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  1. TieDyeT(OD)

    how would you deal with this?

    Well that's ashame for them. Don't let it bother you or your wife, it's on them if they let it effect being around you. Only what your wife thinks of you is important. What they're saying is some petty, childish, bullshit. Fuck'em.
  2. TieDyeT(OD)

    how would you deal with this?

    I'm not gonna say you did anything wrong, normal reaction and those ladies should mind their own business it's not like you beat the snot out of him. Any way, we had better results with taking things away than smacks. A smack's not THAT much of a punishment, atleast wasn't for me as a kid. But if you take their favorite games away a few times, that punishment lasts a little longer than the pain or surprise from a smack. Every time they ask for it back, say no and remind them why they lost it, reinforcing the situation until the punishment is over. If they keep doin it then take more, our kid's had a world of nothing a few times. Once this kind of punishment was established we could usually threaten punishment to get our kid to stop something... usually.
  3. TieDyeT(OD)

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Cool, guess we got the same BDay Aer. Have fun.
  4. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    Wow, can't make this up. High School Teacher in Georgia goes crazy today and starts poppin off shots in the class room. No one shot, wasn't aiming at people luckily. https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/28/us/georgia-dalton-high-school-teacher-gunfire/index.html Bartoo (Principal) said Davidson(Shooter) was an "excellent teacher" who was "well thought of in our building."
  5. TieDyeT(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Which comms is D3 using most? Neither seem active when I check, and with limited bandwidth I really don't wanna leave both open when no one's on.
  6. TieDyeT(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    Yea, I get the second part alot. Hard to pull away from a good grind, or dedicate limited on time to carrying when you're still building yourself up. It pays itself back in the end though, giving more players and character choices to push with later.
  7. TieDyeT(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    You sure people being ignored is intentional? That chat log constantly has stuff goin through it, I know I can't read it all even with the ID'd items turned off.
  8. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    I guess you missed this part where I addressed exactly what you meant. To be more direct to what you said, having the gun doesn't have to be a given to prevent worse things. When people go crazy in other countries, they don't build a bomb most of the time, they get easily available knives, machetes, stuff like that. Maybe they stab & kill a few people, but no where near mass shooter numbers. When this happens, you don't need a gun to protect yourself, there's tons of options. Doesn't seem to matter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Fort_Hood_shooting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Fort_Hood_shooting https://www.ranker.com/list/military-base-shooting/mike-rothschild I don't feel safe at a game cause of security. It wouldn't be hard to get a small arm past those guys giving a quick pat to take food, beer, and joints from patrons if you really wanted to. That's a false sense of security at best, kinda like the tsa, letting most of the test bombs and guns through. It's not just one country, and people are people, everywhere. When the same response works repeatedly, it's a good idea. Why would we do the exact opposite and keep getting worse results? Tradition? They're amendments in a living document designed to be change-able and we've already changed the 2nd with all our laws surrounding arms now.
  9. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    Maybe Brown Eyes Blue Eyes worth adding to consideration here. People tend to rise or fall to others' expectations of them. Start treating all our kids like dangerous, violent, threats; we may be creating dangerous, violent, threats.
  10. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    Oops forgot to address this. Of course they look for problems. When the possible threat is current and former students, they are evaluating every person they see as a possible threat. Who wants to be on the receiving end of that? Sure they need probable cause, but it doesn't stop people from doin what they do, there's no shortage of bad judgment or abuse of power any where. When if ever has an armed security team actually stopped or prevented a mass shooter? I know there's plenty of Conceal carry guys and Armed Guards that weren't able to do anything, but I can't recall a single event they worked like people imagine they do.
  11. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    @Mursaat, you brought up IED's this way: " For those who think this is not going to work, let me tell you this. If guns are banned, there is still the problem of the mind, that's the first thing to start with. Sadly to say if that mind set is so dedicated into hurting others, it will find a way with or without a gun, scary example could be an IED." It's not totally out of context. I'm just applying the same logic used to describe why we need more guns to stop gun violence. It's only ridiculous because we changed the subject from guns to bombs, much like the ban example. It always seems silly when you sub the gun for anything else. Domestic attacks by IED are far fewer and takes more effort, than a gun. So if we make even easier, ready to go bombs and let them be prolific and freely traded (like guns), do you think that number will go up or deter future attacks lowering the number? To be more direct to what you said, having the gun doesn't have to be a given to prevent worse things. When people go crazy in other countries, they don't build a bomb most of the time, they get easily available knives, machetes, stuff like that. Maybe they stab & kill a few people, but no where near mass shooter numbers. When this happens, you don't need a gun to protect yourself, there's tons of options. While i was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, I mean no disrespect, or belittle the seriousness of IED's.
  12. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    On IED's. So easy to make, yet so rare you here of them in mass killings when compared to guns. It's almost like because they aren't easy to just pick up from somewhere and require some work to research and build, they are less frequently used and less prolific. Or maybe we should just legalize all explosive devices, cause ya know, only a good guy with a bomb can stop a bad guy with a bomb, right? No. Cause then they'd just be looking for problems to inject themselves into and then when the shit actually hits the fan they never are able to do anything about it.
  13. TieDyeT(OD)

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Have a fun one Julie :)
  14. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    I heard a response to the Armed teachers or guards in a school I didn't think of before. We're talking about training someone to be looking at our kids every day trying to decide who's a danger and might need to be put down. That's doesn't sound good for who ever has that job, to live that mentality everyday. It sure doesn't sound good for kids having to go to school everyday with a guy like that walking around evaluating you. Plus, didn't this last school have an armed person there that couldn't do anything? Worth mentioning is when there are armed people, they rarely are a help. There's more stray bullets, confusion if police think they might be the killer, if they even happen to be in a position to do anything at all.
  15. TieDyeT(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    I'll take a crack at each Point. I swing left, progressive. 1) I wouldn't put this on all Right-Wingers. It seems to be mostly the Political Leaders. Most of the country, left & right, support better background checks; then smaller majority into different aspects of the check itself and what can disqualify you. Most of the country also supported banning Bump Stocks after Vegas, even congress sounded on board but changed after a few days. Now we may get follow through on bump stocks. I blame the lack of follow through on Donor Money, not Right Wing voters. 2) Mental Health is important and a factor in a lot of mass shootings. The problem with blaming Mental Health is our rates of Mental Illness are very close to every other country, but here is where those people have access to weaponry capable of mass shooting. So while it's something worth addressing, it doesn't seem to be the main factor behind this problem. 3) This one kinda scares me. We already have school cops that occasionally use excessive force on students. I'd really rather not add a gun into that equation. Some thoughts not in your op. 4) Banning "Assault Rifles" - I hate this one. There's no real category called Assault Rifle. We buy Semi-Auto Rifles that aesthetically look like a Fully Automatic Weapon. They function like a regular hunting rifle. 5) Banning Accessories - This one I been entertaining lately. I guess we could include Bump Stocks, but I think of things like AP "cop killer" bullets, Extended Mags, maybe Silencers? Basically all these items would give a mass shooter more advantages over police with less reloading, ability to penetrate kevlar vests, and hide their position. For the sports shooter, reloading more often at the gun range, not adding more AP's to your Apocalypse Stash, and needing hearing protection; don't seem like a big sacrifice to make. 6) Futility - Something Right-Wing brings up is the futility of some actions, and I think they have a point. We have so many weapons compared to other places that bans would push those sales to the black market, like drugs. Improvements to the background check can still be undermined. I think no matter what changes we make we are still going to have this problem for years to come. It's sad, but this will be something slow to change.