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    Hello OD

    Hello Kellogg's Kraxe Cereal
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    Maybe D4? :o
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    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    Fair point. Either way I didn't think he was ready. In any situation, Aerineth, if I think someone's acting a certain a way that I think should be mentioned, I will call out on them. If I do recall correctly, OD's motto is respect is earned, not given. Ghostdog's earned my respect, but he may have lost it...
  4. Ray(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    I am one of the few who gave @GhostDog(OD) a negative vote. My vote worth was of -5. I gave a negative vote since I do not have the rank to remove promotions, which is what I personally would have done. I don't think Ghostdog has earned the MWO5 rank because I think he needs to get out of his comfort zone by stepping up, demonstrating leadership capabilities, and he also hasn't done anything that really stands out to me. The poor attitude he has exhibited due to the plethora of negative votes he received further reinforces my negative vote. On a more positive note, none can take away the fact that Ghostdog does do good for division members; he runs, rushes, recruits, helps with transfers, and keeps track of inventory on the D2 clan mule. Even then, other members hosts runs, rush, recruit, and help with transfers. Keeping track of inventory isn't that significant to me. When I read the OP, I was quite disappointed to learn that @Sassy and @PoPs(OD) have decided to apologize to Ghostdog; this, to me, was an example of inconsistent decision making. Though, I think it's possible that they felt pressured into having to revoke their negative votes which allowed Ghostdog to pass his promotion. In my opinion, their decision to revoke their votes has only empowered the ignorance of those who didn't understand the reasons behind the negative votes that were given. Such people probably didn't read what the votes said, and instead were upset at the big red numbers like a group of brainless bulls getting teased by matadors. And, as contrary to popular belief, there was no "let's all neg vote Ghostdog bandwagon. I don't want people to think they are not allowed to give negative votes, nor that they should quit voting altogether. Not everyone is going to agree with each other-it's the internet. I am not in OD to create nor encourage an environment full of rainbows and sunshine where you get a free cream-filled orange flavored Popsicle rammed up your arse. I mean honestly, I cannot tolerate people who start crying whenever they, or someone else they like receives constructive criticism simply because of the "oh-so scary" negative red number that's next to it. There have been a couple of instances in which I myself have been denied a promotion. I was a WO2 or WO3 and two people had put me up only to have those promos taken down by either Sassy or PoPs. You know what I did? Instead of becoming a crybaby and lashing out at anyone who said hi to me, I got my shit together, kept doing what I was doing and more. That proved to the division leaders that I'm Officer material. I hope that in the future, people can learn to analyze criticisms about themselves which will allow them to improve upon their performance as opposed to being offended. If I receive negatives that offer constructive criticism on my future promotions, then I'll gladly read them and do my best to adapt. Phew.
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    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    I will say this: the ones who are most deserving of an apology are those who've experienced verbal attacks as a result of the promotion.
  6. Ray(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    I actually voted before Sassy did. It was too late to reconsider since you already passed.
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    The Greatest Thread Ever

    A dog is a cat and cats are made with chocolate. Chocolate fortunately doesn't have fur nor does it purr. I once told @Sassy that olives aren't fruits, but rather encruntistitee aka Olivia Fungalis .
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    hello everyone

    Hi Scooter, and welcome to Clan Overdosed! Feel free to ask me any questions about the site, forums, and D2 related stuff.
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    Winners - October 2018 Awards

    Oh I thought my jokes annoyed people.
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    The Greatest Thread Ever

    A beer under the sofa is the equivalent of a voyeur camera that spies on foxes throwing socks into furnaces for 10 cents an hour
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    Happy to join

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    The Greatest Thread Ever

    @Sassy Always remember that a sweater made with chocolate coated utensils is the way to grab Joaquin Phoenix by the leather sofa.
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    my personal presentation

  14. Ray(OD)

    i really miss everyone

    miss u 2 baby boo
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    Mr_kons tournament !!

    @Gamergirl(OD) glad you like it ^_^
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    Hello Everyone

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    The Greatest Thread Ever

    Forgive me, master Sassy, for I have sinned by skipping rocks in an urinal.
  18. Ray(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    @Sassy A shark doodoodoodoodoodoodoo eats poo and accidentally burns his hand with coffee.
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    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    You've succeeded at failing if you were supposed to fail.
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    Mr_kons tournament !!

    The Betrayal "Man, this ladder's just full of bots..." @Donahey(OD) sounded agitated; the Diablo II player had just gotten his Paladin to level 99. He was rather proud of himself for his achievement, especially because he played legit. Donahey was one of the top runners of the season, and that helped him build a reputation within the ODD2 division. Meanwhile, @Purplez(OD), who was on the forums with the intent of spreading her love for the color purple, briefly congratulated Donahey for his success. "Congratulations, Donahey! That must've taken a really long time!" While this was going on, Ray(OD), the greatest @Sassy impersonator of all time, was scrolling down the Teamspeak channels when he noticed @Jiraiya(OD) hanging out with the Path of Exile division. Ray was confused, and so he went to ask Jiraiya why he was down there. "Well, the ladder's practically over, and I'm kinda already bored of D2." Ray agreed with his fellow officer, and ventured back up to the D2 channels. The next day, Ray had installed Path of Exile on his crappy Windows 7 Dell computer, and played it for about five minutes. He enjoyed the smooth controls, and will continue to play PoE every now and then. The morale of the story is to always socket your Tyreal's Might with either a Zod (makes the armor twice as indestructible) or a Cham rune (makes the wearer twice as unfreezable).
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    PK'er Watch List

    There's an hcl pala called "Watching" who pks in chant games.
  22. Ray(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    The concept of free will is a MAN MADE CONSTRUCT SO WE CAN ARROGANTLY ATTEMPT TO DEFINE ITS MEANING. Well if you wanna get all philosophical, you can say it is an illusion since we are to abide by laws or get thrown in prison or say we are free to do whatever; we just have to suffer the consequences of our actions.
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    Just joined OD

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    Haven't been in game.

    Work > Gaming Take it easy mate
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    Hey everyone!