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    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    We are not losing the art of conversation. The, "art," or process of conversation is ever changing due to changes in language, more specifically, slang. The more diversified a language becomes, the more it changes. The English language spoken in the U.S. today versus the spoken English from the 18th century is much different, and casual conversation between the two could be difficult. The art of conversation is being lost to those who won't adapt, social media is only speeding up the adaptation process. As to how language affects our thinking, I am only fluent in English, and therefore don't really have a say. Whenever I try to learn or speak another language, I don't think with emotion, I'm just trying to formulate sentences and not trying to sound stupid.
  2. PJPotter(OD)

    Hypotheticals - The Alien Dilemma

    To be honest, I would tell the aliens to look for a parallel universe in which humans don't need oxygen. In the finite curve of possible realities, there has to be one where the two species can live in the same atmosphere, therefore resolving the issue. If not, find the most technologically advanced version of us that can keep the aliens alive, and send them away to find somewhere where they can inhabit peacefully.
  3. PJPotter(OD)

    Farewell my comrades!!!

    Hey man, I am glad you're moving forward with your life and your career. We have had many deep conversations, and I've learned many things from you, more so than even some of my teachers in high school and college. You have been a great and loyal friend, something I don't run into often. I could write an essay about you, but you and I have had this discussion already, so I may not. Thanks for your help, your advice, and leadership. I don't know how I would've come as far as I did without your guidance, nor would've solved problems in life as well without your perspective. Don't change, ever. I know this is not the end, and I'll probably talk to you soon,but either way, I will leave you with this. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
  4. PJPotter(OD)

    R & R

    Sorry I legit just back from college and off IA.
  5. PJPotter(OD)

    Change in Diablo 3 Leadership

    As of now, I am no longer part of the Diablo 3 leadership. But, I am still a general and would gladly assist with anything that people ask of me, but I cannot stay as invested as I was before. I didn't want to have to leave, but at the moment I can't maintain everything. I am in the process of going through some harsh midterms, joining a fraternity, getting an internship, and some other real life nuances. My life was moving pretty slowly until recently, but now I can barely breathe, so it's time for me to step down and let some fresh blood in. I'm sorry to leave without a warning, but the current leadership is aware of what is going on, and I know that they can take care of any problem that may arise. They are hard working individuals, whom I trust. But if this division stays as it is, I don't think there will be a problem anyways. I wish everyone the best of luck and happy gaming during season 13. Someone go kill a rainbow gob for me.
  6. PJPotter(OD)

    D3 Division Logs

    I am editing this post to update the info
  7. PJPotter(OD)


    Hey everyone, I have seen people on and playing League, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to start doing inhouses again? They were fun, and they helped create activity for the division. I haven't seen many people on teamspeak, so I'm just going to put this here. While I am currently not part of the league division, I am still an avid player!
  8. PJPotter(OD)

    s13 Characters and Group ups

    I'm going to roll with a necro as well this season. I've had good luck with them before, hopefully it will continue this season
  9. PJPotter(OD)

    s13 preview

    What's your gamer tag and I can invite you into the in-game clan
  10. PJPotter(OD)

    s13 preview

    Blizzard has been extremely quiet to all fans for this coming season. There's no new patch, which is concerning. But don't lose hope, there's a big project blizzard has been working on. More than likely it has something to-do with the Diablo franchise. The only news is the dank miem Easter egg, so there's a possibility that something big, like an expansion, is coming.
  11. PJPotter(OD)

    New Recruit

    Welcome to OD!
  12. PJPotter(OD)

    OD Population Milestone

    Maybe this could be the start of something much bigger? Some food for thought for everyone. Also, everyone has done a fantastic job, the recruiters, the admin team, and every other member has helped shaped OD into what it is today. Everyone has a part, no matter how large or small. And while we owe our thanks to our predecessors, we must also continue to look for tomorrow's leaders. By preparing for the future, can we survive today, and grow tomorrow.
  13. PJPotter(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Next season I'll start with necro. They have given me the best luck so far, and I can make a speed build, high dps build, and support build. This way I can be versatile and not have to stray from one character.
  14. PJPotter(OD)

    Another Lovely Interview with.....SupremeJester(OD)!

    Who or what has been the biggest influence to you, during your time in OD? Do you think you've made friendships with OD members that will exist outside of the community? Favorite films? If you could have any three superpowers what would they be and why? And it can't be the power to have all powers or anything that overpowered. Top 3 favorite music genre's? Top 3 songs?
  15. PJPotter(OD)


    Welcome to OD!
  16. PJPotter(OD)

    Just can't take it any more

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Take it easy man!
  17. PJPotter(OD)

    Positive vibes for a member please

    My heart and prayers go out to you and your family @Shaco(OD)! Best wishes ~ PJ
  18. PJPotter(OD)

    Logspoon(OD) Diablo II

    Welcome to the OD Family!
  19. PJPotter(OD)


    Welcome to OD!
  20. PJPotter(OD)

    Some of my favorite Music.

    Thank you for sharing this! Just an fyi, we have a music topic in the testing section in the forums! I have it linked
  21. PJPotter(OD)

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to OD!
  22. PJPotter(OD)

    Clan OD Member Locations

    I added mine, I have some people near me, but nothing too close. I'm down for a roadtrip though!
  23. Happy Birthday!

    1. TypeReaL(OD)


      what the ginger said ! have a good one

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      thanks both


  24. PJPotter(OD)


    Welcome to OD!
  25. For All Members of the R & R Committee, below are a list of current members and their respective games played: Commanding Officer (CO) - pjpotter(OD) Main game: Diablo 3 Other games: Diablo 2, League of Legends, Overwatch Executive Officer - CompFreak(OD): Main game: SWTOR Other games: Diablo 3, Overwatch, Rocket League Members: Townkill(OD) Main game: none Other games: Diablo 2, League of Legends, Diablo 3, WoW WillTurnip(OD) Main game: Diablo 2 Other games: Diablo 3 Aleos(OD) Main game: Diablo 2 Other games: none Melrak(OD) Main game: Destiny 2 Other games: Diablo 3, WoW, Overwatch Dave(OD) Main game: SWTOR Other games: FFXIV Disco(OD) Main game: Diablo2 Other games: None Hikato(OD) Main game: OD Community Other games: Diablo2, Diablo3 MelodicRose(OD) Main game: FFXIV Other games: LoL ChrisSpeck(OD) Main game: OD Community Other games: LoL, Diablo3, WoW, OW, FFXIV *If there are any additions / subtractions to be noted, please post in this thread, and they will be corrected!