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  1. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @snicker66(OD)challenge you
  2. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @MooMoo(OD)lets do our fight today
  3. New Recruit

    Welcome to OD!
  4. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Challenge you @MooMoo(OD)
  5. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Win vs dan 3-2 (with 3 nulled duels lol)
  6. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    its no problem man. go ahead and challenge someone @pronoob(OD) I Challenge You!
  7. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

  8. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Challenges last 48 hours if duel is not completed and the person u challenged didnt try to meet up with you. You go ahead of them.
  9. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

  10. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    I NULLED DISCO AND SUNSETS CHALLENGE @Vanity(OD) u have a challenge bro.
  11. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    UPDATED new challenges. @pronoob(OD) @Disco these challenges need to be done today!
  12. Wydwen(OD)

    Welcome to OD!
  13. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Did anyone get a chance to duel? Since last night was the super bowl I'm going to extend the challenges another 24 hours.
  14. CSGO Squad RESTART!

    Good luck on getting it up and going.
  15. Daddy's home

    Welcome Back President Trump
  16. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @pronoob(OD) i challenge you eh?
  17. Greetings

    Welcome to OD.
  18. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    make sure u use the @SuNSeT feature so it sends them a notification
  19. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

  20. Evilspy(OD)

    Welcome to OD!
  21. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Bracket has been updated. WE can go ahead and start challenging each other. Also more people can still sign up.
  22. Newbie here

    lol 10/10 introduction! Welcome to OD
  23. Mxiio(OD)

    welcome to OD
  24. D2 PVP SQUAD

    D2 PvP Squad RANKS: Ensign- Interested in PvP, member asked to join the PvP Squad. Lieutenant- Shows promise in PvP, working on perfecting an PvP character, joins practice/fun duels in odpk/od every so often. At least 10 days in the PvP Squad. Commander- Proficient in PvP, skilled with at least 1 PvP character, competes in PvP events, spreads awareness of OD PvP, found in odpk/od more and more often. At least 20 days in the PvP Squad. Captain- Highly proficient in PvP, skilled with at least 2 PvP characters, competes in PvP events, has WON at least 1 PvP event, usually found in odpk/od or duel games, spreads awareness of OD PvP, helping to mentor new PvP squad members, majorly focused on D2 PvP. At least 30 days in the PvP Squad. Admiral-Highly skilled in PvP, extremely skilled with at least 3 PvP characters, competes in PvP events, has HELD at least 1 PvP event, has WON at least 1 PvP event, mentors those new to PvP and gives constructive advice, always found in odpk/od or duel games, spreads awareness of OD PvP, solely focused on Diablo 2 PvP. At least 45 Days in the PvP Squad At any time you believe you meet the stipulations to raise your rank, message Jared (DBZ) or Steve (Vanity). It will be discussed and decided by current Admirals and the squad leaders. Daily PvP practice can *almost* always be found in game odpk/od OR odpk1/od We duel for fun and often offer prizes in PvP events. Everyone is expected to be GM and follow the GM rules. If not seen dueling for 7 days= demotion in rank. GM dueling rules can be found here- http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65352-pvp-gm-rules/ Monthly Rank Rewards-(Rewards will be sent the first Thursday of every month) Ensign-none Lieutenant-25fg Commander-50fg Captain-100fg Admiral-250fg You can apply for the D2 Pvp Squad here- http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=256
  25. Bless(OD) intro

    welcome to OD