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    I am the only OD member officially licensed to run 3rd party programs for research purposes only, anyone seen violating the community rules will be swiftly reported.

    Trench coats, fedoras, sunglasses, katanas, fushigi, Jnco jeans, and heelies. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Me. Period.

    My Martial Arts / butterfly knife training leaves me little to no time for women, so back off ladies. 

    I know, I know. 

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  1. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Sorc Gears needed ESCL

    I am looking for free gear, or expensive gear, or medium priced gear, or no gear whatsoever. I need some fire sorc things, mages, maybe some rising sun ammy. -HERE are the things i already have. Chains of honor Tal ammy I need Pul very badly for hoto (Ko Vex inlayed) Thul on standby fcr rings -The things i do not have. Some shields (spirit prolly lol) lol Boots (lol) hat (lmao) Charms (for my bracelet or pocket lol) Gloves (hands are burly for a sorc, also rough and rugged, keep this in mind) anything you can think of which i may have missed. thanks OD, i missed your ugly ass face. <3
  2. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Happy Bday DBZ

    Sending fg.
  3. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Let us know when you play!!

    Fire up the loud, and another round of shots.
  4. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Anon's farewell!

    I won't allow it. Sorry man. See you tomorrow.
  5. I often feel like I am stumped when i sit down in front of chrome... Like all the notable and impressive content of the internet I have already experienced... Anyone else ever feel like this? A sea of info no person inhabiting this spinning rock could ever consume in one lifetime.. And I cant think of a single thing to search or do on the internet... If I may ask for Clan OD to come together and post some of your favorite websites (like Ebaumsworld, break, newgrounds, etc. I will start. I love www.thisiswhyimbroke.com always sweet gadgets and cool nerd gear, hand crafted jewelry or accessories, gifts for him and her, gifts for kids, All types of cool shit. Post OD!
  6. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Drunken(optional) Karaoke night

    Dates are wrong, Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th.
  7. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Drunken(optional) Karaoke night

    Greetings, Family! the Diablo 2 community is eager to announce that we will be hosting yet another Drunken Karaoke Night! All Divisions, All ages, All pitches, All are welcome! Drunken Karaoke Night's date will now be discussed openly between all divisions within the community thread due to the scheduling conflicts regarding the dates, which have previously collided with Drunken Rocket League. As of now I will be motioning for our next Drunken Karaoke Night to take place on Friday, February 24th. Saturday the 25th also works. Any Questions/Comments/Concerns may be handled within the Melodic depths of this thread. Spank you very much, TannerBallZ
  8. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Hello Everyone

    gfg dude ^ here. Welcome amigo!!
  9. TannerBallZ(OD)


  10. TannerBallZ(OD)

    The Cuss Can

    @Xayj(OD) @D2 division we try to be as fruitful with the english language as we can, excluding some words which I will not mention due to their popularity in a particular thread ;). Come show us how much of a Sailor you are anytime, We don't buy our Eminem albums Censored.
  11. TannerBallZ(OD)

    The Cuss Can

    Just when I was considering switching from D2 to SWTOR. I would never be able to claim any gold that I earned. Bad habbits do die hard :(
  12. TannerBallZ(OD)

    Please share your opinions

    I don't understand why this is even a discussion beyond the poll, even If only one person voted and said that they find it offensive then I would naturally assume that it would be banned. One person is enough. As a person who grew up in a multicultural area and who's friend base consisted 90% of those who used the word "Nigga" regularly as a form of expression or derogatory exclaim, I still understand that it is a touchy subject and everyone is going to have a differing view. I find racism and homophobia to be extremely offensive when expressed on any level, because there is no such thing as racism and homophobia that is NOT BLIND racism or homophobia. When I speak to my friends here in the Dubb K I may use the word because it is naturally a part of the culture, a part of where and how I was raised. This is far from true in many areas, and I respect that.
  13. TannerBallZ(OD)

    PK'er Watch List

    Damn Hoffy... I feel for you man, I am taking a short break at the moment grieving the loss of my Barb. I am planning on starting a Barb on HC Classic if you want to start one with me.