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    Sort of but not really resignation?

    I play with him every once in a while on OW but hes rarely on
  2. Dabomb(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    yeaaa I second this one...
  3. Dabomb(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    awww didnt listen whoops
  4. Dabomb(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    I nominate @Purplez(OD) PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE and thanks!
  5. Dabomb(OD)

    A Site for All to See

    id be down.. I actually miss this game -_- IF there is anything I can do to help invite them to participate in our camaraderie please let me know. Or the start up of the server.
  6. Dabomb(OD)

    Hey everyone!

    Heya! Welcome!!! Let me know your battle tag and I will add ya! thanks for the tag @Ray(OD)
  7. Dabomb(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    Neg votes has always been a touchy subject for many. I was off last night so I am chiming in late. However I don't think a public apology is necessary but the fact that Sass and Pops took the time to both explain their views publicly and also apologize speaks volumes to the leaders they aim to be. I am not always a fan of changing my opinion or vote but in some cases it doesn't hurt. However now that 100% of the clan is aware of a silly mishap on a promotion can we move forward with smiles... Only @Terra wears pink on Wednesdays so pull your ish together people! πŸ™‚ I think @Triny(OD) spoke very wise words and I couldn't have put it better myself. Also for people only wanting to leave constructive criticism and "weren't" trying to stop a promotion there is a reason you can neutral vote this is precisely the reason for a neutral vote. So if you have any questions about anything ever refer to this topic Here It goes through pretty much everything in the clan from promotions to voting to rank expectations and what not. Its basically the OD Bible if you will. Happy gaming
  8. Dabomb(OD)

    A Site for All to See

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEN! lol shit man come back to us!
  9. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    Oh thats called PURGE because once he speaks every single person the team hates us.... LOL
  10. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    πŸ˜– No No and NOOOOOOOO! That is like 3 extra clicks... haha jk ill let @DBZ(OD) do the honors! I don't want to step on D2's toes πŸ™‚
  11. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    lmao agreed! Also they could go through some of the old pinned topics and post them under the "Old Stickies" thread. IF you wanted. To clear up some stuff.
  12. Dabomb(OD)

    Recruiting Guide:

    The process of recruiting. Recruiting somebody should not just be a 2 minute job although most people wish it was. It does take time so with that being said please take the time to ensure you are going through the correct process to recruit someone. Your recruits are "YOUR" responsibility you are the one that needs to show them the rules etc.. You will be there first in depth contact with the clan. You will welcome them and show them the ropes. Once you have the ability to recruit consider yourself a mentor. With that being said here is the process the Diablo II Division wants you to follow. Anyone not following this process will have their privilege to recruit removed. ( Before you start they must join channel :Sassy to do any recruiting) 1. Make sure to welcome them to the clan first and foremost. We are a welcoming community and we welcome all into the clan the new the old the bad and good. Ask them if they use mods and let them know we are a GM and legit clan and have a 0 tolerance policy for 3rd party programs 2.Make them check out the website Overdosed.net this is where they can click "Register" and fill out the required info and add yourself as the recruiter. Make sure they read the rules once they have clicked register. 3.We have a forum site that you will also want to make the same account name on and you can find that by clicking the forum tab on the Overdosed.net website. 4. Download Teamspeak 3 this is where most people communicate and it will make your stay here a bit more enjoyable. ( http://www.teamspeak3.com/?gclid=CM6j_M_A29ACFUa1wAodfpUK0g ) this is the link they can download TS3 at. 5. We are a gm clan we do not tolerate any bm 6. You will need to make a new account that should consist of 12 characters it needs to end in (OD) with cap letters the reason we ask for a maximum of 12 is because if you make multiple accounts you will be able to add (OD)1 etc. on the end. I.e Dabomb(OD) and Dabomb(OD)1 we always rush our recruits to get them started. It is also nice to help them find some chaos runs even doing this yourself or reaching out to a runner can be great things. 7. If you encounter any problems reach out to Windstorms, Sassy, Dabomb, Seriouswine, Hari or any other person that is warrant officer or higher. 8. Explain a bit how the ranks work they get automatic promotions every 7 days with activity until they hit staff sergeant. After that it will be up to your peers and leaders to promote you based off performance. 9. Once they have completed everything on the website. You must go and approve the application and leave 3 comments on the trial member stating why you approved the application. 10. After they have been approved have them make their new account. Then rejoin the channel and help them set up their profile by having them right click the character in game and add in the order of. Recruiter: Date recruited: Rank: 12.Explain to them the DSL policy and how it works. Days Since Login once you hit 15 you are automatically disabled. You can reset your DSL by logging on to Overdosed.net each day. 13. Last but not least take a second to ask them if they have any questions at all about the clan and do your best to answer to the best of your knowledge if you have any questions you are unsure of reach out to the division leadership. Once you have completed these steps the person should be successfully recruited so thank you for showing your interest in recruiting and you now have the ability to get out there and start doing what you do best. GAMING! This is the basics if you have any other questions feel free to comment with your question or suggestion. Instructional video will come later as well as recording. -Dabomb
  13. Dabomb(OD)


