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  1. JSP Clan

    already taken care of....ur in @Altreg01(OD)
  2. Is this division dead until BFA release?

    What i meant by this is that we have an Overdosed guild in WoW already and my suggestion was to try and bring some of those members into our clan. Thats exactly what raged(OD) has been doing with diablo3 and hes had good success with it
  3. JSP Thread

    me sassy look after the jsp guild....as well as the officers....and a choas/baal post doesnt seem like a bad idea and could be put up easy enuf
  4. Is this division dead until BFA release?

    If you are in the wow guild in game....thats seems like good place to find recruits, just an idea
  5. National Star Wars Day

    yessir....may the 4th be with you!!!
  6. Remembrance

    Julie I am so sorry for your loss....anything you need you know im here for you
  7. Hoping to go home soon!

    Its sooooo good to hear from you...we were wondering what happened to you....im glad you are recovering and look forward to seeing you soon hugz
  8. OD Shirt came in!

    yup...and maybe shoot @Aerineth(OD) a pm to let him know to look for it
  9. CONTEST - Word Search - FG Prize!

    works fine for me....its a pdf gotta download to ur desktop
  10. Battle.Net CAPI

    thank you @Hikato for the reply.....
  11. Superlative Awards March 2018

    Haha sorry bout that part i copied/pasted that and didnt change the format
  12. Superlative Awards March 2018

    I wasnt blasting these awards....I just wanted to hear some feedback on the subject which is what normally happens when someone replies to a post....Thank you for the work you put in on these it is appreciated.
  13. Superlative Awards March 2018

    ominous portending evil or harm; foreboding; threatening; inauspicious Sooo really....is this an award we should be giving out.....we want to reward people for be evil and foreboding, intending harm? I am of the opinion this should be removed from the community awards...And you cannot get past the voting process unless you vote so you are forced to vote for someone
  14. What does an Infinity cost?

    about 1.2k fg
  15. Congratz to Queballz(OD)!

    Well done....we all know what a grind that is....keep going and grab that #1 spot!!