap to make Fort - Treachery or Stone
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