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  1. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    An excellent point Terra. We should be going up the chain of.command, not start at the top. But, the issue I'm addressing is more focused on tackling at this current conjecture is the appearance that commanders are either unapproachable, or that they don't do anything. While these are misunderstandings at their core, I still feel that we [rather you all as I am a lower enlisted myself], should see what would be bridges can built to meet them half way. I would like to point out as @Dabomb(OD) did earlier, there's only so much you can do to combat an issue on your side of it. And the leadership is not doing nothong, as @Tris(OD) pointed out several things the leadership is already doing to make some changes in that direction. Hopefully our continued discussion in this matter has answered so many of the various questions people have had no matter how simple or complex they may have been. As for taking issues up with your local chain first, that's an issue that has plagued OD for years. I dont know why people refuse to handle issues at the lowest possible level, but it's honestly the best way to use people's time. Why involve a community admin in a simple in game dispute that would take a junior officer a couple minutes to deal with. It's hard for the leadership to get things done of they're being poked a thousand times over minor squabbles that their respective squads or divisions should be dealing with - so quit taking things up the chain that don't need to be! -end rant. Sorry as a retired soldier that bothers me haha.
  2. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    @Tris(OD) I would like to start off by saying thanks for the in depth reply, and say no I don't think you're attacking me. This is a very constructive discussion that I sincerely hope all reading or keeping up with are taking something from. I certainly hope this discussion hasn't discouraged people in a way that makes them feel useless. As for recruiters staying on with their recruits... that does not happen often. I hear often in teamspeak how so n so hasn't heard from their recruiter in months, weeks... Something to bear in mind though is that you work with the other generals and commanders on a regular basis. By contrast were the creepy neighbors up the hill. Sure we can come over and ask hey how's it going? But a majority of the lower enlisted seem to feel it's hard to get in touch with commanders, or even generals. "Hey I'm looking for so n so" -> "ah, goodluck they never seem to be around" that exchange should never occur, and yet it does. It's actually one of the reasons I've been so hell bent on targeting what i perceive as an issue of communication between the leadership and lower enlisted. Now, that being said I can understand being the guy people come to. And asking one person to take it all on is impractical, as I found myself quickly overwhelmed because of it. However, as a team with you all making strides in this it will spread. Especially if the junior leadership beneath you follows this example. Change is hard on everyone, regardless of size and function. And not all change is good. We should just try to keep an open mind on these things, and perhaps some responses in this thread should be written in less aggressive ways. Even if a conversation begins with aggression it doesn't have to be met with it in kind.
  3. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    There's plenty of should be' s @Dabomb(OD) but you know as well as I do there are plenty of people that people don't do things unless it's force fed for the most part. I am however, trying to focus on the side of things we can do, we can fix. So the question now is, if people are just going to refuse to check their mail, or even log in in some cases, why have that part of the process at All? Well, it's been a standard part of OD for a long time. So what do we do about it? Do you give the chain a tug and remind people that it's a standard? Or do you as leaders make a concession that helps bridge the gap?
  4. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Well, since many members don't seem to check their mail (this is apparently an issue alongside DSL), possible solutions include but of course are not limited to: 1. Reinforce standing policies for new recruits to be educated on how to contact higher ranking officers of they have such questions. 2. Encourage current leaders to stay further in touch with those under them. Building a decent relationship makes moments of tension easier to handle. 3. Reach out to others in different divisions and squads, not just your own. Sometimes stopping by and saying a simple hello to someone can make all the difference. 4. Instead of just holding admin meetings, general, meetings, etc. Hold more informal meetings so that you as leaders can reach out easier and more often to those of lower rank. There are more than this, but it's a good start none the less. These are also tried and true methods in not only other clans, but the business world as well. At the end of the day this sending a message thing is to impersonal for quite a few people of would seem. Now is a good time to shift to a more personal approach of communication. It's not that the leadership is doing nothing, it's simply that the current way of doing things is no longer working for everyone. Hope these help, as they're only a start. And for those reading this remember, the leadership is doing what they can to keep things going well, try to be constructive and not so aggressive :)
  5. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    @Atrayas(OD) had some excellent points. Leadership in anything involves more than one would expect in one aspect or another. However, I think that if lower ranking members feel that the higher ranking members are unapproachable, cannot be approached, or have no idea how to get in touch with them.... That is a failure in the leadership. Before everyone gets their torches and pitchforks for that one, we need to look closer and see where the failure is. Somewhere in the chain of command, someone is failing to properly inform their lower ranking members within the clan, division, squad, etc on these things. That person or persons failure is leading to more and more cases like this. This issue does not solely ride on the shoulders of the lower enlisted Terra, this blame falls on all sides. That being said, I think based on how this thread has progressed the commanders should ensure that lower ranking members are being properly informed about approaching higher ranking members in the clan. Since we know how to do it, it's a problem easily overlooked . But if they don't because commanders appear unapproachable, that's on you guys to try and work out how to appear in a better light to your lower ranking members so that will no longer be the case. If it's that lower ranking members don't think they can contact you because they never see you, they should be educated on what the best way to contact you is, and their chain should be handling that. Where the failure is exists somewhere in the chain, you all just need to find out where.
  6. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    I still don't see why this has garnered aggressive responses. Expecting accountability of higher ups is a standard in and of itself in numerous organizations around the world. As for myself, I was speaking from my experience in the military where as a squad leader I was subject to regular evaluations alongside every other platoon sergeant and squad leader in my batallion. It's simply something I support due to the reasons behind it. I merely cited reasons supporting why having these evaluations would be beneficial, and in no way stated nor accused any of the administrative staff [commanders of generals] to be complacent or incompetent. I will however say that the title of this thread could have been [and should have been] much more neutral sounding, as glancing at that alone paints the picture of incompetence and a lack of trust in the commanders and generals. And while I agree Terra that courageous doesn't always mean correct, I think a more core underlying issue is being overlooked [or perhaps I'm looking to much into it?] Why did DH feel he needed to make this thread to get his point across? What lead to this being the ultimate decision I'm communicating the problem? Those 2 questions at least to me are very important in this, and I'm honestly kicking myself for not originally asking them. I do not see anything wrong with asking "What has so and so done? I don't see them around much at all". I would like to change my opinion on one thing though, and that's that this should have been handled at the lowest possible level of command, as with any other issues. This again draws from my military days but it's a good system.
  7. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Well, those in higher positions should be subject to regular evaluation [6-12months for the originally mentioned ranks] to ensure a high standard is being maintained, along with making sure whatever extra responsibilities said individual has are being handled properly, and with integrity. It's very easy to become complacent and let things slide - then it slowly rolls down the slope and you can find that a particular division or squad is now failing to maintain a certain standard, rule, or regulation that should be maintained by all clan OD members is no longer happening. I understand that evaluations can be incredibly stressful for the person being evaluated - but it comes with the turf. If you want the rank you get all of its ups and downs along with it. This may not be a job, but by stepping up and choosing to take on these responsibilities, you have no right to complain. You made the choice, now take responsibility for that choice. People in these higher ranks are supposed to be looked up to by all of the various lower ranking members within the community. You're supposed to be a pillar of the community and / or division(s) you're in - alongside with holding yourself and all other members to the rules and regulations within the community. Tossing my 2 cents in here -- and while I would normally agree a public forum isn't the best place --- In OD's case it very well may be due to the large community size along with people being in very different time zones -- at least now everyone can pitch in.
  8. Important Info For You

