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  1. DBZ(OD)

    Hello everyone

    welcome bro. aren't you the guy me and @theBandit(OD) did ubers for yesterday? glad you decided to join
  2. DBZ(OD)

    Merica druid bowling is coming back this sat

    Wow merica GG prize bro
  3. DBZ(OD)

    Best find so far in new Ladder?

    Vipermagi probably
  4. DBZ(OD)

    Some ladder reset tips

    One thing I would recommend if anyone wants to try something different is make a pally for ubers. ME and krusty(OD) teamd up and did ubers for people and farmed unid torches last ladder. We made over 20k fg each and it doesn't take a good pally to kill ubers. Just a simple way to make some serious FG. You gotta get to it early on because the need for an uber service dies down fast. but if your one of the first to offer it your set. But there is some good info in your post thanks kappa.
  5. Happpy Birthday Bud

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Thanks bro

  6. Happy birthday Jared hope you have a great day 🙂 

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Thanks Julie 

  7. Happy Birthday! AFK........................................

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Thanks man also afk

  8. DBZ(OD)

    Kudos to Skribbzz and Pops!

    i was just joking bro lol good work
  9. DBZ(OD)

    Kudos to Skribbzz and Pops!

    is spanish next?
  10. DBZ(OD)

    Almost perfect anni (19/19/10)

    do u want fg or items for it?
  11. DBZ(OD)

    1.14d Bow zon builds help

    the builds are basically the same. here is a good one. https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=57335701
  12. DBZ(OD)

    Recent Promotions

  13. DBZ(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    how about @Ghost(OD)
  14. DBZ(OD)

    A Site for All to See

    @Vanity(OD) has gotten about 6 other members into this game recently. we have been playing the last few nights.