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  1. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    @TieDyeT(OD)will take care of it Bay no worries
  2. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    well ask them to post here or the new thred
  3. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    yes you missed some that came into our channel so they were added
  4. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    i added some members who asked in channel
  5. Ladder Reset Upcoming

    fone...new thread...
  6. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Sarnith(OD) Volunteer filler. Pref HC Pops(OD) Volunteer filler. Pref HC SCL Team 1 1-TXCold(OD) Pally 2-Haj(OD) F. Sorc 3-Next(OD) Pally 4-CN(OD) Pally/Sorc 5-Jiraiya(OD) 6-Cogswell(OD) 7-Hari(OD) Sorc 8-TieDyeT(OD) Barb Team 2 1-Froggie420(OD) Pally 2-Boydbrooks(OD) Sorc 3-Triad(OD) Java Zon4-Data(OD) Zon5- Ocelot(OD) - Sorc6-Griswold(OD) Barb/Flex 7-Ascend(OD) Pally/Flex8-Kimchi(OD) Barb Team 3 1-Spanks(OD) Sorc 2-Vermz(OD) Pally/Sorc 3-Miami(OD) Sorc/Pally 4-Frieght(OD) Sorc 5-Patron(OD) Amazon 6-Koftrader(OD) Pally 7-Accepted(OD) 8-Croydayn(OD) Barb Team 4 1-Biznatch(OD) L Sorc 2-Fungi(OD) 3-Milabrega(OD) 4-Kyynu(OD) 5-Pwood(OD) 6-Endus(OD) 7-Bootyman(OD) 8- HCL Team 1 1-Sassy(OD) Sorc? all night - hardcore 2- 3-Darkhelmet(OD) Barb 4-JiMMYGuNN(OD) 5-Jaquise(OD)D) Sin/Zon/Barb 7-RadarRick(OD) Pally 8-Ugene(OD) Sorc Team 2 1-Diin(OD) Pally 2-Killeraz Nec 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-
  7. It's been fun

    i wish you well in all that you do....good luck
  8. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes :) now that im officially old...i can pursue that walmart greeter job
  9. Is there where all the cool kids hang?

    hey hey welcome to OD!!
  10. Happy Birthday Pops!

  11. there is an old man who lives on a Hill he wont tell you how old he is but @Sassy sure will have a good one buddy

    1. Sassy



  12. Happy Bday DBZ

    Happy birthday jared....time for a steak dinner
  13. Getting Kicked or Banned

    no worries...i can definatly safe list him...i actutally spoke with him today to verify he was not a bot
  14. Welcome To The Diablo II Division

    Updated 11/14/2017
  15. Welcome To The Diablo II Division

    Oh boy this is old. ill try and work on some updated information for that intro thread