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  1. Miami(OD)

    Need a Grush / SCL

    Haven't gotten to play the reset yet, had to travel out of the country for work. Anyone got chars that can rush yet? (Sorry for being super late to the party, lol) I don't have anyone added on Bnet since I re-downloaded the game. Feel free to put your names in here and I will add away! Miami(OD) Is mine :)
  2. Hey all! I believe I tried to come back December of last year, then a huge promotion at work and other personal things came up so I never got to install and play the game. But I installed tonight, and super excited to play this game again! I was an avid PvP player back in my hay day, well younger and way less mature days haha. Looking to get re-enabled and start at the bottom again. Can anyone please tag/alert the commander that disabled me due to not loggin in 15 days in a row. Much appreciated and can't wait to see the old/new faces! Miami Mike
  3. Miami(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Looking to rejoin!

    Yes I do need a reset, as the email I originally signed up (yeaaars ago) I no longer have access to it.
  4. Miami(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Looking to rejoin!

    Yes Thank you very much! I am totally embarrased for my previous actions. I will gladly serve out any probation/punishment i was due to serve. Does this mean I can log into my OD account on the main site?
  5. Miami(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Looking to rejoin!

    Appreciate the help! Thank you bro.
  6. Miami(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Looking to rejoin!

    Hello everyone! Good and glad to be here. I am feeling my age as I realize how long it's been since I've been back here. I used to be apart of this wonderful clan as Miami(OD). Believe I was up in the Officer ranks before life took me away from this awesomeness, haha. But I was hoping to come back and game with you all! Have D2 downloaded and Jsp active so I can get back in the scene. I know I need an Officer or above to recruit me, I am willing to prove my worthiness and hope to get back home! Please notify me of what steps I need to take to get in front of a recruiter, and I can't wait to start the recruitment process. -Miami Mike