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  1. @Andys(OD) message me tomorrow well figure it out.
  2. I challenge @Auctorati(OD)
  3. I messaged you lets get it
  4. Wait. i was challenged
  5. I'll join. I'll challenge @Hubert(OD) Mr_kon(OD) OD-Killin Cold sorc
  6. Torches are gone. Can someone close?
  7. Tell him to get ahold of me.
  8. I'm on ALL the time.. Get ahold of me bub. Not right now.
  9. @Altreg01(OD)I can crush you if you want.
  10. Currently no sorc or pally torch. But when i get one i will let you know.
  11. Gotcha. Make a game and message me on ts or in game.
  12. Will be giving torches away to anyone who ACTUALLY needs it.... Druid Torches: Druidtorchone: 12/11 druid torch Druidtorchtwo: 15/16 druid torch Necro Torches: Necrotorchone: 10/13 torch Necrotorchtwo:15/11 torch Necrotorchtree: 10/10 torch Necrotorchfour: 17/10 Necro torch Assasin Torches: Asintorchone: Asintorchtwo 10/13 Sin torch Sorc Torches: Sorcytorchone: Amazon Torches: Amazontorchone: 12/17 torch Amazontorchtwo: 19/11 torch Barbarian Torches: Barbtorchone: 16/20 torch Paladin Torches: Paladintorchone:
  13. Mr_kon(od)

    Sassy's Ear FT

    I got a 92 tootz ear. Lmk
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