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  1. PoPs(OD)

    Hello Everyone~ Intro

    Glad to see ya decided to join us...ive seen ya in our channel so welcome to OD!!
  2. PoPs(OD)

    Clan intro

    welcome to OD....just met ya in op sassy....glad to have ya aboard finaly
  3. PoPs(OD)

    Overdosed Poker Tournament #2 Rescheduled

    why would you say that? is there a problem?
  4. PoPs(OD)

    Hi Everybody!

    welcome to OD my friend...just in time for reset....if ya need anything or have questions...you can find me almost anywhere 🙂
  5. PoPs(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    sorry for the late reply....and ya ima roll HC this reset.....and you know ima barb so i guess its BO from the start
  6. Hey man, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one.

  7. Happy Birthday man

  8. Happy Birthday PoPs. I'm staying on your lawn though 😄

  9. I will get off your lawn for only this one day. Happy birthday 🙂

  10. Happy birthday popadooles 

    go get drunk 

    1. dubui(OD)


      happy birthday PoPs the man!

  11. PoPs(OD)


    i think you will enjoy it.....she creates a type of magic where the sunlight is weaved into the spells...interesting....
  12. PoPs(OD)


    dont know much about books on tape but i supposed you can find just about anyone nowadays.....anyways....if you lie fantasy look into the dragon prince....by Melanie Rawn....6 books total and it takes place over some time, but the character development is what makes it, you really get to know them and its well written in my opinion...everyone ive recomended this to has loved it.....look it up steve
  13. PoPs(OD)

    Recent Activity

    I gotcha....youre all set welcome back and gratz!!
  14. PoPs(OD)

    Just for fun

    A party huh........ Jesus Juice is a cocktail created by our heroes serving abroad, and just a few sips of this bad boy will have you thinking about God: as in, “Oh My God, this is some potent drink!” This heavy-artillery class cocktail contains a ton of vodka, raspberry vodka, and spiced rum, and it’s served in a big jug because sharing is encouraged, just as Jesus would’ve wanted. AFGHAN JESUS JUICE 3 oz. (90ml) Vodka 2 oz. (60ml) Raspberry Vodka 5 oz. (150ml) Spiced Rum 10 oz. (300ml) Lemonade 15 oz. (450ml) Orange Juice Raspberries Orange Slices PREPARATION 1. Pour vodka, raspberry vodka, and spiced rum into the base of an empty jug or container. 2. Add lemonade, orange juice, and fruits. 3. Shake or stir well to combine.
  15. PoPs(OD)

    iso druid n sin torch

    no prob froggie, but i only held it for ya...kingnuffin uber'd it