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  1. Brace yourself, Finals are coming!

    Hey folks, so finals are coming up for me, and combined with family matters, my activity will be around zero starting Tuesday, up until most likely around Christmas time. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I will be regularly checking the forums and website in case anything is needed.
  2. Brace yourself, Finals are coming!

    I'm sorry, but I cant agree with you here. A minor high (not off of earth), makes me calm and more relaxed. It's easier to focus on only Diablo 3.
  3. Division Meeting: What day works for you?

    Alright, since this topic is almost two weeks old, I am going to go with the majority, and use Monday nights at 9pm EST for division meetings.
  4. Hey guys, so with the influx of many new members, many of you have had questions about the community, the divisions, the rules, etc. To help ease everyone into everything, and to answer all of your questions we will be having a division meeting within the next two weeks. Currently this is just a poll to see when the best times for a meeting would be. The division meeting isn't mandatory, but all are welcome. Even if you play Diablo 3 but aren't part of the division, please come on in!
  5. Thankyou

    Welcome to the OD community!
  6. Hi My Name Is Doab(OD)

    Welcome to OD.
  7. BigFella(OD)'s Absence.

    Welcome back!
  8. Happy Birthday Pops!

  9. Terra I'm high as Fuck. This means you can stop being type, and be a PJ. All you gotta do:

    1. is annoy yourself

    2. Say high to everyone

    3. Suck at rocket league

    1. Terra


      Thanks for the generous offers guys, but I'm pretty sure I can't be anyone other than myself. Once a beautiful butterfly blooms there's no going back to... simpler states again.

    2. DarkHelmet


      PJ high as fuck? You've apparently spent too much time with Type. I'm exhausted at the moment though and yet I'm still awake at 12:24 in the morning.... sigh...

  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. DBZ(OD)


      Thanks man

  11. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to OD!
  12. Well I tired to be Civil

    The old Diablo 3 division that got up and left a few years ago. They consider themselves the, "og," clan overdosed on Diablo 3. It's people who are familiar with OD, and some of them know who I am. The person Type had spoken to knows me well. He had started a conversation yesterday with me and while we were both being civil, this topic was discussed. I didn't take pictures, but the conversation went well. All I had said was, we don't do that to your members, so please don't do it to ours. He digressed and said while he doesn't tell his members what to do, he said this incident probably won't occur again. But a division meeting would be beneficial, I was thinking about having one regardless, but now seems a better time than ever.
  13. Well I tired to be Civil

    Just ignore them, and we can let everyone know about the plot of this enemy clan. I thought clan wars were a thing of the past, I guess not. I love the irony, they left because of, "drama," but are insistent on creating more drama. Either way, lets not stoop to their level, it's not worth it.
  14. New guy here

    Welcome to OD Jeffie!
  15. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    Hey OD Community! Due to recent circumstances, the usual host of community meetings will be unable to fulfill his duties. And, I know we haven't had a community meeting in a few months, so some may have forgotten about them, some may have missed them, and some may have never heard of them until now. But, I am here to say, that this OD tradition will be revived, and that I will be hosting the next community meeting on November 12th. This is the official topic thread, so if anyone has any subjects they'd like to ask about or discuss, please feel free to comment on this thread, and I will try to add it to the agenda. Now, some people may ask why I am bothering with reviving this tradition, and I would have so much to reply that I would bore them. So here's a few reasons on why you may want to participate and join in the fun that we call a community meeting. 1. Helps bring the majority of the community together, even if it's for a short amount time 2. Common issues or questions can be addressed to help those who may need guidance 3. Community discussion on a variety of topics usually causes people to interact with each other when they normally wouldn't due to being part of a different division, etc. 4. Those who are interested in learning more about the community and about each other will always have a fun time 5. Hearing the opinions of non administrators can sometimes be just as valuable as hearing one from a fellow officer P.S. I am unsure if I will host community meetings monthly/bimonthly or some other type of schedule, this is to be determined by the popularity of the meetings, and the levels of participation!
  16. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    I am unsure if I'm going to be able to host a meeting during the month of December early on. I have finals up until the 19th i believe. Afterwards I should be able to host a meeting! Or if people would rather I wait till the second weekend of January, I can do that as well.
  17. Membership(OD)

    Welcome to the forums. It was nice meeting you in the community meeting, and I look forward to seeing you at future meetings!
  18. Kimchi(OD) Reporting

    Welcome back to OD!
  19. Happy Birthday Duuuude!

  20. Community Meeting! 11/12/17 7pm CST

    Of course this is still going on! I'm going to have a q&a session for people new to the clan who want to hear more about others parts of the clan they're not familiar with. See what people may want to see more or less of, and plenty more. I don't know how the turnout will be but every person counts. All are welcome! I learned a lot my first community meeting, and it's a great to get one's voice heard on opinions or ideas you have. Or if you want something addresses or want to be anonymous message me the question and I can add it to the agenda.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm back

    Welcome back Tiedye! It's good to see you're back
  22. heyyyyoooooo

    Welcome to OD!
  23. Greater Rift Run Times

    Alright team, so this past season, Season 11, some of our Diablo 3 division members have made it onto the leaderboards for greater rifts. Some were on the PTR, some were on the American Server. We believe that everyone has the ability to make it to the leaderboards, and we'd like to get our name out onto the leaderboards consistently. This is a goal, not a necessity. We know that some people enjoy playing casually, but there are some competitive people. While I know we have a solid mix of players and time zones, I believe that creating a schedule for greater rift times will help generate more division wide activity. The more activity and mix of people, the more we can all teach and learn from each other. We can grow as a division, and I know we have the potential. From this poll, I'll see who votes for which time slot works best for them, and I'll try to arrange times accordingly. No need to fear, no one will be left out. If there's a group who votes for one slot, but isn't the majority, I'll message you and arrange for the group of you to work together. Thanks for all you guys do!
  24. Hi everyone

    Welcome to OD!