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  1. Generic Introduction

    Welcome to OD! If you need anything just ask, or goto this link! Its the ultimate guide to OD!
  2. Newbie Here!!

    Amazing Introduction! Hope you enjoy the clan and meet nice people around the clan! Enjoy the stay!
  3. The new guy

    Welcome!! Hope you enjoy OD
  4. Hello! (I'm New hehe) :D

    Welcome to OD! Hope you enjoy! And you enjoy every game? Have you tried Fortnite yet? Cheers! FUZION
  5. I've returned once again

  6. I've returned once again

    Welcome back! :D
  7. New member, i brought cake! :)

    Welcome to OD! Hope you enjoy our family!
  8. Hey Julie, how are you lately! :) Long time no talk! :D Anyways one day I came only because I was getting back into the game and I think Hatorade banned me Reason : "NoTypes isn't allowed in our TeamSpeak Server" but I remember when you allowed me to connect at any point even if I am not in OD Clan! Here is proof from a picture from TeamSpeak : P.S. DM me on the forums and or, DM me on discord : ๖ۣۜFUZION 虎#3229 (For discord: Any HR can dm me saying im back in etc) Thanks for your time :) -NoTypes (Former OD Member)
  9. Clash Royale

    Hello this topic is about clash royale
  10. Introduction (Notypes(OD))

    Thanks you for letting me join, Clan OD. It's an honor! Hello, My name is Blake in real life. I love gaming i've been playing Diablo II since the age of four years old I just joined Clan OD at 10:47 PM on the day 3/11/17 My recruiter is: Redvaine(OD) In game username: Account: NoTypes(OD) Charname: OD-NoTypes About me: It's an honor being with Clan OD and I plan on being active everyday thank you for choosing me