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  1. Martial Arts Ironman Tournament 02/20/2018

    im in element11@jsp
  2. PVP rolecall

    pronoob(OD) Barbrian Sorc
  3. Does anyone here collect Pops?

  4. Hacked

    What would they brute force on though? They couldnt actually brute force against the server though could they? You would get temped so quickly, unless they had the password hashes, how could they send thousands of password requests to blizz servers without getting the banhammer?
  5. Hi all!

    Hello everyone, Good to meet you all, have met a few great people already. Look forward to meeting more as well. Thank you for the warm welcome DBX(OD). I have played D2 for many years, and look forward to playing with all of you. Cheers! - pronoob(OD)