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  1. Overdosed in 7 Days

    @Xayj(OD) can take care of the discord channel if it can be done
  2. Positive vibes for a member please

    Im sending my prayers and well wishes your way :)
  3. Anybody know Iamloris(OD)

    Iamloris(OD) is an active member yes
  4. Not sure where this belongs...

    Well Diablo 2 is not part of the new battlenet app....so if you wanna play d2 with us jou can make a d2 account just use your OD name Kherios(OD) simple as that....oh btw all char name start with OD- If you need any more help look for me PoPs(OD) I'll gladly help you
  5. Web \ forum feedback \ suggestions

  6. Treasure hunt interest?

    I think this is a fun idea and yes you can use FG as a prize....when you sort the details post the game times here with prizes so folks can sign up
  7. Undisable me PLZ

    You are already disabled. Have been for a long time
  8. Purple has invaded your forum!

    Welcome to OD!! I think youre gonna fit in nicely....lemme know if you need anything
  9. We will do our best to keep the clan running in your absence :)....have a good time and merry christmas

  10. key banned?

    its happened to a few....sometimes it seems the old keys are gettig it...of coarse no 3rd party programs are allowed.....so if cant log in make new account kimzera(OD)1
  11. A quick, yet Well Deserved Thank You!!!

    You guys ALL crack me up!!! @Brittney(OD) welcome to OD we are glad youre here!!
  12. Brittney's Back!!

    Hello britney and welcome to OD..we gonna work on getting you rushed and like i said ill have to do the same....anyways glad you finally decided to join....you gonna meet some wonderful folks here
  13. I have exactly zero experience with discord. never seen it never tried it. As far as teamspeak goes, i like it. it does whats promised. provides a place for our members to come together in voice.From a division standpoint it again scores high in my opinion. it offers us powers to control our channels. Offers our donor channels. I am not stating anything new here. we all know how well our TS works for us. When it comes to the D2 players, sure some of them have asked about discord, but i can say that we have never lost a single prospective recruit because we use TS. We have never really discussed changing to discord within our division. I feel that our members are happy with TS as it is now, however if we were to switch, I dont see a problem there either. I would be curious to hear from our members on this subject. I personally feel that its better for us as a community to be together on whichever platform we can mostly agree on.
  14. Hullo Pops! I just learned that you live in NC.. I've never met another person in NC LOL

  15. It's been fun

    i wish you well in all that you do....good luck