    Hi all - first post since joining the WoW Division -- I'm Sarnith, and I play Lookitsatree - the Restoration Druid in the raid team. Below you'll find several discord links for your class discord - and in alphabetical order for the OCD's out there. raidbots.com -- incredibly useful site that's basically SimCraft in a user friendly set up - a lot easier to compare gear, talents, etc than using the Raw SimC program. Use this instead of Ask Mr Robot, or other alternatives -- this is much more reliable. Always up to date, and always maintained. Class Discord Servers Why do these matter? They have a TON of information on your class and spec. Make sure to check the pinned messages before asking questions - as 99% of the questions you can come up with will be answered by one of the pinned messages. You can find information from trinkets, legendaries, talents, rotations, and much much more on these servers - Investing the time will make you a better player. Death Knight (Acherus): https://goo.gl/cqVGWK Demon Hunter (Mardum): https://goo.gl/893FBh Demon Hunter (The Fel Hammer): https://goo.gl/DqikKN Druid (Dreamgrove): https://goo.gl/xNHVnK Hunter (Trueshot Lodge): https://goo.gl/QcMRU5 Hunter (Warcraft Hunters' Union): https://goo.gl/xPZDpM Mage (Hall of the Guardians): https://goo.gl/xnpzBq Monk (Peak of Serenity): https://goo.gl/92YR93 Paladin (Hammer of Wrath): https://goo.gl/R8VknG Priest (Focused Will): https://goo.gl/5LLdDy Priest (How to Priest ): https://goo.gl/qtRPaf Priest (Netherlight Temple): https://goo.gl/S5HV5G Rogue (Ravenholdt): https://goo.gl/dcvqwj Shaman (Ancestral Guidance): https://goo.gl/tnwdDL Shaman (Earthshrine): https://goo.gl/fGyKLV Warlock (Council of the Black Harvest): https://goo.gl/jFaJFi Warrior (Skyhold): https://discord.gg/Skyhold
  9. Unid Torches

