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  1. DBZ(OD)

    Bestest Find so Far?

    I found a jah rune less then 1 day into reset while rushing @MooMoo(OD) 😁
  2. DBZ(OD)

    Need Rush?

    My sorc is now capable of doing rushes and help with side quests. If you or anyone needs a rush let me know. I dont know if we have any bumpers yet but just whisper me in game anytime. I'm on mostly in the evenings. /w *DBZ(OD)
  3. DBZ(OD)

    Need Rush?

    sounds good to me. My internet at home is currently down so im using my phone atm lol. It should be back up by tonight.
  4. DBZ(OD)


    Yo krusty teach me to pvp
  5. DBZ(OD)

    Airman's introduction to Clan overdosed

    welcome to OD bro.
  6. DBZ(OD)

    2018 ears of love LOL

  7. DBZ(OD)

    Hello all new member here!

    Welcome to the clan!
  8. DBZ(OD)

    I guess this is my intro?

    Welcome to OD!
  9. DBZ(OD)

    ladder reset

    its moved to d2 section
  10. DBZ(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    yo check the link i posted its on june15
  11. DBZ(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20765057401?page=1 sign me up!
  12. DBZ(OD)

    New to OD!

    Welcome to the clan man.
  13. DBZ(OD)

    New member here

    Welcome to the clan!
  14. DBZ(OD)

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    Sucks that your leaving man. You will definitely be missed in OD. I hope the new job works out good. Don't be a stranger bro!
  15. DBZ(OD)


    IF our tourney get filled tonight my buddy Bill wiill be streaming it on twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/bbqrandom its a good stream to watch to learn some technique for pvp.
  16. DBZ(OD)

    New (old guy) here Altreg01(OD)

    welcome to OD
  17. DBZ(OD)

    D2 torchs

    just letting u know i moved this thread to the D2 section
  18. DBZ(OD)

    JSP Thread

    To be honest I didn't even know there was a sub forum for baal/chaos runs. Definitely is a good way to get the name out.
  19. DBZ(OD)

    OD Baals Pk'd but pker got a surprise LOL

    Its always funny when someone tries to PK our runs and gets rekt lol. GJ
  20. DBZ(OD)

    New ladder idea

    we usually have a few people that make classic rushers. but this is good idea. Also i moved this thread to the Diablo 2 section on the forums.
  21. DBZ(OD)

    New Member :) Kappa(OD)

    Welcome to the clan!
  22. DBZ(OD)


    Lets Make D2PVP Great Again! Wondering if anyone is interested learning or practicing PVP (1v1,2v2,3v3,or 4v4) Any classes & builds Trying to get D2 PVP back up and going. IF you are new to PVP we can help teach the different techniques. All members are welcome. Please post below if you are interested.
  23. DBZ(OD)


    no specific time just as soon as we can get enough people to make some teams.
  24. DBZ(OD)


    Tpk Team duels tonight. Who's down? ANY CLASS OR BUILD!!!!!!
  25. DBZ(OD)

    Ladder Reset - getting ready

    cant wait for this lol