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  1. ping or gfx issue but ill 1v1 at any time, just left 1v1/gm lol cya soon
  2. fpk/gm non ladder
  3. fpk///gm LADDER SOFT CORE
  6. very fun, honored to make the cut!
  7. FPK2///GM NON LADDER yes purple i know but im not making the games, this is to let duelers know there are team duels availible all the time and not always with od members, the level of skill in these games goes well beyond what most members are capable of and i want them to join and have fun and see the difference in skill and strive to improve their own skills, and in such a way, improve the clan as a whole in the pvp community
  8. In this thread I will be posting game name and passwords of dueling games currently active to seek out OD members to come and join in the fun, this will be on LADDER and NON-LADDER and will be specified. AS of right now, acc11////11 NON LADDER
  9. yo 2 seasons into league, hit gold 2 season 8 but demoted to g3 in my greed to get to plat my second season looking for experienced players to enjoy the game with ign Drewg
  10. Drewg(OD)

    Improve yourself.

    i know youll duel, you have alot of potential i can work with too lol sassy u gonna duel? u taggin the people that geared me to duel for this clan LOL i wont use sigons i promise
  11. Drewg(OD)

    D2 PvP Squad

    ok i challenge top dog to 1v1
  12. Msg me for help. I am overly proficient at every character style in the game.
  13. Drewg(OD)

    Improve yourself.

    Yo, lookin for 1v1's 2v2's against clan members. come get mollywhopped and find your weaknesses and improve on them /w *Drewg(OD) or msg me on here
  14. Drewg(OD)

    Gm PvP rules

    Druid specifics = no tgods Sorc specifics = 85% ES absorb or higher cannot mana pot in gm, ES can NOT sorb Necro specific = bone wall isnt banned vrs non teleport champions, prison is, and vice versa, for example a fort charge paladin, you may bone wall but not prison
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