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  1. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    Oh thats called PURGE because once he speaks every single person the team hates us.... LOL
  2. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    😖 No No and NOOOOOOOO! That is like 3 extra clicks... haha jk ill let @DBZ(OD) do the honors! I don't want to step on D2's toes 🙂
  3. Miss you shitter 😞 we need our chats and catch up ❤️

  4. Dabomb(OD)

    Terra's Guide on How to Vote

    lmao agreed! Also they could go through some of the old pinned topics and post them under the "Old Stickies" thread. IF you wanted. To clear up some stuff.
  5. Dabomb(OD)


    yall some savages LOL!!!!
  6. Dabomb(OD)

    Sort of but not really resignation?

    It is fun even if you suck at it.... I am the perfect example! LMAO I am stuck in such a low SR I can't hardly play with anyone. However I still have fun!! I am not the best at OW either but lets game some time I bet ill make you look like you are a pro!
  7. Dabomb(OD)

    Sort of but not really resignation?

    come play overwatch with us.....? 🙂
  8. Happy happy birthday to one my bestest friends in OD hope you have a great day shon ❤️

    1. Dabomb(OD)


      Thanks the best brit in OD

  9. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    Or just make a catchy tagline that pops up when you log in and says Ask us today how you can save 15% by switching to geico Or ask us how you can become a division leader or Make your own squad today start here! ( insert link ) jk lol
  10. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    I never said just go deleting things without asking, but hey thanks for the explanation good stuff.
  11. Dabomb(OD)

    Automatic DSL resets

    This will make many peeplz happy well done! 😄
  12. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    Okay. It might save a bunch of time in the future to just delete the ones you have determined inactive or have given no response, and if someone wants to remake a squad they are more than welcome to do so. Just my take on things. But I can see your thought process behind this.
  13. Dabomb(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    How long are you giving them before you remove them? Because it has been 2 weeks. If someone wants to re-create the squad it doesn't take long at all. Also it would reset the member count so it would be more accurate for the ones that are inactive.
  14. Dabomb(OD)

    vacation trip pics Rep'd OD

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good shit man! Nice catch! and nice shirt! Wonder how you got that? Haha