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  1. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    it is like a freeroll no buyin just a prizes pool u can add 2k to the prize pool if ya like
  2. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    Just over a week hope good luck on resets everyone hope for a big turnout again for this tournament. Also additions to the pot are still welcome!
  3. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    I will be moving it to the following Friday December 14th
  4. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    Most people hold in game events Saturday and Sunday though that is why I decided to go for the first Friday every month. Though who knows depending on what job I get I may be working also lol
  5. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    i do for some reason it just wont let me edit the first post after i added the guide to it nvm now its letting me i think it was just bugged or something
  6. Rich(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    Damn can't edit my post now for some reason but feel free to add to the prize pot if you wish. You can send fg to me hmmjason@jsp
  7. Overdosed Poker Tournament! Looking to play some Texas holdem with friends? Open to any overdosed member not just ODD2. I Am looking to host an OD only poker tournament on the Pokerstars app which can be downloaded from their site. https://www.pokerstars.com/ It is free to download and you will have enough free chips to join the tournament. Anyone looking to join will need to download this app onto their computer. I will help with instructions on how to join into the club before the tournament starts it is a fairly simple process. When? Rescheduling due to Diablo 2 ladder reset the tournament will now be held the following week. Friday Dec. 14th@ 9pm EST Prizes! Current pot 2500 fg Feel free to add to the pot! Payouts TBD depending on the amount of participants. Will be at least Top 3 paid. Bounties! Feel Free to add a bounty on anyone you would like! Prizes Provided by Rich(OD) Hello everyone I wanted to post a quick guide to help people get into the poker tournament. If you have any further questions feel free to message me here on teamspeak or discord or via the Overdosed site. After installing the app and setting up your account you should be able to open poker stars up to the main screen. In the bottom right or along the right side you will see a button that says Home Games. Or it may be like mine with the three dots and the Home Games button is in there after you click on it. Click on Home Games then select Join A Poker Club. This will open a screen with three empty text boxes. In the first one the Club ID enter 2165597 The second box is the Invitation Code enter 12341234 In the third box Your Name Please enter your OD name. You will then need to click the box to accept terms. I will then receive your application to the club. Once accepted the club will show up under My Scheduled Tournaments. (You may need to click on this if it is not already selected.) If by 8pm The night of the tournament you do not see the tournament in this box please close and reopen pokerstars and check again sometimes it can bug. If you still do not see it please contact me. Once you see the tournament in the My Scheduled Tournaments box click it and then click on the Register button on the bottom right. You are now all set you will need to have pokerstars open before the tournament and please make sure you are still registered in the tournament. The tournament will automatically pop up on your computer at 9pm est that night. If you are not there right at 9pm after your play timer it will sit you out. You will still be in the tournament when you come back you will just have to press the I'm Back button. You may also take short breaks during the tournament if you wish by selecting Sit Out Next Hand on the left side of the table. I hope this and the pictures help everyone I look forward to seeing everyone there! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more help.
  8. Rich(OD)

    Let us know when you play!!

    Im on when im home and can get on which i have no set schedule at all anymore
  9. Rich(OD)

    What size t-shirt do you wear?

    id need 4xl tall personally i dont see that as an option tho
  10. Rich(OD)


    Me along with my wife and my boys