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    Diablo II Memes

  2. Ray(OD)

    Diablo II forum not as active as it should be

    JSP is why.
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    Type And Ray VS Stereotypes

    According to her profiles, Terra is indeed Canadian. Terra, Scottie, and I are all from good ole Canada eh
  4. Ray(OD)

    Was amazing being here with yall

    You were an awesome team player, friend, and recruit. GL buddy
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    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Guess I'll sign up. Ray(OD) OD-Ray Hammerdin
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    D2 patch error

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    Type And Ray VS Stereotypes

    Yeah sometimes we can get snow in late fall or even early spring. Right now it's pretty goddamn hot.
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    Latency Issues

    lmao XD
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    Latency Issues

    Quit downloading porn :P Could just be an issue with your internet in general. If not, I'd hit up Blizz Support/Forums.
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    Mr_kons First event!

    I tilt every photo/painting in their house and apply superglue so it can't be fixed.
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    Concern over Sassy(OD)

    She chillin in Portugal I'm so jelly
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    Whats with the diablo community these days

    In this case you'd inform an officer or higher about the identity of the member, what they said/did, and also (preferably) provide screenshots.
  13. Skills: 20 Cold Mastery 20 Teleport 20 Battle Orders 20 Fanaticism Gear: Armor - Tyrael's Might Unique Sacred Armor. Guys, let's be honest here, that cannot be frozen makes it really good. It's a better cannot be frozen than a raven frost and cham'ing armor. Helm - Upp'd Undead Crown Socketed with a Ber rune - Life steal and damage reduction is KEY on a java! Weapon - Crushflange unique mace - crushing blow and FIRE RESISTS for S-A-F-E-T-Y Shield - Hamesous Adament (I don't think I spelled that correctly) - INDESTRUCTIBLE SHIELD = ULTIMATE DEFENSE Amulet - Nokozan Relic - FHR and fire resists! Gloves - Steelrend - Crushing blow and strength to equip gear Ring 1 - Manald Heal - Mana steal Ring 2 - Dwarf Star - Gold find! Boots - Gorefoot for +2 leap Inventory: Druid Torch 13-11 Anni 12-12-5 37 x PLAIN faster run walk charms Weapon and Shield swap: Lo'd The General's Tan do li ga and jah'd spirit ward Merc: Act 3 Lightning Helm - Andy's for strength Weapon - HOTO for resistances Armor - stealth - fcr Shield - hoz - +2 paladin skills by level 62 you should be doing 49k poison damage
  14. http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2018/08/18/behind-the-mic-interview-10-with-purplezod/ Thanks @Purplez(OD) for doing and those who left questions!
  15. Ray(OD)

    New recruit!

  16. @Purplez(OD) will be our guest for Member Behind The Mic #10! Please reply to this thread with any questions you'd like me to ask in the interview.
  17. Ray(OD)

    Our next interviewee will be... Purplez(OD)!

    Questions will be accepted until tomorrow @ 5 AM EST
  18. Ray(OD)

    Light Sorc... Vit Vs Energy

    The thing is that ES IMO is better suited for PvP. Even then, it's not all that good since poison and curses can completely bypass it. If you think about it, using ES can be your Sorc's downfall since you need mana to attack. If you get hit, you lose mana. If you get hit hard enough, bye bye ES and in worst case scenarios-bye bye ES and your health bar at the same time. Mana burn is pretty bad for a Sorc but it's twice as worse with ES. That's my take on why it's better to go Vit than ES.
  19. Recently I've noticed an increased interest in the creation of classic rushers. Classic rushers (basically all sorcs) allow a character (excluding Druids and Assassins) to reach Hell difficulty faster by taking advantage of the fact that Act V doesn't need to be completed. I use a Frozen Orb/Fire Wall hybrid Sorceress. Here's how I did my skills: 20 Frozen Orb 1 Static Field (This spell is more effective in Classic than Expansion) A handful in Cold Mastery (You can max it if you want) 20 Teleport (Saves a LOT of mana) 20 Fire Wall (Deal with those pesky cold immunes) 20 Fire Mastery *If you want, you can put points into ice bolt to increase Frozen Orb damage but it's not that significant (Desired) Gear: Spectral Shard Unique Blade - 50 FCR (Crucial to reach the 63 FCR Breakpoint) and some resistances Full Irathas - Give you bonuses to all resistances and to all maximum resistances. (Includes gloves, belt, helm, and an amulet) 2x 10 FCR Rings - Required to reach the 63 FCR Breakpoint. Resistances on these rings is preferred. 30/10 Rare Boots - 30 Faster Run Walk (Not mandatory but nice) and 10% Faster Hit Recovery (super important in Classic) The Ward Unique Gothic Shield - Big chunk of resistances Twitchthroe Unique Studded Leather - Dexterity and Strength to help you equip items and nice chunk of FHR
  20. Happy birthday Dave!

  21. Ray(OD)

    How Ray dries his veggies out

    Wow that's one salad I'd toss!