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  1. Rich(OD)

    On game

    They were all there to play with you lol. I agree it has been very dead alot of people playing other games or just not playing at all anymore. Also as froggie said I am sure the nice weather has something to do with it. I am sure things will pick up a bit at reset but I dont think d2 will ever be like it used to be.
  2. Rich(OD)

    On game

    lol well hop on around 1-2am sometime and we can hang out. Then I wont be the only one online lol. I will be rebidding at work next week so who knows what shift I might get may be able to be on in the day if Im lucky. It also depends on time of day I mean people work and stuff during the day there normally isnt much activity until after 4-5pm but I dont think there are nearly as many people playing d2 as there used to be and Im not just talking in OD I mean the game in general
  3. I would have a heart attack... Die... and my wife would do what she wants with it she would prolly buy a purple 69 camaro. If i win please pass it to the next person
  4. Damn Merica gonna miss ya man I hope ya come back at some point or at least stop buy and say hi once in a while. I get what your saying we have all seen it I have been to the point of resigning myself a couple times in the past few years. Like Sunset said though the clan/division has changed completely in the last few years and it definitely on the uphill now. Adios for now my friend like I said don't be a stranger
  5. ill challenge @Hubert(OD)
  6. nothing to pvp on yet 😞 was too bust gambling and now im busy working and gambling
  7. Im on when im home and can get on which i have no set schedule at all anymore
  8. id need 4xl tall personally i dont see that as an option tho
  9. Me along with my wife and my boys
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