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  1. Julie do you know any good Welsh recipes for a chocolate cake?

    1. Sassy


      Yes ray i do it’s calked 

      a LARGE ROPE:)

  2. If I like LoL enough and it doesn't destory my computer then I might revive it. 

    1. Townkill(OD)


      Come play DotA with me instead. Looks better, runs on less specz for better looks... You can deny your own teams units. And we have turn rates!


      Though if you insist I could and would okay some LoL with you.

  3. Ray(OD)

    Bloodthirsty ear Contest

    I'd love to participate, but I'm busy.
  4. I'd kind of like to have my own ice cream truck, but name half of the ice cream flavors "Justice" and the other half "Revenge".

  5. Ray(OD)


    no u!
  6. Ray(OD)

    The Disappearance of Melrak

    Hi there, Melrak. I don't believe we've met, but welcome back!
  7. Ray(OD)


    no u
  8. Ray(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    @Sassy no one lol just random discussion about enchant
  9. Ray(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    Leeeet's try to remain on topic guys :)
  10. Ray(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    Ray's perfect guide to classic rushing: 1. Never make an hdin. 2. Gonna have to tell the rushee to shut up about how small the stash is; we KNOW. 3. Give them a safe tp. 4. You will have to bare a lot of the rushee's simplistic mistakes. 5. "Up" is what will you have to say to get them to hurry. "1" also works. 6. Never use autotele/maphack. 7. Gonna have to use fire wall/ball/meteorb against pesky cold immunes. 8. Let the rushee complete the staff and speak to Drognan before entering the Arcane Sanctuary. 9. You should make a sorc for classic rushing. I should've mentioned this first. 10. Down is how Diablo's goin'
  11. Ray(OD)

    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    @Moist(OD) is rather cuddly, how comfy comfy @Donahey(OD) is a schoolgirl, one who's naughty naughty @Hax(OD) is my spouse, and will make me squeak like a mouse Also I'm gay