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  1. FaPa(OD)

    Anticipated LLD 30 Bracket event kicker!

    PersonOfColor Faku. Hdong God now ill just need jared to rush/lvl/do side quest and gear it for me... thanks!
  2. FaPa(OD)

    Want to learn FPK?

    I fpk'd once In college u know how it goes....
  3. FaPa(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    jared text me wuw me to play and what u want me in 2v2 3v3 ect.
  4. FaPa(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    this gets me hot and botherd in my pants region.
  5. FaPa(OD)

    The Ladder

    challenge cotdaniel I suppose
  6. FaPa(OD)

    The Ladder

    FaPa(OD) Obama Trapper
  7. FaPa(OD)

    The Ladder

    don't have an OD tagged toon atm... u all survive another few weeks!! muahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa
  8. FaPa(OD)


    I'm down for tonight. cmon folks no point in mfing.. ladder is over soon and items are worth almost nothing atm. come pvp or come and learn for next season! we don't bite we enjoy helping/teaching others! the more active pvpers there are the better for us all. plus we hold lots of tournaments normally not so much this ladder but on the last 3-4 we had tons of them u get fg for participating so u make fg regardless of how u do! if u get top 3 u get a lot more fg :) jared/kevin ect hold all kinds of events such as 1v1 ladders 1v1 tourneys 2v2 ladders 2v2 tourneys FFA(free for all) tourneys and the EPIC 1v7 Tourney!!!( pm dbz for the EPIC details)
  9. FaPa(OD)


    I concur
  10. FaPa(OD)


    hi id like to play a Barbarian I'm not sure what the best build is or what gear I should use... I was told by pjpotter u are the guy to ask about barbarian pvp(DBZ) any tips or tricks or gearing information would be greatly appreciated!! thank you.
  11. FaPa(OD)


    with this ladder,id host these on non ladder lol... wont see anything for duelers for another 6+weeks on ladder.
  12. FaPa(OD)

    IM BACK !

  13. FaPa(OD)

    How many Genders are there in 2018?

  14. FaPa(OD)

    Dont mind me

    u know I'm always down to help with practice or tips :P
  15. FaPa(OD)

    Dont mind me

    learn me pvps jared