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  1. 1v1 Ladder Style Tournament This will run through the end of February. Top three finishers will receive FG prize. Must be OD- Tagged accounts and characters. May challenge up to 3 spots ahead of you If you decide to change the character you sign up with you will have to start back at the bottom of the ladder. Dodge rule will be 48 hours. (if you challenge someone above you they have 48 hours to make the duel happen) If a person gets 3 dodges they are placed at the bottom of the bracket Order of the ladder bracket will be based on time of sign up. (sign up first to be at the top of the bracket at the start) Duels can begin as soon as we get a few sign ups. Duels will be FT5 GM rules Apply (can link these if anyone has questions) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS STYLE OF EVENT JUST PM ME. Sign up by posting Account name Char name and type DBZ(OD) OD-WeWo Ele Druid !!WINNER OF THE DUELS NEEDS TO POST IN THIS THREAD AFTER DUEL IS OVER!! CURRENT CHALLENGES: Snicker VS. DBZ Disco VS. Vanity BRACKET: Snicker66(OD) OD-Polaris Cold Sorc Sunset(OD) OD-Sun Spider Sin DBZ(OD) OD-WEWO ELE DRUID Membership(OD) OD-ReKtD PNB Nec Vanity(OD) OD-Audacity FOH Pally Disco(OD) OD-??? Charge Pally MooMoo(OD) OD-MuchMaCooch Sorc ProNoob(OD) OD-Smash Barb Rich(OD) OD-Zapper Light Sorc
  2. Hello! Another new guy!

  3. School shootings in the U.S.

    Well I wouldn't give access to anyone that was not officer+. We almost always have someone in the channel that is at least an officer and has the access to fix these issues. If someone had access and started banning everyone I would take all of their access away and ban them from the channel. Because the access was a privilege and not a right. Then we would be more careful who we gave access to in the future. We cant let one or two people with bad intentions ruin something for everybody else.
  4. New Recruit TG(OD) saying Hi all!

    welcome to OD man. let us know if you need anything
  5. School shootings in the U.S.

    I agree with pretty much this whole post. The school I went to and now my kids go to has police onsite daily. I have no problem with that at all. What bugs me is when people say "we need more gun laws" like that is gonna fix the issue.... Making something illegal is not going to stop a CRIMINAL from breaking the law..
  6. Hey Everyone!

    welcome to OverDosed!
  7. ShaB(OD)

    Welcome to OD
  8. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    i updated the bracket and removed the people not participating
  9. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    challenge @snicker66(OD)
  10. A Site for All to See

    Nice! i need to hop and there and play with yall.

    thanks man ALSO we will be recording this time to make a video out of it.

    DRUID BOWLING We all make NEW druids on HCL. Level up together to level 9 Once we all are level 9 we go to town. We will duel in the small area between blood moor and cold plains. You cannot leave that area. The only skill you can use is MOLTEN BOULDER (this is where the bowling comes from ) FREE FOR ALL PVP FG Prizes will be sent to 1st and 2nd place. This is scheduled for 2/25/2018 SUNDAY AT 12PM CST!! Sign up below by posting you name/jsp:
  13. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament


    I edited the day to Sunday instead of Saturday. Also it looks like people want the FFA style so we will do that.
  15. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    bracket updated
  16. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

  17. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    Sounds good man
  18. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    @Membership(OD) @SuNSeT yall gunna fight tonight?
  19. Another POE reset 2 weeks!!

    ill give it a shot
  20. Looking for JSP Broker

    What kinda stuff are you trying to sell?
  21. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    I cant let you or fapa win this one bro
  22. ActioNNNN(OD)

    Welcome to OD!
  23. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

  24. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    lets get some challenges goin!
  25. 1V1 Ladder Style Tournament

    gds snickers