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  1. Charitable Graphics Shop

    Vouched. Excellent work ethic, good communication skills, and is able to think outside the box to create and innovate new ideas.
  2. BfA Alpha Streams

    I was invited to the Battle for Azeroth Alpha, and will be streaming my experiences as I scope out the game as it develops over time toward the release. For those of you who have questions about things, classes, specs, etc. Feel free to stop by and I will try my best to answer them and keep things up to date on my Videos. If you miss my stream, it will be located on my YouTube channel as well. So feel free to check that out as well if you think you've missed something.
  3. Event Ideas

    1-70 Team or Solo Race [Hard or Softcore] Act Races - this could even be set up as a relay where 1 person from each "team" runs the act and swaps off every act with the new team mate. 2, 3, or 4 man Grift Pushing. This sounds like normal run of the mill stuff - but can easily be turned into a "which group can hit the highest for the day / hour(s)" type of thing. Goblin hunting is always fun - especially when tracking down the wings and pets to collect as well.
  4. Division Meeting April 8th 6:30pm est

    Topics to Add: Teamspeak vs Discord Consumables [Flask, Food, etc] Donations, Guild Repairs Prep Work for BfA
  5. Revival of Social Media!

    When you're ready to get your channel started link up with me - I have some links and other things we can work on to help kick start your channel growth if you're interested.
  6. Revival of Social Media!

    I also stream SC2, Minecraft, D2, D3, and other games. I do not only stream WoW. I also cast semi - pro games for Civilization VI @MelodicRose(OD)
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Mythic Plus

    Hey all - so Mythic Plus runs seem to be a large weakness in our guild. This weeks affixes are incredibly easy to deal with compared to some of the other nastier combinations we've seen in the past. Everyone should be striving to complete a +15 this week. This will guarantee you a 960 piece of loot in your weekly chest, as well as a phat amount of AP for your weapon. Befuddled's breakdown of this week - i highly encourage everyone to watch this video since it covers each role [tank, heals, dps] and what to expect from this weeks combination. Get that 15 done!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Tier 3 in Artifact Weapon?

    I know you said you figured it out but I'm going to elaborate on this for anyone else who may be wondering. You have an X% chance to get w legendary when you kill anything in legion content. This chance increases every time you do not get one to drop. The exact amounts are a closely guarded secret by blizzard and they have never said what they are. However, you can also get them from mythic+ runs in the chest at end, your emissary box reward, and even your weekly box in your order hall on reset day. As for essences, you can get these from a daily heroic [30], daily battleground victory [30], emissary box [18-40], weekly chest in the order hall [120], and your first time completing the antorus raid [15-25 per boss]. The raid portion only drops once per lockout, so it doesnt matter if it was LFR, normal, heroic, or even mythic. You're only getting those essences once from that source. You can get roughly 1000 essence a week meaning you can effectively buy 1 legendary per week. This does NOTNOT effect your chances to have one drop, so you are not penalizing your chances in any way doing this. Hope this answers the questions in farther depth for you and others.
  11. Tier 3 in Artifact Weapon?

    it's unlocked by having 75 traits on your artifact weapon. They start unlocking at 69, then 72, and finally 75. Oh, and you have to reach that with each weapon for them all to have it - doing it once won't unlock tier 3s for all.
  12. DPS Minimums for Antorus

    vouched. Raids have standards... if you can't meet them, you don't down content. That's not fanatical, it's the game. If someone pulls the bare minimum I posted in any pug raid [random people in the looking for more tool] you'll get kicked...most likely mid fight. If you hate standards so much, don't play a game that has them... We took the steps forward as leadership, we reached out to help people - We already took the right steps. So... it's time for the other side to step up too.
  13. DPS Minimums for Antorus

    So, it's been several weeks and we've hit the same block over and over. This roadblock isn't just a mechanical one... it's also a throughput one. DPS has been low in our raid team for a considerable time - and from speaking with members who have been here for awhile as well as past members - this is not a new issue. This needs to be addressed... We've offered to help people one on one, many of the higher end players have offered to help in runs to get people more gear, as well as going over logs to more specifically identify issues. You have all sounded off with disgruntlement about progression - managing your rotation while doing mechanics is apart of that. You have to put the effort in too, it's a two way street. That being the case, we need to start enforcing DPS requirements or we will simply never down content. These are the bare minimums required for a raid to not hit an enrage timer on average within Antorus. Normal Heroic When we do the Garothi Worldbreaker encounter [1st boss] it will the "dps check" for our raid. This is because it is as close to a Patchwerk encounter as it comes with light movement. It is a very realistic test and representation of the raids DPS. If you do not meet these minimums, you will be removed from the raid after that encounter. You will be, of course, re-invited next time so you have the opportunity to show you've improved.
  14. PvP addon bundle *BEST ADDONS FOR PVP*

    Thanks for putting this up @Mursaat -- is Gladiatorlos SA the new Gladius mod? Been awhile for me.
  15. Eonar & Portal Keeper strat changing

    Hey all - sorry this is late I got told they forgot to post the logs until today - and since its payday for me I've been out all day doing the monthly shopping and bill paying. Here are the logs for guild run that was streamed - again so sorry it's late to be posted. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rcFWbkvxAfg92T6w#fight=4 We can use these as a frame of reference for what to expect we need to pull DPS wise, while also what to expect from our healers roughly. For tanks, make sure you keep your active mitigation up - this stuff hurts!