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  1. Szarekh(OD)

    It's been fun

    Hey everyone it's Szarekh(OD) here. im posting in the forums to let you guys know im going to be leaving the clan. i wont get into specifics as to why. but i will say that staying would be bad. If any one wants to game etc my B-net is Frosted#2283, Steam is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107205291. My discord is also Permaphrost#3148. It's been fun. take care.
  2. Szarekh(OD)

    Post your CSGO pwn

    sorry for poor quality. compressed it so it's much smaller. novagod.mp4
  3. Szarekh(OD)

    Music production!

    Sup guys. I'm normally pretty shy about my music. However, I'm a producer. and here's a little something I just released on Sunday. Also do we got any producers in here? tell me what you think and feel free to post your work! https://www.facebook.com/FrostedTheProducer/videos/1937467409803086/
  4. Szarekh(OD)

    New Signature!

    Made tonight. if you dont want to save the original i've set it up as my signature. so see below :P szarekh sig.bmp
  5. Szarekh(OD)


    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing some rust and maybe forming a squad / division. If you play rust come down to the rust channel or pm me on ts or here. I'm always happy to have more people on my team haha. also anyone who doesn't know what rust is. It's a post-apocalyptic survival game. you can build and raid bases, there's a TON of pvp it's pretty much kill on site 90% of the time unless you join a pve server. - Be aware it's an early access game. However, they update it regularly about once every week to two weeks. Also if you get it in early access you get the finished game for free when it releases. http://playrust.com/intro-video/
  6. Szarekh(OD)

    Happy St.Patty's!

    Huge party at my house last night and then street partying for the rest of the night haha. such a massive crowd.
  7. Szarekh(OD)

    Happy St.Patty's!

    Happy St.Patty's everyone. be safe don't drink too much hahaha :P
  8. Szarekh(OD)

    Metal anyone? (caution HEAVY)

    Probably one of my favorite metal bands. The chorus is very good. more importantly the end of the song \m/!!! If you don't listen to heavy metal i wouldn't click, I can guarantee you'll dislike it lol.
  9. Szarekh(OD)

    still around

    Thanks guys going to the doctor today :) hopefully i get it sorted out
  10. Szarekh(OD)

    still around

    not feeling well so haven't been on TS :(
  11. If you want your FPS to be displayed via Swtor's in game engine just press CTRL + SHIFT + F. you'll see the little red and green text in the very bottom left hand corner of the screen. unfortunately i don't think there's a way to move it or make it bigger.. sorry :( For anyone wondering what the heck FPS is.. FPS stands for frames per second. everything we look at with the human eye has a frame rate when processed through a TV or video source ( monitors on your computer are obviously included :P ) the average human eye can see anywhere from 70 - 110 fps ( these numbers may be slightly off but not far off ). This is why your game will look choppy if you are running under 30 fps. When you;re used to looking at higher frame rates ( i'm used to 60 + ) you'll notice choppyness' at anything below 50 ( at least for me anyways). If you guys have any questions. just ask :D Your friendly neighborhood, Szarekh
  12. Szarekh(OD)


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh3Wveg4DMk XD too funny
  13. Szarekh(OD)

    Still here!

    Hey guys. As some of you may know i have some medical issues atm. anyways I'm still around! I might not be on as much (because i'm not feeling well at all). I try to still pop in TS as much as i can. i figured i'd make an appearance here though :P. P.S: Looking to organize some Swtor PvP. just shoot me a message or come say hey on ts if you're interested. P.S.S: I also play D3 and D2. as well as a bunch of other games. Szarekh
  14. Szarekh(OD)

    Tanking in WoW

    nice. im not a fan of legion tbh. i play swtor now
  15. Szarekh(OD)

    Tanking in WoW

    Back when i made my first DK. Me and a friend 1 pulling Ramps at 65 lol. ( notice me trolling him by clicking off my life cocoon :p )