    yall some savages LOL!!!!
  14. Dabomb(OD)

    Let us know when you play!!

    Hey everyone I would like an idea of when people play and if they use teamspeak or not. Take a second and please answer the questions. This will help with upcoming events and tournaments as well as group activities etc. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want. Thanks for your input. -Dabomb(OD)
  15. Dabomb(OD)

    Sort of but not really resignation?

    It is fun even if you suck at it.... I am the perfect example! LMAO I am stuck in such a low SR I can't hardly play with anyone. However I still have fun!! I am not the best at OW either but lets game some time I bet ill make you look like you are a pro!
  16. Dabomb(OD)

    Sort of but not really resignation?

    come play overwatch with us.....? πŸ™‚
  17. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    Or just make a catchy tagline that pops up when you log in and says Ask us today how you can save 15% by switching to geico Or ask us how you can become a division leader or Make your own squad today start here! ( insert link ) jk lol
  18. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    I never said just go deleting things without asking, but hey thanks for the explanation good stuff.
  19. Dabomb(OD)

    Automatic DSL resets

    This will make many peeplz happy well done! πŸ˜„
  20. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    Okay. It might save a bunch of time in the future to just delete the ones you have determined inactive or have given no response, and if someone wants to remake a squad they are more than welcome to do so. Just my take on things. But I can see your thought process behind this.
  21. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    How long are you giving them before you remove them? Because it has been 2 weeks. If someone wants to re-create the squad it doesn't take long at all. Also it would reset the member count so it would be more accurate for the ones that are inactive.
  22. Dabomb(OD)

    vacation trip pics Rep'd OD

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good shit man! Nice catch! and nice shirt! Wonder how you got that? Haha
  23. Dabomb(OD)

    Return to the Fold...

    Well well well WHAT THE HELL MAN! Welcome back where you been?
  24. Dabomb(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Abuse of Power by Major General of D2.

    I mean he did say he would start kicking...... o.O fair warning IMO. Also no need for anyone to throw around insults on either side calling people children or spitting back. Break it up lets move on people nobody here was hurt.
  25. Dabomb(OD)

