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  1. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    I proved it with your Sim alone, not mention breaking down how you would improve your reactions by knowing what abilities to use when. That is fact, not opinion. It's also proven by a LOT of other boomkins [your spec!] in logs for this raid for normal and heroic! -- Those are irrefutable facts whether you like it or not. Moreover - if you're going to choose yourself, your laziness -- over the entire team? Darn right you're an idiot. I'll even take a moment to use your "people like you" phrase... People like you, @Pillywínks(OD), ruin the game for others because you refuse to put the team before yourself. You refuse to learn and improve when the situation requires it - And because of this, you begin to ruin the experience for everyone else. Those aren't opinions, those are facts that you can find rooted in any team based game. Even in games like League of Legends, Dota, SC2, and even diablo 3 if players aren't performing it can heavily impact the entire group. In WoW this is even more important for everyone to pull their weight because one person can easily hold 19 others down - or more for those who raid with more than 20 players. I made that original post regarding the log analysis so we can focus on improving as a raid. Unfortunately, you don't want to do that - you would rather still be the "that guy". Everyone else is trying, everyone else is taking steps forward. Why don't you want to? Why is your way so much more important than the entire group? Why is your macro so much more important than learning your rotation so you can better react to situations? I guess the real question at this point is just this... Why don't you care about anyone but yourself?
  2. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    You decided to bring yourself specifically into this. You made a point, and I refuted it. I'm sorry you aren't mature enough to engage in a conversation like this. And if me saying "Hey, put the group before yourself" is what drove you off you have a lot to learn in life, let alone a video game. Selfishness will get you nowhere in life, I'm sorry you were never taught that. As for only "fanatic end game players" saying you should pull your weight? Any pug group you go into that you aren't pulling your weight in will kick you almost immediately. At least I tried to point out WHY what you were doing wasn't working. In all honesty, you aren't hurting my feelings by saying screw you i'll take my ball and go home - you are only hurting the team with this sentiment. Instead of choosing to improve you once again choose selfishness. People like me don't ruin the game for others, people like me go out of there way to try and help others improve at the game. Team based games that rely on the entire team performing correctly are not for you if you want to keep this mindset.
  3. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    First of all - lol. You're not using that macro because you know what you're doing - you're using it because you don't and you need a crutch. If you knew your rotation properly, you would be able to recover better from movement - druids have tons of mobility that other casters do not, and because of this they do not suffer nearly the same losses in damage. You don't use a macro to not pay attention to what you're hitting - if you just know your keybindings you can accomplish that very thing. Macro's are used to align certain abilities to be used at the exact same time so you don't lose one or more benefits from having said abilities going off at the correct times. An example of this is the Fury Warrior macro'ing Battle Cry to BloodBath. The gains are very high from keeping these macro'd - where as the loss is massive by losing even 1 second. Nobody is expecting you to go pro - we just expect you to pull your weight. Instead of adjusting to the situation, you continue to hit your macro which is causing you more harm than good. Players who utilize a one button macro [Ret paladins have an addon purely dedicated to this amusingly enough] for their entire rotation do it because they don't understand how to do their rotations properly. In many cases their isn't a rotation, but a priority list for your abilities. You've already shown that you won't bother to stop using your macro - and instead would rather hamper the raids progress. TLDR: Don't try to use macro's as an excuse for laziness. At least own up to it. And I'll be honest here, you're entire post is practically a wall of text to support the laziness you exhibit... others are really pushing themselves to do better - You refusing to try is just insulting to their effort. Below you'll find what you sim at - while actually doing the DPS you sim at is incredibly difficult, keeping near it won't be - and this is just some proof that your macro is hurting you more than helping. What you're DPS should be near if you did know what you were doing The guild has tons of gold - I'm not sure where Pilly got the idea we can't afford to hand out food and flasks... I even hear it get said in TS every raid if anyone needs potions or tomes for changing talents.
  4. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    There's nothing fanatical sounding at all... using potions is kinda common sense... As for doing mechanics right to make it easier for everyone... I'm not sure how that's "end game" sounding... let alone mythic. Scraping by might work for you but it doesn't for everyone, and i put out information to help everyone get better. All I can do is put the information out and make it readily available, I can't make you care enough about the other members in the raid to actually do it. You don't need to be some hardcore no life to do well in a raid, and my character is pretty darn poor in terms of gold on stormrage. I'm able to afford flasks, food, and potions so I don't see how anyone else could possibly come up with an excuse when flasks and food are provided each night . So you literally only need to get yourself potions. And to swap talents for fights, we have tomes available and they're super cheap on the auction house if nobody is on. Instead of relying on a macro to do abilities for you practice your rotation and actually learn it. You'll recover from movement easier and a lot more often. The biggest problem with being ok with barely scraping by for us as a division is that nobody wants to join a raid team that barely manages to clear content they outgear. The decisions people are making to just not care enough to properly learn their rotations, or classes as a whole is not a "fanatical end game" related issue, it's an issue of selfishness that's hurting us as a division and as a raid team.
  5. Raid times revisit/Division meeting

    Friday night's at 9pm EST are when I do my weekly podcast. Saturday would be best for me.
  6. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    So I looked over the logs once they were posted, and I began taking a look over at the areas "Rankings" and "Problems". Most people look at the Summary and that's it. I'm going to be highlighting several things those who do that would have missed. First, the Rankings section... If you look at the ilvl % on the far right, you'll see how you compare to other classes of your spec within your ilvl bracket, of a similar raid size, and a similar kill time for the boss. I'm posting these to help highlight the issues I previously mentioned above. Ideally we'd want all our DPS in the "blue" that is to say, above 50th percentile. Or at least all pulling 1.5 mil or better DPS sustained [some fights you obviously can't the entire time due to mechanics - such as eonar]. But it still should be the goal. If you're in the grey, or are a low green [below 30th], try to find out what others of your class and spec are doing that you may not be. You'd be surprised how sometimes changing the order of one ability in your rotation can make all the difference in the world. Heroic Garothi https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kaJyxX2PVF4bwC7L#view=rankings&fight=3 Heroic Puppies https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kaJyxX2PVF4bwC7L#view=rankings&fight=5 Heroic Eonar Warcraft logs keeps having "unexpected handling errors" when I switch the view to rankings,so I don't have this link. Also, lets take a look at the Problems Section of the logs on each of these fights. Heroic Garothi We had a DPS not using a pre pot [using a potion just before the pull so you can use a second during the fight]. This is a big deal because having the 2nd potion during the next burst phase adds a lot of damage to your rotation - Especially when coupled with cooldown use. In terms of Avoidable Damage, we had 1 person die to something completely avoidable - It shouldn't have ever hit them. We need to focus on being aware of what is going on around us, not just what abilities were casting. Also, not a single health potion / tonic was used during the fight. If you drop low [sub 50%] pop the potion - it's better than dying. Heroic Puppies We had 2 DPS not using a 2nd potion in the fight. The more people who don't do this, the more it hurts us as a raid. It sounds dumb, but an entire raid pre potting and using a 2nd potion is averaged to be around 5% of the bosses health in damage. In other words, if we all pre pot and use a 2nd potion, we'll smack off 5% of the bosses health we wouldn't otherwise. In terms of Avoidable Damage, we had a lot of it - so there's plenty to improve on here. One of the mechanics is a frontal cone - but since this only hit a pug, good job ^^. We had a DPS take damage from Enflamed, meaning people didn't properly spread out. It damages raid members nearby the debuffed player, so if you get it, get away from people. If you see someone who has it, get away from them. Molten Flare is the small swirly that the fire hits shortly after - sometimes RNG drops it when we're trying to stack for the debuff that creates the purple circle and it sucks. But we still need to be better about it, If it hit you, keep an eye out and don't let it. You can see the circles well before the fire lands, so move. Again, people need to use health potions / tonics. A lot of damage goes out on this fight, so use one. Heroic Eonar We had a few DPS using only 1 potion - again. And what's worse - we had 2 who didn't use a single one! C'mon guys, can't let that happen. Sure, it's eonar, there's downtime - use a prolonged power it lasts awhile. Avoidable Damage.... lets break it down. Rain of Fel - The green circle... we need to stay away from each other when we have it. It's adding up fast, to fast in some cases. Fel Wake - It's green lava looking stuff on the ground. Don't stand in it... and don't STAY standing in it for some of you O_o Fel Swipe - Basically the purifiers do a cleave - I'm not sure why anyone is getting hit by this...the tanks pick them up just fine. So why are you in their face? If you're a melee you risk your key abilities being parried, and if you're a caster, why are you in their face anyways? ---> Essence of Eonar <--- This is the boss were trying to protect, damage she takes is avoidable - cause we're supposed to be killing it. We took over 7 minutes on this fight, and she only had 3% HP left when we "won". This was way to long for many reasons, and way to close to a failure for the same. We had DPS not only not doing enough damage, but also running all over Hells half acre instead of where the Raid Leader told people to go. It was put out in a raid warning format [In the center of your screen and it even looks bigger] multiple times, not even including the numerous times it was said in Teamspeak. And it wasn't just the pugs who ran off either. We can't have this happen guys, if the RL makes a call - we follow it. We adjust the plan if needed, but if we're not going to listen to RL we're reducing ourselves to a bunch of mindless pugs. Not to beat a dead horse here but...nobody using healing tonics / potions... C'mon guys - there are numerous times where you can LoS [line of sight] one of the Healers and we can't heal you until we regain that lost line of sight. So you should be popping a healing potion or tonic here.
  7. The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    So we did some heroic tonight - got 3 bosses down - So first off, yay us - progression. Secondly though, - The Eonar kill was dumb luck at best... she had 3% life left and it doesn't get much closer. The most glaring issue we had other than the groups not going where they should be [this includes guildies not just the pugs], is most definitely our DPS. Things stayed alive way to long, and we had plenty of classes with short down time burst windows. That being the case we really need to step up our game here if we want to continue to down bosses. I'm currently waiting for logs to be posted to go over them more in depth to see what other issues are at hand, but both our healers and tanks are either on par or outgear the content we're currently at. To break this down further, @Triny(OD)'s Holy Paladin outgears most of the heroic content until the later wings, Aleximonk [I don't actually know his OD Account] is on par for the content, and I'm nearly on par for heroic content as well. Our Tanks Moon and Thuglife, are both more than adequately geared for the content we're at. This leaves our DPS. The majority of our raid is near or around 950 equipped, meaning that there should be no gear related issue causing the DPS loss. With that in mind, the next questions are now Rotation problems? Wrong Talent Choices for the encounter? Not timing your damage cooldowns properly to take advantage of your burst windows? Not keeping your buffs up as much as possible to increase your damage? Failing at performing mechanics correctly causing more issues listed above? So far we haven't had people die because all the healers went "oom", we haven't had wipes because tanks were crushed to a lack of gear either. I'm not saying the Healers and Tanks are performing perfectly, but they are doing their jobs - this time the DPS shoulders the burden, so lets step it up.
  8. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    All the available DLC's were included - however for Civ 6 you aren't required to have them to play with people who do. You only need the DLC's to have access to the Civs included in them.
  9. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the weekend to support the stream - and a special thanks out to everyone who donated during the event for such an excellent cause. I certainly hope you all enjoyed the events as much as I did casting them - and I look forward to seeing you stop by again in the future as I will be continuing to do these charity streams when I can. Thanks again, Sarnith
  10. Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    Thanks to everyone who showed up during the first match of the day -- I appreciate the support even if you could only stay a short while. I look forward to seeing you guys again throughout the weekend as I continue to cast these events and raise money for the Extra Life Charity.
  11. Wings of Liberty Walkthrough

    yeah definitely - you put in the effort. Can only like OR upvote tho : /
  12. Wings of Liberty Walkthrough

    yeah but the banshees can be killed very quickly by kerrigans razor storms. Also - while they work well to take out the various nydus worms that spawn outside, you can usually just leave them alone - the extra spawns aren't that large a bother to a well set defense. And you don't NEED to use planetary fortresses either for those wondering. They're a lot of fun to use though :D
  13. Wings of Liberty Walkthrough

    to late to edit damn - @DarkHelmet i'd like to point out that on all in -- If you choose ghosts you can snipe spam kerrigan by baiting the gravity insta kill thing she does with a higher mineral cost unit. She literally dies nearly instantly from the snipe spam and you can carry on with whatever you were doing. Oh, and bait the razor storm [funny looking psi storm] with like, 3 marines or so -- ezpz
  14. CO-OP Terran Strategy

    The rule of thumb with Raynor is 1 Orbital Command per 5 minutes of mission time it takes you to complete it. For 10 minutes, 2, 15 3 etc. Also the bio ball is probably the only composition you'll ever use other than the occasional spider mine spamtasm. Medic / Marine / Marauder / Firebat [if zerg comp] is simply so strong and you reinforce so quickly that even against a composition that should bend you over like mass psi storm you just laugh at. Just make sure you get your upgrades and you'll roll em over. The hyperion is your most important calldown. It can completely annihilate most map objectives single handedly, and if used to support your army instead the PDD's [point defense drones] make even the most deeply entrenched positions a joke. As for Swann - his ramp up time is so slow it's potentially detrimental if you don't get a defensive hold out type mission. You need a really good ally for brutal to cover you while you ramp up in the early game. Though the gas hand outs from your drones are really nice. Nova is completely unique in comparison to other terran commanders. And honestly, I feel she fully embodies what the terran race is supposed to represent. A handful of units that are incredibly versatile in what they can do - and easily adaptable to the situation. If you don't like micro, she's not for you. But you do get to enjoy the easiest Macro game of your life. Han and Mira are a fun bunch... I haven't bought them yet but i've played them to level 5. It's pretty interesting to see how the units differ from your normal terran line up [the hellions use grenades for instance]. More involved than Swann micro wise, but definitely not the macro needs that a Raynor would have to deal with.
  15. Wings of Liberty Walkthrough

    I have a brutal playthrough on my youtube channel - Though it's pretty old, maybe I should restream and reupload it?