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  1. DBZ(OD)

    Tyson KO Tournament

    yea bro we meet up pretty much every night on teamspeak or in game ODPK///OD
  2. DBZ(OD)


    welcome to OD!
  3. DBZ(OD)

    2v2 PVP EVENT. 3/1/2019

    DBZ's 2v2 PVP EVENT I will be hosting a 2v2 pvp bracket style tourney. 3/1/2019 3PM Central time zone (if enough people want to change time we can). Teams will be random using a generator. Bracket will be randomized. Double elimination. It costs nothing to sign up. All Characters and builds welcomed. Feel free to add to the prize pot. 500FG prize to winning team (250 each) GM PVP RULES Sign up below with your character type and character name. @Krusty(OD) @Andys(OD) @Rich(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @dubui(OD) @SuNSeT @theBandit(OD) Help spread the word! SIGN UPS:
  4. DBZ(OD)

    Leaving OD 😭

    It sucks to see you go man. We have had some fun times. Remember you are always welcome. Hop on ts anytime if you wanna chat bro.
  5. DBZ(OD)

    Bloodthirsty ear Contest

    You could join in on the FFA's we are doing at night for sunsets event and get all 5 :)
  6. DBZ(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    the music was a nice touch lol
  7. DBZ(OD)

    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    Guess ill take @Redvaine(OD) to Mcdonald's
  8. DBZ(OD)

    OD Chant games SC now available!

    nice. @Andys(OD) also has chanter set up. I'm sure he would chant anyone that asked.
  9. DBZ(OD)

    Sup Nooooobs

  10. DBZ(OD)

    Fort Giveaway!

  11. DBZ(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    nice man. what level did you end up after you killed hell baal?
  12. DBZ(OD)

    D2 Meeting Poll!

    We can also promote current events people are hosting to try to get more people to participate while we have a lot of people in one channel.
  13. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    i wanna challenge the loser of this match ^^
  14. Is the day of the week set in stone? Sunday meetings tend to work a lot better and will probably have a much bigger turn out.
  15. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    lol theres no drama bro
  16. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    me and andys tried to whisper you in game u for 2 days for your duel with him lol
  17. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    Challenge @MooMoo(OD)
  18. DBZ(OD)

    what should i put in this?

    if your a WW barb id say IAS/Max DMG jewel. also that can be upped I believe.
  19. DBZ(OD)

    Clan Award Nominations - January 2019

    that was moomoo im pretty sure lol I suggested most savage lol
  20. DBZ(OD)

    D2 Median XL

    Its actually a pretty fun version of D2. WAY harder then normal d2. Tons of different ubers to do so the endgame has much more stuff to do. Me and my brother have played it a few times in the past.
  21. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    challenge @dubui(OD)
  22. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    win vs krusty 3-1 gds
  23. DBZ(OD)

    January Ladder

    3-0 me vs merica GDS homie Challenge @dubui(OD)
  24. DBZ(OD)

    D2 PvP Squad

    D2 PvP Squad RANKS: Ensign- Interested in PvP, member asked to join the PvP Squad. Lieutenant- Shows promise in PvP, working on perfecting an PvP character, joins practice/fun duels in odpk/od every so often. At least 10 days in the PvP Squad. Commander- Proficient in PvP, skilled with at least 1 PvP character, competes in PvP events, spreads awareness of OD PvP, found in odpk/od more and more often. At least 20 days in the PvP Squad. Captain- Highly proficient in PvP, skilled with at least 2 PvP characters, competes in PvP events, has WON at least 1 PvP event, usually found in odpk/od or duel games, spreads awareness of OD PvP, helping to mentor new PvP squad members, majorly focused on D2 PvP. At least 30 days in the PvP Squad. Admiral-Highly skilled in PvP, extremely skilled with at least 3 PvP characters, competes in PvP events, has HELD at least 1 PvP event, has WON at least 1 PvP event, mentors those new to PvP and gives constructive advice, always found in odpk/od or duel games, spreads awareness of OD PvP, solely focused on Diablo 2 PvP. At least 45 Days in the PvP Squad At any time you believe you meet the stipulations to raise your rank, message Jared (DBZ) or Colin @Membership(OD). It will be discussed and decided by current Admirals and the squad leaders. Daily PvP practice can *almost* always be found in game odpk/od OR odpk1/od We duel for fun and often offer prizes in PvP events. Everyone is expected to be GM and follow the GM rules. We try to meet up on Teamspeak daily. If not seen dueling for 7 days= demotion in rank. GM dueling rules can be found here- http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65352-pvp-gm-rules/ You can apply for the D2 Pvp Squad here- http://overdosed.net/index.php?view=Squads&uid=256