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  1. Ray(OD)

    I came up short. :/

    We'll surely miss ya, don't be a stranger!
  2. Ray(OD)

    Salmon Cannon

    Fair enough.
  3. Ray(OD)

    Salmon Cannon

    I don't know Terra, something seems dam fishy about this...teeheeheehee
  4. Ray(OD)

    Quick Introduction

  5. Ray(OD)

    New Guy Introduction

  6. Ray(OD)

    Path of Diablo

    I don't really see a point of playing on a private server for a game this old...An easier version of this game would be a more boring version of this game.
  7. Ray(OD)


    Bye, Felicia. All kidding aside, we're going to be losing one of our greatest contributors to the clan; thank you Tyler for everything, and may time grant you great success.
  8. Ray(OD)

    Goodbye and Well Wishes

    Good luck with your future endeavors.
  9. Ray(OD)

    Introducing Trixx

    Silly rabbit, Trixx are for kids! Hi
  10. Ray(OD)

    Just a quick hello!

  11. Ray(OD)

    Reminder of why you joined Clan OD?

    Aaron if that's what you and Cindy believe, then I'd naturally agree. While we should be helping each other out, Diablo 2 players (or just MMO players in general) should learn how to build themselves up from scratch as to avoid being overly dependent on others (worst case scenario would be dealing with beggars) and to obtain basic knowledge of the game. Low-level equipment particularly runewords are incredibly easy to obtain; this is essentially how the vast majority of people start out-even the ones who own several thousands of fg. As for me, any dispensable gear I have I'll offer to a fellow clan member if it doesn't have much value. There's nothing wrong with asking for hand-me-downs nor help with a quest but everyone should be aware that D2 is all about the grind. No one should feel guilty over enjoying the game for what it is.
  12. Oh my! What will her boss and co-workers think? @Purplez(OD) dared @Sassy to do this.
  13. Ray(OD)

    Introduction from Diablo 2

  14. Ray(OD)

    Sassy Hiding in a Cart

    Oh that silly silly @Sassy