    Here yal go -- Service posted. We have 'em flowin and damn we got busy quick! Good luck this season everyone with your rolls! https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=77576872&f=169&o=0#p524573723
  10. Unid Torches

    http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=77565235&f=169 Finally more on the market - check it out if you need one
  11. Unid Torches

    If yal need keys run these 2 guys manage the Uber Team I work with https://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=1061784 https://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=1073407 Hit them up and they'll work with yal on it and get it set up. We have a huge clientele atm and are super busy. Thanks and good luck
  12. Group Grifting

    Alright - so i've seen next to no communication on here in regards to who is playing what, or what they're aiming for build wise. I understnad this changes a lot with the RNG of gear. Hell, I was gonna go impale on my demon hunter and ended up with an ancient yangs - so rip that right? As of now i have a multishot DH, and a ZDps Monk ready to go. If anyone is interested in grouping - hit me up if I'm around in game and if I can, I happily will! What do you all have? What do you play? What do you enjoy? What does your build bring to the group? Cheers, Sarnith
  13. Group Grifting

    ideally you run a zdps barb / charge barb and a zdps monk to create density for the damage dealers As for the inna monk ideal -- looking it all over. The co-efficients have been heavily nerfed, playing a life per second mantra of healing monk isn't nearly as good as playing a healing from globes monk since the %% increases are more than double on a per ability basis. The healing mantra used to give a LOT more of your LPS to the team, now it's only 7% + 10k.
  14. Group Grifting

    @DarkHelmet [figured i'd save some real estatefrom quoting here]. My leorics I actually wear with 96% and it's ancient with high dex, high vit, and high all res. If I were to swap out of my current set up to 6piece innas i would need to roll a spirit guard with a high DR %%, remove my strongarms [most people wear one anyways and i've been forced to use my nems which isn't awful either but still]. Also, don't double fist if you're going full tank. Use a stormshield in your offhand for another 30% melee DR. It's super helpful. If I go inna helm / belt / chest / legs / glove / boot for 6 piece [i'm using an immunity in cube, not a rorg by personal preference]. I only lose 5.27% CDR, and since I utilize a Zodiac this impacts me very very minimally. At the moment my belt is a primal ancient chord of sherma, which applies a mass blinding field as a chance on hit for 4 seconds [in place of blinding flash :D] If you use the 6 piece inna support build, you'll use Mantra of Healing - Sustenance. The reason being that it double it's effect, which in turn gets redoubled by the set bonus. Since you're overall life per second is calculated into the regen it offers the party, it essentially double dips the system. As it stands now the build I'm currently in works in GR 95+ in 4 man games, but I'm willing to try out the 6 piece inna again if I get the legendaries rolled correctly to make the swap and test. I used to play a 6 piece inna support monk and it worked very very well. But with so many people getting one shot now, I'm wondering if the current is just plain better. Also We've tested the living hell out of this in prior and current season. Tons of variants work but I honestly think it depends on your group make up. This will give you the general idea of why the current is so strong tho.
  15. Overdosed Academy Squad

    I honestly felt [and still feel bad] that I had to step away before fulfilling my word on this statement. Or rather, to put it better, back up these words with actual action. I look forward to doing so this coming reset - I'm super excited, and hopefully the D2 players are as well! @WindStorMS(OD) @Sassy @Xayj(OD) in the past i've relied on you and Dtwo [when Mike was still here] as a shoulder to lean on while I learned and stepped forward to do things, or run events in some cases. I sincerely hope I can continue to do so, especially interact with other leaders within the OD Community as a whole. If there's anything I learned while in the military - it's that by hurling yourself into the unknown, learning from those who have experienced whatever environment you've landed in will teach you valuable lessons that you can carry with you through life. Even the seemingly oddest or off the wall train of thought can sometimes innovate incredibly useful or efficient ideas. In some cases taking a seemingly improbably situation and creating a feasible solution where so many before have failed. As previously stated in my quoted post - I sincerely hope this thread is continued by the leadership of OD - It's a great resource that we as lower enlisted should be able to look at and aspire to as potential future leaders. Thanks again, Sarnith
  16. Group Grifting

    So I'm not using Ice Blink because most of the players I run with are over 50%+ crit, meaning that 10% gain is very, very minimal for their overall output. If I were running with characters that had a much lower crit priority, sure. The Inna's 6 set just doesn't compete like it used to. The primary and most important reason behind this is that in previous seasons [season 10 and under] The monk healing skills almost ALL scaled off of Life Per Second. Before I rebirthed this monk, it had 1.5 mil hp, had life per second on almost every piece of gear and was rocking an easy 1 mil life per second. It simply couldn't die unless I was one shot. But NOW, the monk healing skills mostly scale off of healing globe bonus, which changes up a handful of things. In addition to the slanderer / lil rogue dual wield. It's very very easy to hit 5 attacks per second - in addition to the stacking armor buff that those 2 weapons give you. It's also 2 sources of 10% CDR [weapons can roll to 10, while shields only go to 8]. So right now, sitting afk in town my monk is currently at 70.86% CDR as of this reply. Why NDE? Just as you said, Dodge is a soft source of toughness. It /can/ fail. In case it does, or in case I'm human and f*** up, it's there. I do want to run dual immunities, but I just rolled a hellfire amulet with 8 CDR and the Harmony passive, so I might change it up a bit [currently using an Ess of Johan for phatter pulls]. If I don't feel like running Sixth Sense, I will likely be taking Unity for Damage. Why Tsunami without Ice Blink? This also goes back to knowing my groups characters. As of now, nobody I have run with has a freezing affix on their gear. Because of this, Freeze will be on it's own resistance table meaning i'm guarenteed to get it off reliably. IF I were to switch from this due to charge barbs [they freeze], or players with freezing mods, I would switch to Breaking Wave. If I decided to not run Serenity, I'd probably run blinding flash - crippling light. However, I've noticed provided CC Immunity and the small damage redirect spammed out [due to zodiac, which I will cover that choice shortly] has heavily impacted my groups survivability -- especially charge barbs that run with me. Why Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac when I'm already damn near 100% epiphany uptime? It makes Serenity have a virtual 1-2 second cooldown in combat, making me damn near indestructable. With blinding flash on instead, i'd simply be blind spamming while refreshing the damage reduction. This also makes my dashing strike have a 1-4 second refresh timer so I can keep up with the Impale Demon Hunters. It's damn hard for me to fall behind them where's actual combat to be had, which is a typical problem for the Zdps Monk when paired with elite hunters. It absolutely ensures my maximum dodge percentage uptime as well as my buff and debuff uptime. Edit -- noticed I forgot to mention Inner Sanctuary. Yeah, for some reason nobody stands in it so I stopped using it. -shrugs- They don't even stand in occulus circles for free damage :*(
  17. It's unfortunately that time

    It is with great regret that I must inform you all that I need to leave OD. I know that I had made many plans to help out and attempt to advance within the clan. However, from my last departure (which was health related), I find myself once again in a position that my health is on the decline. I am going in Monday to see several specialists and cardiologists about a possible emergency heart surgery as it seems I may need an internal defibrillator or at best stents put in. With all of this going on in addition to my other appointments I will no longer be able to maintain my DSL. I truly did enjoy being in OD before and it was why I had come back. I will still try to help and keep in touch as I can, but I will likely not be on half as much as I have been in the past. I do sincerely hope you all enjoy your christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate) holidays this year, and wish you all the best in your various goals and endeavors. I will attempt to log in to teamspeak to keep in touch, and will come on D2 or League of Legends to chat with everyone. I am sorry for stepping out, but I need to focus on my health and well-being, especially since I have a family. Thank you all for having me (both times!), and good luck ^.^
  18. Group Grifting

    I run Gogok, Gizzard [life regen / bubble], and Efficacious Toxin. Reason being - the people I primarily play with simply don't need the crit chance. So I take the iceblink and play with gizzard. My regen is nearly 200k life / second so i have effectively 1.5 mil hp due to the near 400k bubble. Which refreshes if i don't take damage in 4 seconds. Which definitely happens cause I dodge the whole world. I use a variant of the ZDps monk build. My build is https://ibb.co/nN0rCm
  19. Group Grifting

    Feel bad for barbs, my monk sits comfortably at 79.6% dodge :3 -- before gogok :D
  20. Group Grifting

    Yeah I prefer my Zdps monk for sure. Broke it out for some casual 80's with Prozackk, leyah, and buck3t and we had a blast.
  21. Well I tired to be Civil

    Things such as AMA's, fun events, or pretty much anything morale raising that proves wrong any rumors they attempt to spread will do the work for you. So basically, if you're doing a good job -- just keep doing a good job it'll lay the ground work for you. Then when players are asked if they want to join the "og" clan, they'll say why? everything you've told me so far is a crock of shit, why join onto a community I can't trust? No need to overthink it, worry about it, or whatever. @Terra 's completely hit the nail on the head for this
  22. Ladder reset is coming

    my smiter could do both easily. I was doing clones for tips and didn't have over half the gear and still bashed his face in for anni's.
  23. Ladder reset is coming

    Gonna make a smiter sorry to change on ya. Keep getting messages about torches so i better get on it!
  24. CC Immunity: Which do you prefer?

    There are a lot of little tricks in diablo 3 that take a hand from the original mario games. It sounds weird at first but "god frames" do exist in both. By this I mean the temporary invulnerability granted over the course of a few frames [out of your total frames per second only a few of these] that allow you to ignore all damage, mechanics, cc, etc. A perfect example of this is "Vault" . During the Tumble, you can take hits and spell damage. However, during the initial cast, there's a very, very brief period where you gain god frames that allow you to get away with all sorts of bullshittery. I personally use this to dodge mechanics I would otherwise be sucked into by things such as vortex. If you don't want to learn how to manage this, there's plenty of alternatives. A lot of the class sets have been buffed defensively so that being One Shot by mechanics doesn't happen until much higher GR's compared to previous patches. This latest patch, 2.6.1 buffed just about every set in the game directly, or indirectly via associated legendaries that support the builds. An example of this would be the Uliana monk. In previous patches, you needed a high paragon, really good gear, or just outright snapshot abuse [some of which still isn't fixed] in order to push high GR's. Utilizing Seven Sided Strike to dodge incoming damage in addition to Epiphany to essentially teleport all over to dodge attacks was an absolute must because you'd be one shot no matter what you'd do around GR 60+. Now you have a lot more wiggle room you didn't have before. There are plenty of ways to mitigate the hits, you just need to learn what your class and build have access to to make it happen.
  25. It's unfortunately that time

    been gone to long - glad to be back, hopefully people are still around for the coming reset:D