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  1. Offering Pala Torch for Sorc Torch

    I guess like 200 if that works. RayRayRay@JSP
  2. Offering Pala Torch for Sorc Torch

    Eh alright
  3. Offering Pala Torch for Sorc Torch

    16-12 Paladin Torch for a Sorc Torch
  4. Any value in this?

    Thanks guys. But when did I write that wall of text? It looks like something I wrote several weeks ago...
  5. Any value in this?

    I've been playing this game for about 13 years. D2JSP was already around and it felt like it had some influence when it came to the value of items. What I see happening now, however, is that most in-game trades rely on JSP prices instead of considering the rarity of an item, what does it cost to make it, and what stats does it boost/add. With every ladder reset, I see prices skyrocket. Now obviously, they don't stay that high the entire season, but when they do, they still increase in price. When it comes to end of ladder, prices would usually drop low because USEAST non-ladder was rather dead. Now non-ladder is making a return due to the huge bot ban (bots are slowly reappearing though). I think that we all know that JSP isn't part of Blizzard Entertainment. No one should be obligated to follow these prices, and honestly, the trading site
  6. Another Imposter?

    With OD runs, we could just switch to strictly private games. However, with non-OD games, some might think that we encourage this kind of behavior. What vexes me is that people would impersonate OD members and/or fake being a legitimate member. They don't have anything to gain. As I've said in the past, the "OD-Sitch" appears to be a personal matter considering that OD-Stitch aka MJ3(OD) is high up the ladder as a level 98 sorceress. I recall people telling me that they've been disrespected by clan mates.
  7. Another Imposter?

    @Purplez(OD) Has the impostor said anything in the channel?
  8. Another Imposter?

    Hello It has been brought to my attention that there is a fake OD account who goes by OD-East and has a character called OD-Bowi who opens dangerous portals. Whenever you see someone with the OD- tag, please verify that their account also follows OD naming protocols. Thanks.
  9. March Nominations!

    I wish to vote @Sassy for best Sassinator.
  10. R.I.P OD-Sitch

    Well, OD-Stitches is a level 98 sorceress who is part of OD. My guess is that the person is trying to get Stitches banned from the clan, thus having to restart this late in the ladder season.
  11. Costume Party Contest!!

  12. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday @Sassy !!
  13. Sigon Kick Sin Tournament 02/23/2018

    Sorry got caught up with a recruit GL all
  14. Hello! Another new guy!