    Gm PvP rules

    1v1 Ladder Rules (unless changed by event host) - Unlimited Spots available - Can challenge up to two spots ahead of you - 3 Day dodge limit, if no response or refuses to duel for 3 days = auto loss. If you're never on at the same time then the challenged is cancelled and no re-challenge for 24 hours - Must post in this thread and also PM the person if you would like to challenge someone - Must save the PM in which you called the person out in your inbox (hit save a copy before sending) for proof that you challenged (people may get lost in the call outs in big threads) - Must wait 24 hours before you can re-challenge the same person - Only one character per person - If duels exceed 4 hours, they are considered null, no position change will occur and challenge is lost. - If there are any disputes then u most provide at least 1 screenshot or pm me to med the duel - If asked, you must show gear + inventory - If for any reason you are caught using 3rd party programs, bming intentionally, etc. you will be removed from this ladder - Three dodges = removal from ladder, rejoin when you come back tho :) - Be active, thanks! HLD GM Dueling Rules: (Credit goes to Legen) - No Mods/Hacks/Programs of any kind - One member from each team must say Go to begin the round - No Traps / Missiles / Curses / Attacks of any kind may be casted prior to your opponent saying 'Go' - Towning or Teleporting passed Flavie and Bridges in case of a Bridge Map results in a loss (however being pushed in town via Mind Blast / Leap / Telekinesis is not just come back out) - If you accidentally town, immediately come directly back out, otherwise this will result in a loss - No consumables other than mana potions, arrows, and bolts. - No use of shrines or wells. Doing so to heal and/or remove curses results in a loss. - The moor is to be cleared before dueling. It is at the players digression to clear the moor completely to prevent any healing from life leech or life per kill affixes. - Do not leave town once you die (Until round is finished) - Do not cast anything or use any aura once you die (IE: Oak, Shadow, Golem, Mediation, etc) - Ties are null duels - Naked killing can and will result in suspension from channel - You may stack Mana Potions in the Moor before starting a duel - Refusal to GMOD Test or show gear / inventory / weapon swap can result in suspension from channel - No prebuffing (Anything stored in your inventory, including cube is not considered prebuffing) - Recasting is allowed - Max resistance of any element is 85% - Max absorb of any element is 20% - When using combinations of items to absorb do not exceed 80 Maximum Resistances / 20 Absorb to any single element - Life replenish is capped at 40, NOT including + Replenish from CTA. (Ie: 52 replenish with CTA equipped is allowed.) - No casting skill charges from items (See exception below) - If both players agree, the use of the following charges are allowed:Oak Sage, Heart of Wolverine, Spirit of Barbs, and Summon Grizzly - Only Cold Sorceress's may use the runeword "Doom" - A maximum of 10% slow from items is allowed (ie. Arach or Nos Coil) - A maximum of one poison small charm per inventory - No excessive use of houses (Ie. Using a house to break a MB lock fast is fine as long as you do not stay inside it.) - Extremely defensive play is frowned upon and may result in suspension - Only one item that grants % to cast life tap can be worn at a time. (Ie. Exile or Dracs) - When using the runeword Phoenix, all monsters must be Redemp’d before dueling. - Refusing to leave FPK marked games on non-FPK chars, or an FPK character already being used by two other users can result in suspension from channel. (FPK Characters: Bone Nec, Lightning Trap Sin, BVC, Wind Druid) Class Specific Rules: Sorceress Specific Rules: - No + Maximum Resistance to any element or absorb gear when using Energy Shield (Exception: Nightwing is allowed) - No more than 13 Bugged Mana Small Charms - All damage reduced by integer (Magic Damage Reduce + Physical Damage Reduce) is capped at 20 (ES Sorc only) Necromancer Specific Rules: - Bone Wall is banned - Bone Prison is allowed versus characters that can teleport (Any character with enigma equipped or Sorc's with teleport skilled) - All curses are allowed except Iron Maiden and Life Tap - No corpse skills are allowed - Maximum of +10% Max Fire Resist or +5% Max Fire Resist and Dwarf Ring versus all classes but Sorceress' using the skill Energy Shield - May use +15% Maximum Fire Resist vs Sorceress' using the skill Energy Shield (IE: Hotspur Boots, Infernostride Demonhide Boots + Vex, or Waterwalk Sharkskin Boots + 2x Vex) Druid Specific Rules: - Thundergod's Vigor War Belt is not allowed Assassin Specific Rules: - Dual Claw Assassins using traps for damage cannot use Absorb or + Maximum Resistance of any Element (This means NO Lo Rune) - Assassins that do not use traps as a source of damage may use a single Wisp/Dwarf/Raven, OR may use +5% max res to each element. (Ie. Lo, Vex, or Ohm'd Valk) Barbarian Specific Rules: - 2x Raven Frosts allowed on non-stacking Barbarians (250 or higher total cold res is considered stacking) - 2x Heart of the Oak swap Barbarians can use Verdungo's belt OR Angelic's Set Amazon Specific Rules: - Slow Missiles is allowed - 2x Raven Frosts allowed on non-stacking amazons (250 or higher total cold res is considered stacking) - Maximum of +10% Max Fire Resist or +5% Max Fire Resist and Dwarf Ring versus all classes but Sorceress' using the skill Energy Shield - May use +15% Maximum Fire Resist vs Sorceress' using the skill Energy Shield (IE: Hotspur Boots, Infernostride Demonhide Boots + Vex, or Waterwalk Sharkskin Boots + 2x Vex) Paladin Specific Rules: - Holy Freeze is allowed - When skilling resistance auras do not pass the allowed absorb limit. (85% Max Res, or 80% Max Res and 20% Absorb) - Use of a resistance aura during a duel is banned (With the exception of Salvation) - The use of Prayer, Holy Bolt, and Redemption are not allowed. - Meditation / Cleansing are not banned however using them other than purposes of removing curses or mana regeneration is banned. - More than 1 base prayer is banned Posting correct screenshots: The winner of a challenge must post at least two screen shots of the duel 1. One screenshot showing left-click skills, with map and time shown 2. One screenshot of message log showing at least 1 kill, with time shown Example: