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  1. Tips & Tricks

    Here's one. Ingame type /fps - It will show you your ping and frames per second. Useful if your connect isn't always reliable and you wanna go duel. High ping will screw you.
  2. Any Smiters out there?

    Awesome! 2 smiters around and keys! They are kinda pricey, I'd rather pay OD for their keys than randos, or if we run well we could grind out other people's keys for them.
  3. Any Smiters out there?

    awesome thanks man
  4. Any Smiters out there?

    Hey any one have a budget smiter setup enough to run Ubers with my Barb? I got gears set-up but merc's lacking for solo. Lookin for someone to try and run keys, flip torches with. lmk.
  5. Ladder Reset progress

    Not so much the delay, but I had big connection issues and lost about 2-3 hours when the team was workin act2 Norm. After I got back on and hari got me to early 30's act2 nm, but way behind where i wanted to be.
  6. HCL Rules of Engagement & Screen Shots

    Rip bro. DBZ's no joke. Was he a charger? Desynch and whopped ya?
  7. HAPPY 50th birthday

    Happy Birthday Pops!
  8. Happy Bday DBZ

    Happy Birthday man. Hope you have a good day.
  9. How to turn off item spam in guild chat!

    sweet! thank you. That message box gets to be a pain, not only the clicking it but miss so many messages from friends and guildies.
  10. Group Grifting

    Thanks, yea it's true i got more time to grind, means more gem lvls, more anc, etc. At this point I stopped using War Cry because it wasn't enough toughness in the higher gr's so I put Aquilla's in cube (instead of Mfists) then use Threatening Shout>Falter for a 25% dmg boost instead. This seems to keep my dmg in place while giving me a better DR.
  11. Group Grifting

    I run a pretty decent Hota Barb that can solo 95, got some variations on it to run with zmonks or for speed, etc. My connect gets crappy sometimes so afternoon groups have been best for me so far.
  12. Ladder reset is coming

    Actually that's awesome. We could get our Smiter & Barb team up early again and make ez fg on torches. Last time having the smiter help would cut my run times almost in half if i remember right.
  13. Ladder reset is coming

    Hey man, welcome back! I'll be on Reset night to. SCL baba of course. Plan on getting to hell, but still need a dedicated team.
  14. Getting Kicked or Banned

    lol, the same thing happened to me on SC. It'll auto kick you. We had mass flooding from people using sc bots.
  15. Happy Birthday bud.

    1. DarkHelmet
    2. TieDyeT(OD)


      i just farmed a 10/10 ptorch :/ . If i hit another i'll replace, but it's somethin if u want it.

    3. DarkHelmet


      Better than nothing right now. It will get me +3 in skills which helps on everything, including Vengeance. What would really help would be a Maras and a CoA where I can get a big boost to not only skills but DR and more importantly RESISTANCES(why have Guardian Angel if I cant take advantage of it).