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  1. Workshop Projects

    New Project! We welcome people to post what they are willing to contribute to the projects for completion of Free Company needs Current Project: Airship #2 18 Walnut Lumber 18 Spruce Lumber 18 Ancient Lumber 12 Treated Spruce Lumber 9 Cedar Lumber 39 Iron Nails 39 Iron Rivets 105 Steel Ingots 146 Steel Rivets 60 Steel Joint Plates 78 Mythril Rivets 18 Mythril Plate 78 Cobalt Ingots 21 Cobalt Rivets 54 Cobalt Joint Plates 21 Darksteel Nugget 45 Darksteel Ingots 36 Garlond Steel 60 Silver Ingots 39 Electrum Ingots 21 Rose Gold Ingots 18 Horn Glue 18 Varnish To contribute materials, interact with the Fabrication Station in the Workshop, or if that does not work please contanct an Officer, Co-Leader or Silent Rose to deliver materials into the FC Chest (Tab 3). Please comment on this thread with any materials contributed.
  2. FFXIV Secret Santa!

    Possible Gifts for Washu: New World Jacket Ao Dai Alchemy Furnace (Furnishing) Diagnostics Module (Furnishing) Projection Module (Furnishing) Seating Module (Furnishing) Fiend Sap Katana of the Round an Aquarium. Any Grade
  3. FFXIV AM Team Events

    NEW EVENT: Bismark EX farm for mount and glamour Requirements: Level 60+ Combat Job Quest: The Diabolical Bismark (Rising Stones) Gods of Eld (Heavensward Main Scenario) Time: 12:30 EST Date: Tuesday 28 November RSVP
  4. Workshop Projects

    Project Completed
  5. Workshop Projects

    Here is the List of Current (and completed) Workshop Projects We welcome people to post what they are willing to contribute to the projects for completion of Free Company needs Current Project: Airship #1 21 Rose Lumber 21 Darksteel Nuggets 21 Iron Nails 96 Iron Rivets 21 Iron Ingot 123 Steel Ingot 81 Steel Rivets 54 Steel Joint Plate 60 Mythril Rivets 48 Cobalt Joint Plate 48 Cobalt Ingot 18 Darksteel Ingots 18 Darksteel Plates 60 Silver Ingots 6 Saurian Leather 6 Hard Hip Leather 12 Linen Canvas 6 Vanya Silk
  6. Share your pics!

    Know what is great about this? They are all Final Fantasy Players
  7. Events: What Do You Want to See?

    For weekend events I would love to see The Binding Coil of Bahamut. Requires lvl 50 and Praetorium completion.
  8. Housing Plans

    Okay, ladies and gents! I would like to get a feel for how the FC would like our home to be decorated! Any themes people would like to see, and type of construction (I can't make it bigger though) ect. If you have suggestions please post them here. If you want to see how some houses are done feel free to enter ANY HOUSE that is BLUE on the mini-map and you'll see what they have (or haven't) done so far. I intend to start doing what I can once I finish off level 50 in all crafts (today or tomorrow) and complete our first airship.
  9. Plans for Free Company Actions

    Nah, someone else got it.
  10. FFXIV AM Team Events

    NEW EVENT: Titan EXTREME Farm for his mount Requirements: Level 50 Combat Class/Job Quest: "Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro" (This quest is obtainable from Urianger after completing Garuda EX) Time: 12:30 EST Date: Thursday, November 2nd RSVP
  11. FFXIV AM Team Events

    Results: 100% Completion! All in attendance received the Xanthos Whistle (Garuda's Mount) Look forward to next event
  12. Share your pics!

    Hard at work...
  13. FFXIV AM Team Events

    Okay, we have four of us so far, and while that isn't much to really knock things out I'd like to get started if possible. SO, to that I would like to set up our first AM event for those who can attend. The target: Garuda EXTREME farming for the mount! Requirements: Level 50 Combat Class Access to Garuda EX (Must have completed Ultimate Weapon Main Scenario Quest) Time: 12:30pm EST Day: Tuesday, October 24 RSVP
  14. Primary Playtime

    So what is everyone's primary playtime availability? For myself it's Weekends (anytime) and Weekdays A.M. I'm interested to know so I can see about suggesting AM player events if anyone is interested, and also to suggest events to Melodic Rose for weekends.